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Pursuit: n. maintaining an activity(s) which is used to achieve a goal(s)

Pursuit really means trying to achieve a goal(s).

Historically humans primarily pursued food or grew it and it is only recently that humans are mostly pursuing money, material possessions, and many leisure pastimes. Our priorities have changed and too few are devoting most of their energy and money to healthy food which historically was the most important consideration in human lives.

We are losing touch with essential reality and fewer and fewer are living a healthy lifestyle.

Humans also pursue power and these days it seems that the more money that you have then the more power you have. The financial system has been corrupted to short duration profit considerations and not long duration wise investment in high quality healthy food, drink, and sustainable quality goods.

Pursuing a moral lifestyle is no longer high on the priority list and has resulted in many dysfunctional lifestyles and the breakdown of healthy family life because too many are steeped in the live for today and do only what you like philosophy. Profligate irresponsible lifestyles are leading to profligate irresponsible leadership which is threatening to bankrupt the nation and cause more misery in the world.

On the brighter side science is no longer pushing the big bang creation mythology and is making new discoveries in microbiology, especially the importance of healthy gut bacteria, which potentially will help humanity in the long duration. It’s mostly about healthy food and drink and we must come to realize that chemicals toxic to insects, plants, and bacteria are also toxic to the human body so dependent upon healthy gut bacteria unaltered by toxic chemicals even in minute amounts.

Nuclear war is still a relatively remote possibility as more and more nations are competing economically and not militarily.

The internet is increasing worldwide communication and is encouraging nations to think internationally and not just nationally. We are all responsible for what happens to this precious planet and only through international cooperation is there any hope that biodiversity, the wilderness, or wild species will survive.

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