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Herbal, plant, and animal remedies have been used to try and cure illnesses, increase sexual allure and sexual performance, delay death, modify weight, enhance beauty, and enhance vitality and well being. Eat something different or apply something to the skin and solve some of life’s problems is a tradition which is hard to stop.

Natural drugs are frequently the source of modern drugs too but increasingly artificial drugs are being invented with many serious side effects which have lasting bad effects on body metabolism and health, especially when they are used for extended periods of time.

About 70% of adults are on one prescription pill or more and for senior citizens about 80% are on prescription medications up to 5 pills or more in about 20% of the population. Add to this the use of illegal drugs and you realize that almost everyone is using some form of drug on a daily basis.

A pill for every problem philosophy has even resulted in attempts to medicate humans with compulsive shopping addictions. If you are feeling depressed or have no energy then pop a pill and feel good instantly. Not only illegal drugs are being used as mood enhancers but many prescription drugs have the same feel good side effects.

Addiction to prescription drugs is a bigger problem than addiction to illegal drugs and is killing many more humans and ruining health. Over use of antibiotics has resulted in bacteria resistant to antibiotics which are spread in many hospitals causing much death and suffering.

Bad side effects are treated with more pills for the side effects and the result is that we have a generation of over medicated humans unable to break their pill addictions. Pharmaceutical companies are raking in fortunes but the net result is a very unhealthy general population.

If you are smart then you will say NO to prescription drugs and only use them where your life may be in imminent danger.

Eat as large a variety of certified organic food as possible and get some moderate exercise and your body will usually cure itself naturally in a matter of weeks or months without nasty side effects. Your body’s natural defenses with a healthy food, drink, and exercise input are a superior doctor in most cases.

Pills should be for emergencies and there are few emergencies in real life that can’t wait for natural healing to take place which does a better job in the long duration.

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