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Dynamic, growing, and innovative companies need geniuses or super humans to lead them but must be so structured that smart average humans can perform most day to day business activities successfully.

The aim of marketing should be to know the product and customer so well that the product will sell itself through word of mouth alone and sales will accelerate with a little smart advertising.

The human who uses skill and constructive imagination to see how much can be given for a dollar rather than how little can be given for a dollar is bound to succeed.

Successful management is basically trying to select the right humans for a job, then motivating them to do their best, and firing the bad workers who don’t perform up to standards.

When greedily pursuing big profits in retail don’t forget that the source of profits is very satisfied customers.

BEWARE of cream and pill SCAMS promising miraculous results or cures with raving testimonials, with over 100% discounts from an original fake price,  with one or more expensive or rare ingredients, with warnings to stock up on the product because the price may soon increase, and with a prestigious, catchy, or alluring name. All are advertising gimmicks or deceptions designed to scam you out of your money and getting nothing useful in return.

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, hire an amateur who will make mistakes and only do professional work if they get lucky on the job.

Mere knowledge does not guarantee competent job performance which must be acquired with experience and learning relevant skills doing a job successfully.

The absence of an authority figure is often a temptation for workers to goof off.

Failing to plan ahead often means failure.

Give credit to those who earn it.

Don’t belittle all wealth. When did a poor human give you a job?

Entrepreneurship is living life for quite a few years like most humans won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most humans can’t.

The difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says “Go!” whereas a leader says “Let’s go!”.  E. M. Kelly

Unless you are at the top of a business or institution you may manage or boss others but you will still be subject to the management or bossing of others above you in rank.

The function of leadership is to produce or mentor more leaders and to create more followers especially by word of mouth of your existing followers.

Relatively few unsatisfied customers are often an anomaly or an exception to a general norm because they may be very different or handicapped but ignore many unsatisfied customers and it is a sign that your business is in trouble and needs corrective action.

Short sighted business humans dream of a monopoly where theoretically you can charge much money for an inferior product and not have to worry much about customer satisfaction. With international competition a monopoly is possible in high capital intensive businesses but in most businesses you have to worry about market share percentage because your worldwide competitors want the biggest percentage possible.

A boss usually has too many tyrannical tendencies which is generally acceptable for low level employees doing well defined tasks but a true high level leader does not fear hiring talented selfmotivated individuals and delegating much responsibility for carrying out the work. Where the true leader must still be a tough boss is in the judicious hiring of employees and the firing of underperforming or emotionally dysfunctional employees.

Invent, improve, manufacture, and distribute as sustainably as possible quality products at the cheapest possible cost. That is the essence of responsible modern marketing.




Inflation is the economic art of stealing the value of your money in small enough amounts so that all the gullible and ignorant citizens do not revolt against the unjust financial system designed to steal from everyone over an entire lifetime.

A free market is only possible with many relatively small businesses competing in the marketplace because big business monopolies no longer function according to free market principles where both parties in the transaction benefit in the long duration.

Theoretically the economic purpose of successful parenting and education should be to create independent economic units from dependent ones in the long duration. Realistically even adult economic units are becoming increasingly dependent on the government because the economic system can no longer guarantee lifetime employment for all who want to work but lack ever more complex work skills needed in the workplace.

There is more than enough money in this world but amongst the wealthy there are few smart enough to distribute more of it to those who truly deserve it and have earned it based on merit.

Modern society is reeling from government inefficiency and the solution is just taxation. A fixed and adjustable national sales tax, a fixed percentage of business gross income, a fixed percentage of gross earned private income, and a fixed percentage for a social security tax is all that is needed to insure efficient just taxation in a nation. Top it off with a currency which doesn’t lose its value during transient inflationary and deflationary times and you have a solution for a just world economy.

ORGANIZATIONS WHICH SHOULD NOT BE TAXED: Organic food businesses including organic only restaurants, nonprofits which promote wilderness conservation and expansion, and there should be no personal inheritance tax if gotten from a relative.

There is massive speculation on the price fluctuations of anything of value including fluctuations of phony financial paperwork not grounded in tangible assets. The biggest money controls the movement of price fluctuations and makes tremendous short term profits on being able to DIRECT all these price movements UP or DOWN. The SUPER rich get even richer at the expense of gullible average investors who include the very rich greedy suckers trying to make money in this financial gambling casino which is rigged to benefit the HOUSE of the SUPER rich.

Anyone who believed in unending growth on a finite planet is either crazy or an economist.




