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We think of either having information or not having it and it is represented as the number 1 or 0. To make any sense the smallest “bit” of information must occupy space or volume and must be time and/or energy dependent. Is the smallest bit of information energy or mass or maybe a combination of both? If it is energy then it occupies volume and there must be a description of it because it definitely is not an infinitely small point in space.

Is information a property of both energy and mass and if so what is the relationship? No one has accurately defined information on the micro level and until someone does information will remain an unanswered mystery or unknown.

To further complicate matters what is the difference of information in transit or moving with velocity and information which for all practical purposes is standing still or orbiting a large or small mass or even subatomic particle? No one knows for now. The non random minimally statistical organizational principles of matter and energy or information commonly referred to entropy is unknown mathematically in a precise or accurate deterministic way.

What kind of information is arranged in a volume and how ultimately small the quanta of information can get are still unanswered questions in micro or quantum physics. There is apparently some statistical randomness and some determinism in the universe and what percentage of both in real life situations on the quantum level is still unknown.

I prefer the deterministic explanation for the laws of nature on the quantum level because nature knows what it is doing and we don’t so that is why we have a long way to go before we uncover those deterministic quantum principles.

How does nature organize information on the micro level which we can now only do on the macro level?

Biological information processing on the macroscopic level does not seem to be binary in nature although we don’t really know whether on the mini microscopic level it is binary. Maybe information processing on the mini microscopic level also imitates macro information processing to some degree. We just don’t know yet and it may take much time before we find out.

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