Perception: n. detecting with a sense(s)

We perceive or detect our environment and internal well being with our senses. Most humans are aware of the sense of smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste but there are others such as somatic sense of pressure, heat, cold, and pain. Interoceptive senses are the sense of balance, hunger, thirst, and proprioception which is an awareness of the relative positions of body parts.

You can also include the brain sensing electromagnetic radiation which can be disorienting or even painful. Magnetoception or the ability to detect magnetic fields is more pronounced in some animals than humans and then there is the vomiting reflex which senses bad food in the stomach.

Finally there is the way that we mentally perceive us to be which may vary much from the way we actually are perceived by others. We may think of ourselves as a competent human worthy of love and affection and the truth may be that we are actually incompetent narrow minded selfish egomaniacs not loved by anyone.

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