It is unusual and sad that youthful curiosity seldom survives formal education.

History and humanity repeats itself in many fundamental ways because each generation primarily learns from personal experience rather than from the good and bad experiences and wise advice of prior generations.

The school of experience will repeat the lesson until you finally pass and don’t fail.

The trouble with the world is not that humans know too little but that they know too many myths and deceptions which are not true.

What is important and powerful is useful knowledge and knowing where to go to get more of it.

The luxury of isolation to think in solitude about what one has researched often optimizes creativity.

A critic is usually not very creative because he or she has already chosen old standards to defend and is very critical of new and still unproven creations.

The worst form of creativity is artistic creativity because it merely reshuffles what already exists for subjective aesthetic appeal and doesn’t really invent anything which is truly new and useful.

You can be considered to be a genius with an extraordinary memory or extraordinary creativity but the greatest geniuses have both.

Imagination is important to creativity but undisciplined imagination and knowledge often results in mutant creations which have no practical utility and are excursions into a world of misleading fantasy and illusion.

The human with a high IQ is the status symbol of an archaic educational system which puts too high an importance on book learning and regurgitating old knowledge which is not as important as a wealth of real experience and an ability to smartly solve problems in the current real world and quickly adapt to necessary change.

Understanding is primarily based on the ability to take prior experience and knowledge and correlate it or find correspondences with new experience and knowledge.

Learning a complex useful skill and/or knowledge is often difficult hard work but when you have mastered it then the real useful rather than trivial FUN begins.

The key to a more just society is not in equally distributing wealth for its own sake but in trying to establish more equality of useful educational opportunity for all.

Nurture your mind with useful, great, quality thoughts and information, for you will never go any higher than you think.

Most thoughts are about the past and future and only present experience and present input of new useful information can alter or change those thoughts.

All are born ignorant and many including educated specialists are still largely ignorant of human nature and cultural expression of it worldwide.

If I am walking with two other humans, each of them can serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of either one and imitate them, and the bad points of either one and correct them in myself.

It is difficult to learn by thinking, easier to learn by imitation, and sometimes  personal experience will force us to make adjustments to what we think we know or have learned.

Colleges are similar to old age homes in many ways, except that more humans die mentally in colleges.

Robots and software smarter than common humans means that an elite usefully educated class of workers will work and most will be unemployed on government welfare for most if not all of their lives.

A rich useful education and rich business experiences are a prerequisite for anyone hoping to become a prominent business leader.

The best way to continue growing throughout life is with the input of new useful information.

Education without knowledge about human nature is incomplete education.

The problem with many books is that they are filled with excessive verbosity or filler material whose entire content can often be better summarized in a few topic sentences of useful knowledge.

CURIOSITY ends when you cease to ask questions and think that you have all the answers.

Knowing how to ask the right questions is the first step towards solving important problems.

Asking questions smartly will often get you the information or knowledge that you seek.

The primary purpose of a search engine should be to provide you with accurate answers to the questions which you want answered.

A sign that you are growing old mentally is when you cease to ask questions and think that you know everything of importance.

Don’t stop growing in understanding and wisdom. Research a new topic in depth and learn new useful knowledge or skills. That is the key to never feeling old mentally in an aging body.

Offspring grow with enthusiasm and curiosity which are two traits which many adults lose and with it lose an admirable zest for life and an interest in what life has to offer for those who don’t give up growing in knowledge and skills.

Lifelong lasting habitual poverty is a largely useless education, a dysfunctional family, immoral and bad friends, and no job or bad ones. Escaping from mental poverty is priority number one if you want to escape from financial poverty too.

Mental or educational wealth requires useful knowledge, skills, and morality which the brain must contain first before you can proceed to financial success.

Many can’t escape their mental impoverishment because they have never been taught how to differentiate and pursue useful information rather than useless, trivial, and deceptive information which overwhelms most societies.

Most modern humans remain ignorant longer than usual not because there is an absence of information but because most of the voluminous information which they are overwhelmed with and digest is rather useless trivial or irrelevant snippets of information with no life lessons or ah ha moments.

 Short attention spans plague most humans because they have a preference for instant gratification. Most media information fed to them is also mostly boring repetitive information with minimal applicability to their personal lives. The information rarely inspires or teaches them anything new other than how to waste some more precious time and buy more crap.

Most humans are impatient and don’t like to read because most is filler material and the useful information which exists can usually be summarized in relatively few topical sentences or just one headline.

