According to anthropologist Oliver Scott Curry there are 7 distinct moral behaviors which promote the common good in all cultures and proposes a universal moral code- helping family, helping your group, reciprocating, being brave, deferring to superiors or respect, dividing resources or fairness, and respecting prior possession or property rights. This is generally an overview of collective rights and does not give any guidance on individual moral behavior within a group.

The family or group may be criminal in nature so is it moral to lie, steal, commit adultery, and murder if it helps the family or the group? How do you reciprocate if you are lied to or stolen from when interacting with others outside or inside the family or group? Being brave may also mean bravely breaking the law or being immoral so what you are being brave about is an important consideration. Do you respect immoral or unethical behavior if it is coming from a superior? How do you divide resources within a family with minors or a group of adults and make it fair?

And finally what are the property rights within a family, group, or nation? None of these questions are answered clearly with this phony universal moral code which is not a moral code by any stretch of the imagination. A moral code like the 10 commandments are rules of behavior for individuals and the universal moral code has no rules of behavior for the individual. How do you help or reciprocate are unanswered questions. The universal code is just vague generalities with no specifics or details which are left to the imagination of the reader and the generalities apply to criminals as well as law abiding moral individuals. There is nothing moral about this universal code.

I leave you with an example of a modern secular moral code which is- in non emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

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