Status: n. rank and relative position within that rank and the degree of influence on others

You can have the rank of actor but there is a big difference in a popular celebrity actor and one who is barely making a living at it and is forced to take on other menial jobs to survive financially. You can be a high status actor or a low status actor within your actor rank or classification.

When you have high status then you can surround yourself with high status friends and material possessions commonly found among successful humans. You can also have high status, not too many high status friends, and live a relatively humble or moderate existence with an average car and house and nothing outstanding. Most humans function somewhere in between those two extremes of flaunting your status or not flaunting it at all.

There are also status conscious humans who have low status but think that it is appropriate to surround themselves with the better things in life and frequently go into great debt trying to live up to those unrealistic high status standards.

The term status symbol is frequently associated with something very expensive or exclusive. Awards for achievement and membership in exclusive clubs are frequently highly valued by status conscious humans. If you stand out from the crowd in some special way then you have greater status than someone who does not stand out from the crowd.

In society reputation and integrity are very important and frequently those with an excellent reputation and integrity are the ones which also have the highest status even though much money sometimes is a leading indicator of status within societies.

Humans are frequently confronted with the dilemma of making much money deceptively in the short run or making a reasonable amount of money without severely exploiting others. Businesses are constantly confronted with the moral dilemma of putting the most emphasis on the bottom line or short term profit or satisfying a customer base in the long duration and making a modest short term profit.

Brand loyalty is much coveted by businesses and it is a status symbol in the business world which frequently stands for the good reputation of a highly desirable useful product or service.

Wanting power, pride, and wanting to be better than others are the motivating factors which promote the quest for status. Greater status is frequently conferred upon what could be considered the dominant humans in society who frequently serve in rather prestigious leadership positions within that society.


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