Much nontechnical book and media information is highly biased or subjective, hypothetical or assumptive, fictional, deceptive, overly verbose, and often impractical filler material. Truly useful knowledge comes from concisely validating or modifying assumptions or principles with experience in the real world. True knowledge and wisdom is not gotten from an escapist experience with an entertaining fantasy world which is presented and consumed by many on a daily basis.

Just equality of opportunity will only be approached when the unemployed and also destitute at ANY AGE will be given the opportunity of a free useful education under good learning circumstances with only time, personal effort, and achievement necessary to ensure just opportunity.

A teacher can tell, explain, or demonstrate. A great teacher can do all three in a passionate inspirational way.

Confused by something? You can do research to learn more about it until confusion ends, can ask for an explanation or advice on it from an expert, or can ignore it and hope that an absence of understanding will not injure you in any way in the future.

The cheapest way to stay informed, get useful information, or get entertained is to learn how to use the internet wisely and get as much useful free information as possible.

An education is incomplete and severely flawed if it doesn’t teach what taxes are and how to do them, how to budget your money, how to buy things without going into debt, and how to write a resume for a job.

You can be old if you stop learning at 20. Keep learning at any age and you can remain young in mind if not body until you die.

Teachers can lead you into an educational wasteland where you get trapped or lost and only selfeducation can lead to an escape from this brainwashing.

Don’t let schooling interfere with selfeducation.

Educating the mind and not educating about human nature is wasted education.

The most important purpose of education is to create a love of selfeducation for a lifetime.

Humans are born ignorant not stupid; The wrong education makes them stupid.

Think about answers to your questions but don’t expect them to appear instantly because many answers require further research

Do not educate your offspring to be rich. Educate them to be thrifty and moral so when they grow up then they will know the value of things and not just the price.

An indication of a successful education is a human devoted to lifelong selfeducation.

If you don’t try to improve on your knowledge and skills almost on a daily basis then you will never truly understand the way the world works and your role in it.

Useful education will open and train your mind and increase the probability that you will be able to grab opportunity when it presents itself.

An overview of problem solving and/or goal(s) achievement:

Any problem to be solved needs the right relevant information and relevant skills before a solution is possible. If you don’t know what relevant information and skills are necessary and don’t feel qualified to research it yourself then find someone who has solved the problem before to guide or teach you. Some problems need teamwork to solve so relevant skilled humans must be found to work together in a unified or coordinated way.

How to solve a problem and/or achieve a goal(s):

  1. Define the problem or goal which you want to achieve.
  2. Make a plan by researching, googling, or asking someone who should know.
  3. Implement the plan
  4. Evaluate the results
  5. Repeat steps 2 thru 4 until the problem is solved or goal is achieved.
  6. If you tried solving a problem and failed too many times because it is too complex or difficult then get someone experienced and qualified to do it for you.

Typical priorities are job, family, friends, yourself or further useful education, and hobbies. If you truly want to improve your life then further useful education is a must do in most cases.

All the abundant positive attitude will get you nowhere if you don’t have the positive useful knowledge and skills which you acquire pursuing a good education.

There are basically two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other should teach us how to live.

A human can learn in basically two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter humans.

Practice frequently makes us better but rarely perfect.

Repetition is usually the best way to learn unless you have photographic memory.

Everyone makes mistakes but the frequency of the mistakes varies and the less frequent they are the more competent you usually are.

You are seldom fully in control of your own mind because others are frequently trying to tell you how and what to think about and do.

Elaboration is a form of verbal pollution and abstraction is a form of decadence.

You won’t be able to teach someone much if they don’t want to be taught, can’t be taught, or disrespect you.

The purpose of education should be to teach morality and useful skills and facts. But a truly useful education is also teaching one how to maintain curiosity and pursue more useful skills and facts throughout life with selfeducation.

Teachers expose you to new knowledge territory but you must make an effort to explore further on your own and explore with others knowledgeable about the territory.

Vague definitions enslave the mind. My logical definitions can liberate the mind and assure more truth on this precious endangered planet.

Creativity is enhanced when free of distractions so sometimes creativity thrives at night.

An investment in useful knowledge always pays the best interest.

The value of an idea depends on its usefulness.

Develop a passion for selfeducation. If you do then you will never cease growing.

Humans do better and faster with mentors. A direct mentor may be someone who teaches your how to do something or answers a question which you need an answer to. Indirect mentors which require personal initiative are search engines, publications, books, and movies. If you have no help from direct or indirect mentors then life itself with its many experiences can be a mentor if you are willing to learn from it through selfeducation.

