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Vegan: n. a delusional human trying to survive exclusively by eating fruits and vegetables


Humans are omnivores and for millennia have eaten organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic dairy products, organic blood, organic insects, and organic meat and organic internal organs in general.


Even eating organic fruits and vegetables does not supply all the nutrients necessary for a healthy nutritional balance in eating in the long duration.


Omnivores eat whatever organic food that tastes good and a potpourri of it.


Fearful of too many unnatural chemical additives in meat? Then eat very little of it or replace it with mostly meat from seafood without those artificial chemical additives.


Humans have myopic fears of too much fat, too many carbohydrates, or too much protein in their diet when you actually need a natural healthy balance of all of them. The best guarantee of good nutritious health is to eat mostly organic and occasionally any good tasting artificially concocted food recipes which are only theoretically bad for you with inadequate testing on humans in the long duration. Overly processed foods are frequently not very good for you the further away from a natural organic state that they are.


About the only exception to the eat everything which tastes good rule is to not eat most GMO products because they have not been tested for thousands of years on humans for potential bad effects on genes and body metabolism because they are unnaturally resistant to herbicides and pests which is an abomination of logical healthy sense.


If you are a vegan and think it is immoral to kill animals then milk them for their blood and milk and make blood as naturally organic as possible with blood sausage or products made from it. You won’t be killing the animals but merely temporarily placing them in a blood or milk donation bank and you will get all the nutritional benefits of animal nutritious meat. When the animals die a natural death from old age then you can eat the meat too without having regrets of having killed them unnaturally.


Try raw organic eggs for breakfast with a little milk whipped in with a fork. It has a smooth texture and tastes great with no greasy cleanup necessary! Fear of salmonella? Then get it from a reputable brand name and one that is not past the expiration label on it.


This kind of a diet will put many breakfast restaurants out of business with their usual fried everything before you eat it unnatural rule. Raw organic food is the most nutritious food and the best for your healthy diet so try to eat as much of it as your budget will afford.


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A recipe should taste good for you and if you don’t like it then you can subtract, add, or replace ingredients with something which you like the taste of. You can also try adding more or less of an ingredient to suit your taste, especially if it is a spice.

Salads can be very bland and salad dressing alone may be rather inadequate to satisfy your taste buds. Consider adding tasty ingredients which you may like such as diced vegetables, meat chunks, cheese, eggs, fresh bread chunks, rice, beans, nuts, seeds, fruit chunks, and yogurt and turn a bland salad into a very tasty meal.

Remember, adding a good tasting food to a good tasting food results in good tasting food no matter how strange the combination might seem to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment and remember good food will not poison you if you come up with an unusual mix which many dogmatic humans will impulsively criticize.

Don’t be afraid of social disapproval if it is a new recipe which tastes good to you. Try chicken AND beef AND pork noodle soup or three meats in one soup. It tastes delicious!!!!!!

We are omnivores and that means that we can mix anything together and eat it without bad side effects. Yes, you may want to avoid mixing milk with lemon juice but the curding which you get by doing so will not poison you or taste that bad.

If you see an ingredient in a recipe which you don’t like then exclude it or substitute it with something which you like the taste of. If you don’t like a vegetable or fruit then replace it with a vegetable or fruit which you like. If the recipe calls for wheat flour then you can frequently replace it with another kind of flour like rice or amaranth flour. If you don’t like pork then substitute chicken, beef, duck, etc.

Replace a spice with one you like the taste of or just use a pinch of it which will not be detected by your taste buds in most cases. I have added a pinch of up to 20 spices which I like and don’t like to soups and the soup still tastes delicious and you get the benefits of up to twenty spices with trace minerals and their good health benefits. Believe it or not!!!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with recipes and all that you have to do is add, subtract, or replace one or more ingredients to come up with a recipe which tastes good to you or even your spouse and offspring.

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