You hear some juicy or bad information about a human and you aren’t sure if you want to pass it on to other humans, especially your family and close friends. There are 4 questions you should ask yourself before you spread the bad news.

Who is the source of the information?

If the human providing you with the bad information about a human is not trustworthy or has a history of untrue rumors and gossip then don’t trust the information and under no circumstances should you try to spread it to others.

Is the information true?

If you personally don’t know if a rumor or gossip is true then don’t spread it, especially if the information has the potential to ruin a good reputation. If the rumor or gossip is about a human with a bad reputation then it may be true and you can proceed to try and verify the information before you spread it further and further ruin an already bad reputation.

Is the information good news?

If the rumor or gossip is something good about a human then spreading the rumor or gossip will not adversely affect a human’s reputation and you can proceed to spread the information.

Is the information useful?

Sometimes the rumor or gossip information is not very useful and is everyday common knowledge, behavior, beliefs, or opinions which will not affect a human’s reputation if it is mentioned and is relatively useless information to pass on. Of course you can conclude that the bad information will be useful in trying to destroy a human’s reputation for personal gain but be careful that you don’t destroy your own reputation in the long duration. Lying about a human will come back to haunt your own good reputation eventually as it frequently does given enough time.

CONCLUSION: If a rumor or gossip is from a human with a bad reputation, is not true to the best of your knowledge, is not good, and is not useful then you shouldn’t spread the rumor or gossip further.

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