admiring man

Admiration: n. respecting and being attracted to and feeling a relatively large intensity pleasure because of (good and/or moral behavior) and/or professional excellence

We generally admire competent professionals who know what they are doing and provide us with a needed service. We also admire humans who are honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, friendly, considerate, and interesting to talk to.

If you want to be admired in life by others then you have to acquire the knowledge and skills to have a successful career or become a leader with excellent social skills and some expertise in the field that you are a leader of. As an admired leader who is respected by others you will have to be highly moral with a very good memory for names and that means not lying, stealing, or being adulterous if married.

Yes, some wealthy individuals are admired for their wealth alone and they may have done some pretty immoral things along the way to acquiring that wealth. However, chances are that you would not want to have them as a personal friend because you may not respect them for their immorality. You may admire their wealth but not respect them as good humans.

Tyrants are admired by many humans because they are powerful humans and they in some way usually benefit from the exercise of that power. Historically conquering tyrants were both feared and respected for their ability to expand territory through violent means. Many more fear opposing tyrants with negative comments or actions because of a fear of incarceration or even death.

A moral leadership is respected and admired by its citizens and immoral leadership corrupted by power and money is not truly respected by humans and frequently leads to tyranny which is the only solution to the chaos created by immorality.

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