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Narcissism: n. excessively preoccupied with oneself mostly erotically and/or in one’s physical appearance

Psychology and psychiatry has tried to define narcissism as a personality disorder using vague analogies and badly defined words to describe the supposed personality disorder.

Narcissists believe the world revolves around them is another way of saying that a human feels that the world exists to benefit them personally. They supposedly like to be the center of attention in extreme ways and can’t empathize that well with others. Well most of us probably at some point have wanted to be the center of attention and many can’t empathize that much with other humans. Should we call ourselves closet narcissists?

Narcissists by definition are humans with exceptionally good looks and sexual appeal who are trying to use those gifted attributes to their advantage. If they are a little cocky at times, manipulative, selfish, and think highly of themselves then that is not a sign of extreme personality disorder but merely a sign that they are trying to make the best of their assets to benefit themselves.

Narcissists supposedly really feel insecure about themselves and their real ability but this is only true if they are not very smart and talented also and are just trying to make it in this world on their good looks alone.

Psychiatry would classify many attractive celebrities with an inflated ego or inflated sense of selfworth as humans with a narcissistic personality disorder. Many seem to act like the world revolves around them with many having human entourages that follow them around and try their best to cater to the celebrity’s every whim and wish.

A disorder should by definition be an extreme and someone who is extremely cocky, extremely manipulative, extremely selfish, and extremely attractive. This would be a delusional human barely able to function in the real world. Narcissistic personality disorder is a myth perpetuated on the gullible public by charlatans who don’t accurately define what they are talking about and try to play the role of know it all Godlike “professionals”.

There is a PSYCHIATRIC PERSONALITY DISORDER which is fallible humans trying to make disorders out of human personalities which don’t exist in real life or are conditions so rare that they are inconsequential and not worth talking about!

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I am pleased to see that a return to basics or healthy organic eating, drinking, moderate exercise, sleeping naturally, and living healthy lifestyles is being shown as a realistic alternative to pill popping of psychiatric drugs for a majority of so called sick patients with bipolar disorder. This advice should go much further and be propagandized as a potential cure for most depressions, anxiety disorders, and other vaguely defined psychiatric behavioral not chemical “disorders” unless you are talking about insufficient good chemical food nutrients and too many bad chemical food ingredients which can cause metabolic imbalances and impaired natural mental functioning.

Using artificial drugs or natural drugs in too great a quantity or for too long then you are also messing with your metabolism with a high potential for inefficient brain functioning.

This puts the responsibility of living well right back into your lap, puts much of the historical blame to a large extent on bad psychiatric advice and drugs, and reinforces the importance of the basic four priorities in life which is healthy varied nutritious organic food, healthy drinks, moderate exercise, and enough natural sleep.

What the article doesn’t say is that being honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, competent, somewhat caring, and faithful will improve your bad social lifestyle. Good social interaction is also important for many and is something which many don’t have. Many socially stress unnecessarily without knowing how to make improvements in relationships and suffer much mental anguish.

Yes, parents and bad role models are largely to blame for dysfunctional social lifestyles which can’t be changed overnight but even here with enough self-control, determination, and proper guidance and encouragement you can make some constructive progress even as spoiled adults. Proper guidance and encouragement takes much time, energy, and money after a crisis so don’t wait for a miracle to happen in your life because proper guidance and encouragement is reserved for the financially well off in this society. You may have to live with a shitty personality but you can be a healthy shitty personality if you don’t ignore the four basics of healthy living and it is almost a guarantee that you will have almost no health crises in your life other than injurious accidents.


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Rich or poor we all need healthy food, healthy drink, moderate exercise, and enough sleep. Even if you are poor or on welfare then you can still budget your time and money and afford good food, drink, can move around, and sleep well. You may have to cut back on impulsive inefficient shopping for other life’s seeming necessities but with enough self discipline you can decrease spending on luxuries which only seem like necessities and you can decrease the quantity of food and drink consumed and concentrate on eating quality nutricious food in lesser amounts.

If you are unhealthy and stressed out or depressed and were not born that way then chances are that you are not eating healthy, drinking healthy, getting enough sleep, and not moving around enough. Even if you are a social recluse or social “failure” then you can still be a healthy one if your four primary needs are met.

Most animals in nature eat, drink, exercise, and sleep and stay healthy unless they are pack animals who depend on others for their food supply and would starve otherwise. Humans are pack animals but they seldom starve because they get fed and so are entirely capable of living on their own without having to socialize as a necessity.

Our western society is getting increasingly unhealthy and dysfunctional social behavior and addictive behaviors are frequently being blamed as the primary causes for bad health. While dysfunctional social behavior and addictions can be contributory causes to bad health the fact is that few are eating healthy food, drinking healthy, moving around enough, and getting enough sleep.