Learning something new frequently is hard to do but when you master the knowledge or the skill then it either is or just seems easy or easy to do.

Stop growing without acquiring new useful knowledge and new useful skills then you will begin to stagnate in a deja vue relatively boring world of old habits.

When you talk then you learn nothing new but when you listen or do research then new useful knowledge and skills can be learned.

Fighting terrorists on the battlefield is sometimes necessary but laudable fights are against immorality, untruth, and injustice where courage and bravery is necessary on the battlefield of conflicting ideas.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to process, converse, or think about a different opinion or belief without accepting it.

Any fool can memorize or know something. The point is to understand that something and know its relevance in the world.

There are way too many books, choose them wisely or you will be wasting your time and drowning in undisciplined human verbosity.

An educated human is one who has learned that nonscientific information frequently turns out to be at best incomplete and very often deceptive, misleading, fictitious, untrue, and just wrong.

Public education has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading which makes them easy prey for celebrity, advertising, and media suggestions and propaganda.

I think everyone should go to college and get a degree and then spend six months as a bartender and six months as a cab driver. Then they would really be educated. Al McGuire

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. Douglas Adams

Knowledge with courage and hope is stronger than fear.

Ongoing useful education and experience rather than past education is largely the determiner of future success because we educate ourselves and experience continually in our quest for future worthwhile goals.




You may efficiently be doing what shouldn’t be done at all but the consolation is that you will have more time, energy, and money left over for doing what should be done.

If you are spending less time, energy, and money on something and still getting the same desired results then you have simplified your life or made it more efficient.


Don’t fear doing and thinking alone.

Don’t dwell on the past unless it can help in the future.

Don’t feel that the world owes you for mere existence.

Don’t always expect immediate results from your efforts.

Don’t worry about pleasing everyone.

Don’t waste time and energy feeling sorry for yourself.

Don’t waste time and energy on things you can’t control.

Don’t let unimportant humans influence your emotions.

Don’t resent other human successes.

Don’t shy away from important responsibilities.

Don’t give up after the first failure on important goals.

Don’t fear taking calculated risks on worthwhile goals.

Sometimes it’s OK to give up because you are just wasting precious time and energy without a reasonable probability of success.

Pursuing what you truly NEED in life is efficient living and pursuing what you WANT in life is inefficient living often wasting much time, energy, and money.

I don’t regret the past. I just regret the time, energy, and money which I wasted on the wrong humans and the wrong things.

Smart working is learning or discovering how to do your work more efficiently.

Being more efficient means spending less time doing the same job and making more money per unit time.

I no longer wish to waste my time and energy on meaningless friendships, forced interactions, unnecessary conversations, or trivial purposeless interactions with humans in general.

Nature rewards efficiency or the wise sustainable use of energy and it is only human language and cultures which are still grossly inefficient and are swimming in a sea of verbosity, trivial behavior, and human material waste which is all detrimentally affecting the health of the environment and present and future health of humans on the face of this precious endangered planet.

Human work takes on a whole new meaning when you consider that robots and computer software will soon be able to do most human work with greater competence and efficiency.



If you buy too many things that you want but don’t need then you will soon be selling what you wanted and struggling to pay for the things which you really need.

Going into personal debt should only be for emergencies. All other debt can only be justified if you hope to make more of a profit on the borrowed money than you pay for in interest on the loan.

Money can frequently buy a sense of security and offers the potential for happiness. Poverty seldom offers security and is seldom the source for happiness.

Learn basic math and budgeting and you will take much of the chaos and unpredictability out of your finances.

We buy crap we don’t need, with borrowed money, to impress humans we don’t admire, and suffer the consequences.

I don’t have a huge house. A brand new car or much money. What I do have is an amazing family, a few good close friends and good memories which will last until I die.

MONEY!!! Difficult to live with and almost impossible to live without unless you scavenge off the land of an affluent society or go to prison.

You can buy sex with money but not true mutual love which endures even with little money.

You can’t buy love with money but money can attract many loving humans from whom you can choose to love the best.

Money makes marriages last if they begin with mutual love.

Money is a means which assists you in achieving most of your worthwhile goals.

If you have money most humans assume that you are financially responsible and socially acceptable.

Destroy the environment and a healthy food supply and you will find that money can’t buy it back.

Quality information, products, and services usually cost more.

Money can buy temporary happiness but lasting happiness is gotten by living a healthy responsible lifestyle which need not be done with much money.

