Lenore brown suffers from diagnosed bipolar disorder and tries to give advice based on personal experience and acquired book knowledge.

The truth is that bipolar disorder is NOT a CHEMICAL IMBALANCE in the brain but taking psychiatric medications will cause chemical imbalances or side effects in the brain which will frequently make the symptoms worse than before, especially if you decide to discontinue the medications after an initial exposure to them.  Switching or stopping medication taking will probably cause more trouble sleeping and your high and low moods will be amplified causing you to desperately seek more and different medications to quell the bad side effects.


There is NO CURE for bipolar disorder and to reduce the bad symptoms naturally you should first try getting regular sleep hours, getting off addictive alcohol or drugs, start healthy eating and living, get moderate exercise, get a second doctor opinion on the bipolar diagnosis, get doctor or group therapy, read self-help books, and get support from caring friends and relatives before getting hooked on brain altering medication.

You probably really need radical behavior modification therapy OR NEW AND BETTER COPING SKILLS and not brain changing psychotic artificial chemicals. You need to naturally rewire the neural networks in the brain with new behavior neural networks which will to some extent suppress but not necessarily cure your bad emotional symptoms.

Unless you have become an insomniac and your emotional control is so poor that it is seriously affecting your work performance and relationships with other humans, then don’t start taking addictive psychiatric drugs which are unnatural sedatives and mood enhancers which will really screw up the natural brain functioning which you have left.

Almost all psychiatrists are pill pushers trying to get you hooked as patients and are not really interested in spending their usually profitable time teaching you the unprofitable necessary new coping skills which you really need to deal with your messed up emotional state!!!!!!

Managing or reducing the effects of bipolar symptoms takes a lifetime of tough ongoing personal effort. Medication should only be used a last resort in very severe cases.


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