Too many artificial drugs are being used to fall asleep, feel good, escape reality, help us socialize, and mask illnesses brought on by bad nutrition causing many bad side effects which frequently lead to taking more artificial drugs to cure the incurable circumstances. Psychiatrists, drug companies, and drug pushers are making a killing selling addictive drugs with bad side effects which are then treated with more drugs.

Is insomnia one of your problems? Check the side effects of your illegal as well as legal drugs because they are notorious for disrupting your sleep habits, especially psychiatric or mind altering drugs.

Nutrient deficiencies in overly processed food, lopsided intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners, and traces of many unhealthy artificial additives resulting from factory and mono culture farming has ruined the quality of food and drink for many humans. Their number one and two priorities are not being met. The sooner we all switch to eating a wide variety of certified organic food and drinking drinks not artificially sweetened, the sooner will the health of the general population improve.


A pill or drug to instantly solve every problem in society is the dangerous myth which is devastating so many lives in western society. If you have a dysfunctional personality then you will not find a quick fix  with a feel good drug but you can at least try to make sure that your primary four needs are being met without any artificial drugs being added to the healthy mix of the big four.

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Lenore brown suffers from diagnosed bipolar disorder and tries to give advice based on personal experience and acquired book knowledge.

The truth is that bipolar disorder is NOT a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE in the brain but taking psychiatric medications will cause chemical imbalances or side effects in the brain which will frequently make the symptoms worse than before, especially if you decide to discontinue the medications after an initial exposure to them.  Switching or stopping medication taking will probably cause more trouble sleeping and your high and low moods will be amplified causing you to desperately seek more and different medications to quell the bad side effects.


There is NO CURE for bipolar disorder and to reduce the bad symptoms naturally you should first try getting regular sleep hours, getting off addictive alcohol or drugs, start healthy eating and living, get moderate exercise, get a second doctor opinion on the bipolar diagnosis, get doctor or group therapy, read self-help books, and get support from caring friends and relatives before getting hooked on brain altering medication.

You probably really need radical behavior modification therapy OR NEW AND BETTER COPING SKILLS and not brain changing psychotic artificial chemicals. You need to naturally rewire the neural networks in the brain with new behavior neural networks which will to some extent suppress but not necessarily cure your bad emotional symptoms.

Unless you have become an insomniac and your emotional control is so poor that it is seriously affecting your work performance and relationships with other humans, then don’t start taking addictive psychiatric drugs which are unnatural sedatives and mood enhancers which will really screw up the natural brain functioning which you have left.

Almost all psychiatrists are pill pushers trying to get you hooked as patients and are not really interested in spending their usually profitable time teaching you the unprofitable necessary new coping skills which you really need to deal with your messed up emotional state!!!!!!

Managing or reducing the effects of bipolar symptoms takes a lifetime of tough ongoing personal effort. Medication should only be used a last resort in very severe cases.


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Humans have their ups and downs in life but here are some signs that you are probably a relatively happy human and will probably stay that way.


You share your happiness

You compliment humans appropriately and are generally kind to them thus trying to spread your happiness to others too who will probably reciprocate with similar happy compliments and acts of kindness thus increasing your happiness in the future also.


You don’t worry about the little problems or mistakes in your life

You focus your attention on the good things in your life most of the time and don’t let minor annoyances ruin your generally optimistic good mood. You don’t get overly upset when humans don’t text you back, you get stuck in traffic, you spill coffee, you miss your favorite show, you don’t feed the pet, or you don’t put out the garbage on time.


You are grateful for and get satisfaction from the little things in life

You enjoy spending time with family, friends, your favorite show or music, and enjoy exercising occasionally. If you are a loner then you have interesting things to occupy your time which gives you satisfaction.


You revel in other human’s successes

You enjoy hearing about other human’s successes and frequently join them in their happiness which adds to the total moments of happiness which you can experience in life. You are happy about your own achievements but also happy about the achievements of others who may be important in your life.


You get satisfaction from doing things in the present

It turns out that a human is happier engrossed in doing something than thinking about or daydreaming about doing something in the future. When your mind wanders then you are not as happy as when you are doing something in the moment.


You have good relationships with humans or a good relationship with yourself

Good trusting relationships with humans can increase your happy experiences but even loners can be happy with themselves if they occupy their time doing things which make them happy when they are alone.


You know how to handle your stress

You know how to take breaks, meditate, exercise, or spend some time talking to friends to reduce stress during peak stress periods.


You try to maintain an optimistic outlook even in the face of failure or pessimistic outcomes

You are determined not to let temporary failure, mistakes, or other bad events permanently ruin your generally optimistic outlook. You generally have a can do attitude.


You prefer associating with happy humans

Happiness is contagious and if you are happy and show it then other humans who are either happy or want to be happy will gravitate to you.