Buyer beware because many bought things come with disadvantageous fine print and uncertain or nonexistent guarantees.

If you don’t budget your money then you will seldom have enough of it.

Some money should be saved for emergencies unless you are insured against them.

Whatever you earn spend less.

Much saved money can give you the freedom to do what you really want to do or to do nothing at all.

With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health.

With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge, you can buy a position, but not respect.

You usually don’t fail if you don’t take larger risks, but there is little joy in living a life without a large risk or two with a large potential payoff.

Life is about making an impact and a good income or financial clout helps to make a bigger impact.



The constitution is flawed because it attempts to describe leadership and human rights but fails to fully describe the more important moral, financial, and parental responsibilities of its leadership and citizens.

The worst political and factual mistake is to try and make unequal things equal, including humans.

The threat of retaliatory force with effective weapons is the ultimate guardian of liberty from tyrannical oppression potentially coming from the government or a tyrannical nation(s).

Freedom of moral speech is much more important than pure freedom of speech which can easily degenerate into deceptive, profane, libelous or slanderous attacks on public officials and fellow citizens.

In national emergencies governments reserve the right to act immorally and do lie, deceive, steal, and murder to achieve their goals with the threat of force and the use of force. Unfortunately there is great temptation to use these emergency powers in times of relative peace when the government as well as the citizens should behave morally to maintain optimal trust between the leadership and other nations, between the leadership and its citizens, and between the citizens themselves.

Equality of opportunity for every citizen will not exist as long as the educational quality is dependent on wealth. Giving free quality useful education with audio visual internet education to anyone AT ANY AGE who is unemployed and destitute is the only true way to ensure equality of opportunity for anyone willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement.

Inflation is government taxation without legislation.

When the government starts to appoint humans on the basis of their moral virtue and not political clout then that will be the beginning of a more just government.

Many humans want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is protecting the consumer from government in collusion with powerful special interests.

With a monopoly on the media and the power to censor at will you can tell big lies and get most of the masses to believe the lies but punishment for disbelieving must also be ruthlessly enforced or the revolutionary doubters will inevitably increase in number.

Any government which ceases to teach the moral responsible use of private property to its young will fail to rule in a responsible way and will create much misery and dissatisfaction in future generations and ultimately a failed government will result.

A morally flawed constitution will never unite the world’s nations in peaceful coexistence because present constitutions all permit the leaders to function in immoral ways to try and gain competitive advantages with other nations and the leaders function immorally to maintain competitive advantages for its wealthy classes.

Secular and/or religious morality must be indoctrinated into young impressionable minds for any potentially relatively peaceful just government to exist in the long duration.

Morality is the foundation of any just government and when religious morality is no longer dominant a universal secular morality must be taught by the government educational system to young impressionable minds.

Liberty without morality rapidly descends into chaos followed by tyranny.

Moral order is the necessary foundation of all lasting human civilizations.

Morality is selfgovernment and without it a nation is ungovernable.

Historically superior force, aggression, and morality dominated the world. Today the threat of superior force and aggression is very important but force and aggression still must be judiciously applied in unruly parts of the world where they do not believe western morality to be superior anymore.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace frightened and clamoring for safety by menacing it with an endless series of manufactured crises many of which are mostly imaginary.

To rulers of a country belongs the right to use deceptions and untruths on enemies and citizens for the benefit of the country, and no one else may meddle with this privilege.

Theoretically laws try to minimize stealing and immorality in society but realistically they often promote official legal stealing by special interests and the wealthy.

Laws will be more respected when they not only punish vice but also reward virtue in society.

The greater the immorality in society the more laws will be passed in a failing attempt to reestablish some semblance of order from the moral chaos.

Too many bad laws can turn a democracy or republic into a tyranny.

You can’t force anyone to love you but you can get government to force you to lend your money.

The strength of a nation is directly proportional to the moral integrity of the family unit.

The most attractive and eloquent politicians often get elected and they tend not to be the smartest or the most competent to be ruling over their subjects.

Almost all humans have equal rights except for the unemployed and destitute who need additional help from the government and/or charities.

The constitution and laws give all kinds of rights to humans but seldom is mentioned what necessary moral responsibilities the humans must fulfill.

If moral free speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.

An abundance of laws means more inefficiency and less and slower justice.

Knowing very little in detail and thinking that you know everything can lead to a political career.

Unless you are a preacher, politician, or leader interested in many followers it is usually a waste of time trying to convert others to your way of thinking.

