Changes going on and coming in the future

Changes going on and coming in the near future

A modern truism is that almost everyone is moving to or on the internet. Technologically the major problem is whether the internet will have enough bandwidth or space to handle this tsunami of communications worldwide. Assuming that the internet will not suffer from chronic congestion, here is what is happening now and into the foreseeable future.


Some education like hands on lab experiments, vocational skills such as carpentry, plumbing and auto repair, participatory sports and music, and in person social behavior skills can’t be totally done on the internet but the vast majority of subjects can be taught via the internet. So, the question arises. Is going to a physical school to learn really necessary in many cases? Interactive audio visual computer learning is a distinct and desirable alternative.

Many may not need a college education for many things unless you are going into law, medicine, or a PHD status career. Kids are learning on their own through Zoom which is online audio video conferencing. This conferencing can be led by a teacher which can be the best math or English teacher in the community or world.

The education can be gamified so that it is not just hard to grasp memorization and regurgitation only. Gamification is the integration of game elements like point systems, leaderboards, badges, or other elements related to games into “conventional” learning activities in order to increase engagement and motivation. This gaming approach can make the learning experience less boring and tedious. So, internet learning can almost become a delightful fun learning experience.


Internet jobs can also be improved. Payment by the service rendered and not an hourly wage could be a better way of earning money. As long as you get the job done it doesn’t matter how quickly you do it in many cases.

Pay by the second or minute for the things which you consume online so you aren’t stuck with paying for a package of info.  You may not use some internet services totally such as for entertainment, counselling or tutoring. Premium content consumption can be paid minute by minute for the amount of content consumed. Buy the exact content that you want and not an all inclusive package.

Real Estate and Business:

Largely due to the pandemic which accelerated the trend there is a decline in commercial office real estate. In a last ditch effort to save office space due to work from home competition many are converting office space into apartments.

Pretty soon you will be able to run your business from a laptop no matter where you are physically and this will extend across some international borders. Softwarization of the marketplace is inevitable which means that most marketplace transactions will be conducted online and many goods and services will be delivered at home.


Communities are the center stage of the world and not national governments who the people no longer trust because they are monopolized by big money interests and a corrupt government. It is hard to push national patriotism when the government is so inefficient and corrupt but unfortunately this will eventually lead to tyranny since the constitution will no longer be enforced with all of its human rights as specified in the bill of rights.

Platforms are stronger than governments and can even censure ex-presidents. If you can silence a king then you are the king. A platform like Twitter or Facebook have the ability to mute the leader of a powerful military and economic nation. So, most of us don’t think that platforms should control the doors and hallways of the world. Internet communities may be able to make or break platforms as witnessed by the decrease in the popularity of Facebook and Twitter.

The internet is the largest marketplace. Fractional investment or toconizing real estate assets can be done with rent being distributed to online owners. With the proof of digital ownership in digital ledgers, personal property can be traded from anywhere in the world and bureaucratic documentation no longer becomes necessary.

The new generation is almost a lost generation searching for meaning with community input and not just family and few friends. So, they join communities to give them a sense of belonging and sharing their spiritual views and lifestyle with others since religion is on the decline and people yearn for moral or ethical principles which they can share.

War is old fashioned but valid as long as there are tyrant nations with weapons. However, drones, unmanned planes, cyberwarfare, economic trade, and innovation wars will replace brute force wars such as in Ukraine. How competition with China, with an absence of individual rights and human rights, will pan out in the future is debatable but only time will tell.

Many of the new rich aren’t interested that much in massive public displays of wealth and the massive consumption of resources. Many of the new rich want to be happy and fulfilled and live in smart homes not mansions.

Internet related business and professional jobs:

Old people can no longer offer advice on jobs but can give advice on human nature and moral or ethical behavior. We are now beginning to live in a period of non linearity with many jumps where you move from one tile to the next in the hopes that jump after jump you will eventually be closer and closer to a fulfilling job. Working hard no longer builds wealth because the currency is devaluing faster than you can produce it which means that inflation is making a set wage job less and less attractive. You need a mix of builder and sales mentality to succeed at many businesses today. You can no longer spend 10 years getting good at one thing because the entire market may change 4 or 5 times.


Our privacy will be less secure but we will remain rather free. In the old world our privacy was secured and controlled by internal and external factors. Today the trend is infringing on individual rights with continuous monitoring of what you watch, what you buy, and who you associate with. You can make this in vogue data mining a thing of the past if you want. Use VPN for online privacy and your online activity is anonymized and not subject to data mining.

A more direct democracy:

Power needs to be decentralized with block chains and digital passports which can lead to direct democracies.    You could practically handpick where your taxes go like for potholes and parks but on a national level you probably couldn’t handpick if you wanted your money to go to the military or social welfare. Power to choose where your money goes is coming back to the people. In the past we have delegated responsibility to local bureaucrats and politicians who have mismanaged our money, especially on the local level. Money mismanagement is even true on the national level over which we have and will continue to have little personal control.

Meritocracy online permits you to get wealthy faster if you provide something people need.

Useful education, self-education, and online community are the key to future success whether online or offline. So, the future is very uncertain for the new generation but it will be a lot more exciting for many.

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