You set short duration and long duration goals and achieve them

You are a goal setter and achiever which increases your sense of self-worth and makes you a happier human.


You sleep better

There have been studies which show that happy humans get better sleep so if you are not having any problems with sleep which is either not sleeping enough or sleeping too much then you are probably relatively happy in life.



Happiness is contagious so if you try to associate with humans who are happy themselves then you will increase your chances of remaining happy. A happy optimistic attitude is ultimately your responsibility if you want it. Apply happiness tips to your life.

If you are a loner it will be harder to be happy but you can still be happy by doing satisfying things in life which do not necessarily include other humans. If you work towards and get a good paying job then you will be able to afford good healthy food and some material luxuries which are a good foundation for future family relationships if you want them.

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I have analyzed the Pfizer Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) which determines whether you have severe depression and a “chemical imbalance” in your brain which needs to be changed chemically.

The questionnaire does not have an answer where you are always in the states mentioned in questions 1 thru 10 for the past 3 weeks. The most severe or extreme answer is “almost every day”.   Well, if you do not have trouble concentrating on things such as reading the newspaper or watching TV EVERY day and all day long or thoughts of hurting yourself EVERY day and all day long then it is obvious that you do not have a PERMANENT chemical imbalance in your brain but that you have thoughts and feelings and concentration which COMES AND GOES. A chemical imbalance does not come and go!!!!!

Even if you answer that you have no problem concentrating or that you have no feelings of wanting to be dead or hurting yourself you can still be diagnosed with having severe depression with a score of 24 which obviously implies that you need to be taking anti depressive medication or drugs.

Sure you may have little pleasure in your life, feel hopeless, feel tired, overeat, feel like a failure, move slowly, and this might affect your work, personal relationships, and keeping a neat and clean home but it is not a sign of a PERMANENT chemical imbalance in your brain which needs drugs to cure.

If you are working and have not been fired then a shitty job may be the reason for your depressed feelings or if you may have overwhelming debt and a bad family life then it may also be giving you depressed feelings. Taking psychotic drugs will not improve the job nor make your family relationships any better. Instead it will only be an artificial chemical stimulant in the brain which will then cause a REAL “chemical imbalance” in your brain with many bad side effects which will then be treated with more medications or switching to another drug or medication.

It is glaringly obvious that this questionnaire is a fraudulent excuse for prescribing a pill for your problems and not eliminating the SOURCE OR CAUSE of your depressive feelings which would make the depressive feelings go away. If the source was changed to a better job, family counseling which worked, or even a divorce if the family problems are unsolvable then the depressive feelings would also begin to disappear or go away.

Loners with a shitty job or no job at all may also be very unhappy and unsatisfied with life and feel that there is no purpose in life. Taking a happy pill will not improve the sources or cause of their depressive feelings either. They need radical behavior modification which is too expensive in the real world for most so counseling may help a little but if not, then they will just have to learn to tough it out and live on day to day with their bad feelings and bad habits.


The drug company questionnaire is a deceptive inaccurate vague predatory trap to convince many unhappy individuals that they need drugs or a pill as a solution to their bad behavioral problems or bad habits and unhappy state of mind. Radical behavior therapy or eliminating the real sources or causes of the depressive feelings is the REAL SOLUTION to the problem and not a magic feel good artificial chemical pill with disastrous side effects.

This questionnaire is a perfect example of a highly subjective biased tool for selling expensive drugs and giving psychiatrists a good living income with repeat customers hooked for life on medication which they don’t need and won’t cure the cause of their unhappiness!

Here is a link to the questionnaire if you are interested in the details.


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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a problem of not being able to focus, being overactive, not being able control behavior, or a combination of these. Many children with discipline problems have these same symptoms so many of the pure discipline problems are being misdiagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD is present in adults and in young offspring and it is frequently being misdiagnosed and treated with drugs with undesirable side effects. Many young offspring with discipline problems are being drugged to try and calm them down instead of applying appropriate discipline and exercise and healthy eating in the home and school environment. Psychiatrists are to blame for many misdiagnoses since they frequently attempt to do a quick fix of the discipline problem with drugs and not behavior modification which is what is really needed in most of the cases which are not that severe.

Humans are a diverse group with physically active pasts and hyperactivity is actually an advantage in nature. Unfortunately hyperactivity is frowned upon in the sedentary culture which we are trying to create and forcing normal “ADHD” human beings to function abnormally in a class or office setting.

Primitive societies have almost no ADHD problems so the diagnosis and treatment is a sign of an unhealthy sedentary modern society which tries to discipline the active behavioral deviants with sedative drugs.

There are many myths surrounding ADHD and this link at additudemag.com is trying to debunk 31 of them:


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