Passion is a (very energetic and/or excited) and/or difficult to control sense which accompanies a behavior(s). Doing something with passion especially teaching with passion can sometimes help to increase the probability of motivating others to pursue a goal(s).


Patience means that some goals are only achieved with the passage of a relatively long duration.


Peace is nonlethal moral human interaction in the pursuit of a goal(s). Peace as a goal originates from the desire for nonviolent interaction between humans and countries which so far has not been permanently achieved and it may never be a goal which can realistically be achieved forever.  Complete peace is death and no one in their right mind should desire it unless they are handicapped with a lethal torturing painful illness.


Perfection is the complete standards or goals that humans should measure their actual achievement against.  Perfection should be attempted as a goal by some because almost no one is capable of it in the long duration.  Robots are the closest subset to perfection which humans have achieved and it is essentially a task or tasks which have been repeated more than once identically.


Perseverance is extreme persistence in trying to achieve a goal(s) and continuing with the attempt to achieve a goal(s) beyond the point where most humans would stop and it also frequently means that you have to experience more failure than most people would be willing to endure.


Persistence is trying to achieve a goal(s) and continuing with the attempt beyond the point where the majority of people would stop.  Persistence may even be called an addiction to a goal(s) which frequently has a very low probability of achievement.


Possibilities are future events which may or may not exist.  Consciousness of how one can frequently choose to pursue a variety of goals at a given point in time or at a given point in the future is consciousness about some of the possibilities.  Consciousness that many of the possibilities or events may not be the goal(s) which you want to pursue is also important. Choosing between the possibilities is too difficult a task for many and they prefer to be guided by their impulses and other human’s opinions and beliefs.


The goal of power over humans and over nature is an attempt to control humans and the environment and thus trying to increase predictability in our struggle for survival.


Most important goals in life require a lot of preparation before they can be achieved and that frequently means a large gathering of knowledge and skills.  Being prepared can also mean having the right tools and materials for a job and/or task.


The sum total of human and environmental stress or forces upon someone at a given point in time or for duration is human pressure.  You are always under some form of pressure when you are trying to achieve a goal(s).


A pride in a good reputation or doing a good job is what will increase the probability that a good reputation and doing a good job will continue in the future also.  Pride frequently develops when you have achieved a goal(s) and feel that this success will probably continue in the future also.


Prosperity is a goal where economic success is also frequently joined with relationship success.


A punctual human is one who usually achieves a promised goal(s) on time.

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