Narcissism: n. excessively preoccupied with oneself mostly erotically and/or in one’s physical appearance

Psychology and psychiatry has tried to define narcissism as a personality disorder using vague analogies and badly defined words to describe the supposed personality disorder.

Narcissists believe the world revolves around them is another way of saying that a human feels that the world exists to benefit them personally. They supposedly like to be the center of attention in extreme ways and can’t empathize that well with others. Well most of us probably at some point have wanted to be the center of attention and many can’t empathize that much with other humans. Should we call ourselves closet narcissists?

Narcissists by definition are humans with exceptionally good looks and sexual appeal who are trying to use those gifted attributes to their advantage. If they are a little cocky at times, manipulative, selfish, and think highly of themselves then that is not a sign of extreme personality disorder but merely a sign that they are trying to make the best of their assets to benefit themselves.

Narcissists supposedly really feel insecure about themselves and their real ability but this is only true if they are not very smart and talented also and are just trying to make it in this world on their good looks alone.

Psychiatry would classify many attractive celebrities with an inflated ego or inflated sense of selfworth as humans with a narcissistic personality disorder. Many seem to act like the world revolves around them with many having human entourages that follow them around and try their best to cater to the celebrity’s every whim and wish.

A disorder should by definition be an extreme and someone who is extremely cocky, extremely manipulative, extremely selfish, and extremely attractive. This would be a delusional human barely able to function in the real world. Narcissistic personality disorder is a myth perpetuated on the gullible public by charlatans who don’t accurately define what they are talking about and try to play the role of know it all Godlike “professionals”.

There is a PSYCHIATRIC PERSONALITY DISORDER which is fallible humans trying to make disorders out of human personalities which don’t exist in real life or are conditions so rare that they are inconsequential and not worth talking about!

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