I have analyzed the Pfizer Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) which determines whether you have severe depression and a “chemical imbalance” in your brain which needs to be changed chemically.

The questionnaire does not have an answer where you are always in the states mentioned in questions 1 thru 10 for the past 3 weeks. The most severe or extreme answer is “almost every day”.   Well, if you do not have trouble concentrating on things such as reading the newspaper or watching TV EVERY day and all day long or thoughts of hurting yourself EVERY day and all day long then it is obvious that you do not have a PERMANENT chemical imbalance in your brain but that you have thoughts and feelings and concentration which COMES AND GOES. A chemical imbalance does not come and go!!!!!

Even if you answer that you have no problem concentrating or that you have no feelings of wanting to be dead or hurting yourself you can still be diagnosed with having severe depression with a score of 24 which obviously implies that you need to be taking anti depressive medication or drugs.

Sure you may have little pleasure in your life, feel hopeless, feel tired, overeat, feel like a failure, move slowly, and this might affect your work, personal relationships, and keeping a neat and clean home but it is not a sign of a PERMANENT chemical imbalance in your brain which needs drugs to cure.

If you are working and have not been fired then a shitty job may be the reason for your depressed feelings or if you may have overwhelming debt and a bad family life then it may also be giving you depressed feelings. Taking psychotic drugs will not improve the job nor make your family relationships any better. Instead it will only be an artificial chemical stimulant in the brain which will then cause a REAL “chemical imbalance” in your brain with many bad side effects which will then be treated with more medications or switching to another drug or medication.

It is glaringly obvious that this questionnaire is a fraudulent excuse for prescribing a pill for your problems and not eliminating the SOURCE OR CAUSE of your depressive feelings which would make the depressive feelings go away. If the source was changed to a better job, family counseling which worked, or even a divorce if the family problems are unsolvable then the depressive feelings would also begin to disappear or go away.

Loners with a shitty job or no job at all may also be very unhappy and unsatisfied with life and feel that there is no purpose in life. Taking a happy pill will not improve the sources or cause of their depressive feelings either. They need radical behavior modification which is too expensive in the real world for most so counseling may help a little but if not, then they will just have to learn to tough it out and live on day to day with their bad feelings and bad habits.


The drug company questionnaire is a deceptive inaccurate vague predatory trap to convince many unhappy individuals that they need drugs or a pill as a solution to their bad behavioral problems or bad habits and unhappy state of mind. Radical behavior therapy or eliminating the real sources or causes of the depressive feelings is the REAL SOLUTION to the problem and not a magic feel good artificial chemical pill with disastrous side effects.

This questionnaire is a perfect example of a highly subjective biased tool for selling expensive drugs and giving psychiatrists a good living income with repeat customers hooked for life on medication which they don’t need and won’t cure the cause of their unhappiness!

Here is a link to the questionnaire if you are interested in the details.

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