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A psychopath is a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with very abnormal and/or violent social behavior.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders characterizes a psychopath by shallow emotions, lacking empathy, cold heartedness, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity, criminality, anti-social behaviors, and lacking guilt. How many of you humans not on drugs have shallow emotions or the translation is that you are not very emotional? How many of you lack empathy for humans that you don’t like? How many of you are coldhearted about humans that you don’t care about? How many of you have some egocentricities which are outside the social norm? How many of you have superficial charm which means that you have little charisma? How many of you are manipulative or try to get what you want from some humans? How many of you are irresponsible and don’t show up on time for appointments? How many of you show impulsivity with your shopping or by telling humans what you really think without caring whether you hurt their feelings? How many of you lack guilt when you hurt the feelings of someone you don’t care about? How many times have you been accused of having antisocial behaviors because you didn’t want to associate yourself with bad or rude humans? How many times have you suffered from criminality?

OK, you are not a criminal so that is one no out of 11 where the answer is no you are not a criminal.  Conclusion, with 10 yes answers there is a probability that you are about 90% a psychopath!!!

The diagnosis for depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia is as bad as that for a psychopath and almost nowhere are the words chronic and acute depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia used to justify the use of drugs with severe side effects which make the relatively mild symptoms in most patients who are prescribed drugs worse in the long duration. Intensive behavior modification and a healthy varied diet of nutritious organic food is the cure for most erroneously diagnosed mental illnesses. There are chronic and acute cases which do need drug treatment but I am referring to the approximately 20% of the population who are misdiagnosed and are hurt and not helped by taking psychotropic drugs.

Historically about one to three percent of the  population suffered from mental illness. In 1960 about 9 percent of the population was classified as mentally ill or three times as many. Today it is about 25 percent or almost 8 times as many as historically existed. It is obvious that something is terribly wrong with the diagnosis procedures and that very many are misdiagnosed and are being treated with psychotropic drugs with bad side effects which are making the situation worse. About 30% of the criminal population is on psychotropic drugs or about one in three criminals is crazy or mentally ill!!!!!!

If your psychiatrist can’t define the words that he is using clearly, especially the words which he uses in the diagnostic conclusion, sue him for malpractice since he doesn’t know what he is talking about and you can sue him for incompetent malpractice!!! Diagnosis is so biased and subjective that if the psychiatrist wants you as a patient he will hook you on drugs and plays the role of God the all knowing with no one daring to question his personal diagnosis.

Most classified mental illnesses are for depression and that is just an indication of how messed up society has become with many feeling depressed, lonely, lost, desperately unhappy, deep in debt, many with substance abuse, and unsatisfied with living an unfulfilling life in the modern deceptive corrupt world.

Most mental patients all need a radical change in lifestyle and better humans to associate with and drug medication only makes their lives more desperate with undesirable side effects which mask their problems and don’t cure them at all. A pill to cure a shitty life is not the answer to the problem but just creates many more drug addicts in society which is costing Americans about 300 billion dollars a year!!!!!!

Dare to say no to your drug pushing psychiatrist!


Start eating healthy, get some moderate exercise, find new friends, move to a farm in the country, get on welfare, learn new skills and get a better job, move in with healthy family or relative members, join an organization with a larger purpose such as a conservation organization like the Sierra Club or even a cult or religion which you can tolerate. In effect, do something very different with your life to get you out of the dysfunctional mental and behavioral rut which you are in and you will go a long way towards curing your “mental” problems which are more frequently wrong behavior problems.

Change your lifestyle as much as you can on your own but don’t go to group therapy to meet humans who probably have more problems than you and get into an addictive habit of taking psychiatric medications for a lifetime of misery and social dysfunctioning.

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