Most of us largely think relatively impulsively based on memorized information and prior experiences which have been stored in our subconscious part of the brain. How to think is not taught in almost all schools where rote memorization and spitting back the information is stressed in most subject areas. Critical thinking as a skill is a rarity or very uncommon because it is mostly teaching one how to doubt and test the validity of the information and authority figures presented to us.

This book shows you how to think, what some of the thinking fallacies are, and gives a brief outline of what critical thinking is. It mostly covers thinking about subjective subjects, topics, ideas, or goals and very little about relatively objective subjects, topics, ideas, or goals which can be analysed and synthesized with relative ease because they are mathematically structured.

True logical thinking is possible if you break down the subject matter into sets and subsets and try to use Venn diagrams but unfortunately there is a dearth of this approach in biased subjective subject matter which primarily depends on a respect for historical precedent and so called expert authority figures past and present.

This book will not burden you with rigorous logical thinking but will present you with a rather revolutionary and hopefully fruitful general yet detailed approach to thinking which common humans will also understand. Enjoy!


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