Warn: to communicate intensely frequently predicting a future (bad and/or wrong) and/or (threatening and/or dangerous) subset(s) which may be potentially harmful to a human(s)

We have been warned not to behave badly, not to do dangerous things, not to get involved with bad humans, not to make mistakes, and not to ignore hurricanes and other potentially bad threats to our life and health. Warnings are meant to create fear in you not to do certain things but despite many of these sometimes dire warnings humans sometimes ignore or disobey these many warnings because some are just not taken seriously with personal conviction.

Stay in school and get a useful education or you will not get a good job, spend your money unwisely and you will become a pauper, interact with the wrong crowd and your reputation will be in the toilet, do mind and metabolic altering drugs and your life will be ruined or severely degraded, and commit adultery and you will get divorced are just a few of the important warnings which humans get during their lives.

Whether you end up believing these warnings to a large extent depends on what the source of the warning is. If the source is someone whom you admire and respect then chances are that you will heed those warnings and behave appropriately but if the source is from someone whom you don’t respect then the warning may have little or no impact on you.

Offspring are by nature rebellious and all the warnings in the world will not keep them from ignoring some parental warnings. Except for the morally well indoctrinated or the religiously dogmatic, offspring will experiment and get involved in transient popular trends which sometimes oppose traditional time tested warnings about what should not be done.

Living in the modern world which is changing so rapidly there is a tendency to believe that traditional behavior or social norms are no longer valid but unfortunately human nature does not change with time and many of the same bad human mistakes are repeated in each generation.

The human weaknesses of past generations are also passed on to the new generation relatively unchanged.

History repeats itself because human nature does not change nor does the archaic emotionally biased language which is being used by everyone in the world. There will be no improvement in the world until there is a strong secular moral code for everyone to tame human nature and an updated language which makes humans think more logically and not emotionally and thus also try to tame the unchanging emotional human beast within us all.

Language is a reflection of how humans are taught to think and behave and it is time to tame the emotional part of language too which is a raging beast of irrationality.




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