True justice is justice for humans and wilderness plants and animals. In a just world humans would not destroy biodiversity and would not lie and would not be inefficient and would not steal and would not commit adultery if married and would not murder. If these goals were achieved humans would live in harmony with each other and let wilderness plants and animals live in survival of the fittest harmony with each other.

This book will show you what human laws should be changed. How to bring about these changes is up to you your friends and neighbors and political representatives and people in positions of power in business and government.

Find this gem of a book on Kindle or Book Nook by searching under my name Uldis Sprogis. If you are interested in blogging about justice or making political and social and economic law improvements this is a must read launching point for your articles which should become very current and modern without having to burden yourself with historical untrue verbose writings on the subject. Enjoy!!!!!!

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