The left, a community of dangerous bullies

Bullying: v. seeking to harm, intimidate, or coerce without rational discussion.

If you have opinions and beliefs contrary to left wing ideology or are not politically correct then you are fair game for bullying tactics which seek to harm a good reputation. This reputation assault is done with verbal threats and name calling, untrue gossiping in social media, fake personal information or news, posting your photos with disreputable humans to create guilt by association, out of context inappropriate comments made many years ago, and calls for blacklisting, censorship, or social ostracism which threaten your livelihood. Almost anything is done to create emotional distress, and feelings of insecurity or fear.

Usually the first bullying step is to stereotype you so name calling can proceed. You may be labeled a white supremacist, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, a Nazi or a combination of two or more labels. Being called a racist is currently in vogue and if you mostly read books published by white authors or support a white historical figure who lived before the 1960s, who probably had racist tendencies, then you too are a racist with guilt by association.

If you are white then you obviously are a white supremacist and believe in white privilege. Labeling you automatically makes you an evil enemy to be dispensed with, with harsh criticism, insults, put downs, ridicule, and humiliation which are aggressive verbal bullying tactics next to primarily name calling.

Bullying is fundamentally a power play and an attempt to dominate not through reasonable discussion but with aggressive no holes barred verbal tactics. Most in society do not like bullies and fortunately many are beginning to view the tactics of the left as overbearing and unjust.

Yes, many are intimidated by bullying and are starting to lead secretive lives without sharing their true conservative traditional feelings, opinions, and beliefs or are going to alt media to express themselves freely. Tucker Carlson is the latest Fox commentator intimidation victim with major corporations withdrawing their ad support and effectively threatening his livelihood.

Academia, the establishment media, celebrities, and globalists are bullies par excellence and will continue to dominate the public domain on into the foreseeable future unless a return to some rationality happens. The tragedy is that almost no one is coming up with a bold clear vision of the future with realistic steps to take along the way to escape from the chaotic morass of stupid ideological ideas which are threatening modern society today. Trump seems to be trying to make America better but so far seems to be almost a one man show trying to fight the bullies.

How long will society tolerate these bullying tactics? What human or organization is going to be the core for a moral or ethical reawakening along with rational legal steps to be taken for a better future? The bullying must stop somewhere and sometime or we will descend into an intolerable, aggressive, ruthless, schoolyard national dystopia.

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