It is no surprise that once the establishment media became the tabloid press almost all political discourse has become unprincipled gutter politics and not worthy of much attention. Fortunately there are alternate media sites which take much smart research. Unfortunately the days of investigative reporting and weeding out corruption is on the way out due to excessive cost and media shrinkage. Who will do the investigative reporting of the future? Probably only the well connected with an ax to grind for personal benefit.

That being said the globalists have merrily gone on to consolidate their international monetary dominance and are more powerful than ever. The more chaos in the world that there is the more there is the probability of making money from the chaos via the international banking system and international corporations. Unsolved is the Chinese, Russian,  North Korean, Iranian, and other tyrant threats worldwide as the military industrial complex goes merrily about making money from munitions and defense systems. Nuclear proliferation is just another excuse to spur the development of new and better defensive systems and keep many nations on edge thinking that they too may have to be next at going nuclear for defensive reasons.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc. started in the United States but are now international global companies basically interested in the bottom line or profit internationally. United States morality and politics is no longer the overriding concern but global politics is definitely being catered to. National censorship primarily based on money is becoming standard procedure and many nations are beginning to imitate Chinese censorship principles.

If you have the money then you can probably travel to any country other than North Korea. The world is in secure rich hands and the globalists are laughing all the way to the bank as ordinary citizens in most of the world are living from paycheck to paycheck and hope with a lot of fear that their personal lives don’t crash and burn if a personal emergency befalls them. Globalist ideology must and will survive and it is not within the power of the average individual to do anything about this dire situation.

Historically the United States was the moral and political backbone of the world but unfortunately like all national empires it has morally and politically decayed rapidly and will not be the moral and political backbone for the future world.

The internet was fun while anyone could join at minimal expense. Due to fake news and fake information trust is becoming the overall consideration and Google is even considering the elimination of IP addresses. There goes my free website and possibly my freedom to roam the internet at will, collect information cheaply, and publish with one click. How long this enjoyed freedom will last is debatable but I have enjoyed every moment of it and hope that my internet freedom will last about 20 more years.

Ha! I doubt this. Google already has an encrypted format which censors my wildlife picture quotes on the internet. Yes. Internet life is beginning to suck a lot for me and I think that it will get a lot worse in the near future. Will I trust an almost trillion dollar company to do my internet censoring? Hell no! I will go elsewhere if that is still a possibility and Google will lose my patronage even more.

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