MYTH: Food should be processed.

TRUTH: Eating food as close to its natural state as possible is the healthiest way to eat.

These are the foods that have the most nutrients in them and you get more bang per buck in a healthy meal if you consume five or more of them at a time. Not only will you get the most nutrition out of the foods but you will need to consume rather small quantities of them to feel satiated and not hungry.  Don’t be afraid of the high fat content because fat is good for your system if consumed in moderation. Babies are sedentary creatures and the high fat content of milk doesn’t hurt them and they won’t hurt you either!!!

It is the biggest myth and biggest food lie that eating unprocessed fatty foods will make you fat.  If you are genetically predisposed to be fat you will be fat no matter what you eat unless you starve your metabolic system.  Fats are harder to digest and are less a cause of obesity than processed foods containing carbohydrates which are notorious for adding weight to your body because their calories are so easily absorbed by the intestines and readily converted to fat cells in the body.

Organic food is the best food because it should be grown with no pesticides and with only the use of natural fertilizers. Organic meat should be grown without growth hormones, antibiotics, and GMO feed. Patronize certified organic food if you can afford it and if you can’t at least buy organic food once in a while or once a month. Organic meat is an extreme luxury but don’t stress yourself out if you are not eating any at all since eating non organic meat two times a week will not kill you or damage your health in any significant way.  Examples of nutrient rich foods follow:

RAW ORGANIC MILK OR PLAIN ORGANIC YOGURT (of course you may have to compromise with pasturized organic whole milk in the short run because raw organic milk is a luxury).  Organic cheese is also a nutrient rich food but it is processed milk food so consume it in moderation and avoid the cheeses that are heavily salted.









A little known fact is that eating fruits and vegetables is not the best way to get the most nutritious foods. The vegan diet is over hyped food with relatively little nutrient rich value except that the food is not so fatty.  The best way to stay fit and trim is to eat fatty meat foods also but less of them or not so frequently because they fill you up faster so you have to eat less food volume. Most vegans are paranoid about the growth hormones and antibiotics used in growing meat and from a natural purists point of view it is a valid concern. However, they can substitute fish for meat and still get an organic nutrient rich protein source.

A wholesome meal at any time of day is slightly boiled farina and oatmeal and buckwheat mixed with eggs, nuts and seeds, beans, diced meat and fish, and berries such as blueberries or grapes.  Note, the more ingredients that the mix has the better it is for you nutritiously. A lot of variety is the key to a good meal and the more unprocessed foods that you add the better it is for you.  Don’t worry about the ingredients not tasting good because if you mix a good tasting food with a good tasting food you will get a good tasting meal and any food goes well with another. Of course adding lemon juice to milk is not a good idea because it will curdle the milk but it will not harm you in any way either even if you do.

Note that water presoaking the buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, and beans means that the grains do not have to be boiled very long but in fact can be brought to a boil for about a few minutes, the heat can be then turned off and the other varied ingredients added, especially raw milk (of course pasturized milk will have to do for the short run), without having to boil the added raw ingredients at all.  The food can then be eaten at body temperature which is the ideal temperature for a full flavor experience.

Any diced raw vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and seaweed (roasted seaweed is a little pricey but the flavor is outstanding) can be added to the meal for interesting texture variations and taste sensations during the meal.  Diced meat, especially medium rare or rare steak (even fish), can also be successfully added to the almost everything meal. Mix everything together for an outrageously nutritious and good tasting well balanced meal. The only thing you will have to overcome is the natural fear of being poisoned by the new food preparation which is just an emotional hang-up. Believe it or not!!!

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