America is becoming a scary place! Many of us see high unemployment, low and middle class jobs disappearing, lousy schools, high prices for gas and tasty food, massive national debt, no secure place to invest our money for retirement, moral decay, inability to find a good mate, political leaders who don’t know how to lead or where to lead the nation, international terrorism, and the rapid destruction of biodiversity.

China is quickly becoming the new leader in manufacturing, eventually in technology, and maybe even in politics. Most of the rest of the world is overpopulating with too many people that are eating up natural resources at an alarming pace and destroying biodiversity at an alarming pace too. Corrupt and outdated human laws that need a radical change are primarily responsible for this state of affairs in America and the world today.

Robots and complicated technology threaten to replace over 90% of the jobs that exist today and that will make most of the American and world population destitute and unemployed. What is the solution to this unpleasant state of affairs and a not so rosy future?

If the recommendations given in this book are not followed, and soon, the future is hopeless!!!!!!!!!!!! Future generations will be living with cockroaches, worms, algae, protozoa, bacteria, and viruses because everything else in the world will have been destroyed by the insatiable, impulsive, overly self-loving, greedy, human urge to reproduce and destroy the environment. Armageddon will not come in 2012  or any other date for that matter but living in pond scum will be human destiny!!!! That is the true Armageddon that future generations will be experiencing, a true hell on earth!!!!!!!

Fearing eternal damnation in hell is nothing compared to a fate worse than death, which would be living in the year 4000, give or take a thousand years. Evolution is going rapidly in reverse and the downward spiral has to change in the opposite direction and as soon as possible!!!!

Monogamy for everyone including the brightest and the best is the reason evolution is plummeting downhill and also because outdated unjust laws are ruling all the societies in the world. The quality factor for humanity should be moving up and not down as it is throughout the world today.

Unfortunately, only the brightest and the best will understand this truth and the rest must continue to wallow in a cesspool of egalitarian thinking and living. Don’t lie about this basic truth anymore, because denying this truth is where all of humanities problems originate from in one way or another. I have designed a social system that will make sure that the brightest and the best get rewarded with enough money so that they can afford polygamous relationships. Follow truth and you will be blessed in the eyes of the lord thy God-THE TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH, so help you God!  Sincerely, Uldis Sprogis.

Find the book on Kindle or Book Nook by searching under my name.

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