Most of us listen to music today and it is not very enjoyable-no melody to hum and remember, nothing that moves us deeply emotionally, nothing that really energizes our soul, one song is very much like the rest, and popular hits are not really popular because so few of them are exposed to the whole world for a sound test. We are all people worshippers and not song worshippers and the result is that someone becomes a celebrity with one pop hit and then it is one disappointing song after another. Almost always it is a song that is not as good as the original hit song. I am a song worshipper and not a people or celebrity worshipper. I couldn’t care less about the music celebrity but I care boatloads about the quality of the song that I hear. I have spent an entire lifetime filtering out the noise garbage that passes for a song.

You need an expert guide with a good musical ear to tell you which ones are worth listening to the most and you will find them here. If you are looking for inspirational songs that fit every mood that you may have in life, your search has ended. Go to and enter the singers name followed by the title and you can get an audio visual version that will delight you. Then go to iTunes or to download the ones that you like. You should buy one song at a time, to get your money’s worth, and just choose the ones that appeal to you. Don’t buy albums unless you preview all the songs beforehand and think that you would like to invest your money in most of them.

If you are retired you can relive great musical memories and if you are a parent, expose your young children to these songs at an early age. They will develop a great musical ear and a taste for exceptional music which should help them to filter out the boring noise that passes for music these days.

Find the book on Kindle or Book Nook by searching under my name.

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