Censorship, death, and the threat of death are the tools which keep a tyranny in power. Uncensored moral speech and the elimination of the death penalty can prevent tyrannies from asserting themselves where they still don’t exist.

Environmental degradation, overpopulation, refugees, narcotics, terrorism, world crime movements, and organized crime are worldwide problems that don’t stop at a nation’s borders. Warren Christopher

When humans refuse to die for an oppressive cause the world will know greater peace but death is often preferable to living in very oppressive slavery so the struggle for liberty may indeed be eternal with some dying to ensure its ongoing existence.

You can kill a human and temporarily kill his or her ideas with censorship but it is just a matter of time before the same suppressed ideas occur to another of the billions of humans on the face of this precious endangered planet.

Democracy is orchestrated by big money and the media and the citizens choose which puppet president gets to lead a corrupt establishment of special interests all trying to get as much money out of the system as possible for personal benefit. If it weren’t for human rights codified in the constitution democracy as a political system would be a total scam designed to mainly benefit the monied class.

In reality true political freedom is really the right to liberty or it means functioning within the PERMITTED OR LEGAL LIMITS of behavior for human beings in a society. Freedom from oppressive unjust laws is what true freedom is all about.

Kindness is a virtue practiced by some and a kind government is measured or judged by how it treats the unemployed and also destitute members of society.

A politician is primarily interested in the next election and a statesman or stateshuman is often interested in the next generation. It is time to adjust political laws and term limits so that more stateshumans can succeed in achieving high political office.

Historical warfare almost seems strategically logical when compared to the warfare against plotting irrational desperate terrorists whose plans and behavior is so unpredictable.

Follow the money and corruption can be theoretically eliminated to a large extent. When politicians and their families no longer are required full financial disclosure, the eternal dominance of the corrupt immoral monied ruling class is complete.

It’s an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war. John F. Kennedy




Miracle ingredients, specialized diets and supplements promoted by many health books are often false cures for illnesses which are mostly caused by not eating as much a variety of organic food as possible.

We are not all alike or equal on the outside nor totally on the inside but we do have equal basic needs for healthy survival- organic food, pure water, and clothing.


Organic food

Nonpolluted water

Fresh air

Body movement

Enough sleep




Overly processed, contaminated, artificially adulterated food is poison in the long duration. Organic food is healthy food in the short and long duration.

Health sometimes needs medicine but most good health is gotten and maintained by eating organic, exercise, having good loving relationships, relaxing with funny or inspiring entertainment, and having a job that you enjoy.

Try to supplement human therapy with nature therapy which frequently works for most where human therapy alone fails.

Learning to live with few artificial pills is the key to living a long duration life with a minimum of debilitating side effects which will be medicated with many additional artificial pills to make things worse until death.

Driving and good loud music has much therapeutic power.

Every time we get cheap and abundant energy we speedily make more unsustainable things most of which wind up polluting and degrading the environment even more.

When we make the organic food growing industry profitable and accessible to all humanity by not taxing it, we will be well on our way to getting and maintaining healthy humans and a healthy environment.



Justice is impossible with immoral members on the jury.

Abortion is justified if you are raped and become pregnant, if you are a minor dependent on parents, if neither parent can financially support a newborn, if you are single and a marriage commitment doesn’t exist. Adoption is an option for the above who don’t believe in killing a fetus.

Human society is filled with injustice. Surround yourself with JUST human friends and you will “feel and be” less victimized by that injustice.

What the world needs is successful humans and many more peacemakers, healers, restorers, secularly moral humans, and most of all a language with l Loyalty to justice ALWAYS, loyalty to government, when it deserves it.

What makes life so complicated and often unjust is that there are humans who get up, go to work, eat, drink, poop, piss, and go back to sleep but there are also humans who don’t work or do very little of it and have an easier life than that of the working class.

True justice enforces human rights, rewards the moral citizens, and punishes the immoral citizens with a minimum of laws and lastly takes care of the unemployed and also destitute members of society.

Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical. Blaise Pascal

ogical definitions if world unity and justice is ever to be achieved.



A very wealthy man should be able to choose to honor, love, respect, adore, and be faithful to more than one woman and have many smart and healthy offspring.

The most endangered love relationships are the ones with adultery and absence of mutual trust, mutual caring, and mutual respect.

The world does not need more love. The world needs humans to love the right things such as wilderness, biodiversity, truth, morality, integrity, sustainable efficiency, diversity, justice, etc.

Many yearn to be loved and respected but not that many have understood and acquired enough useful knowledge and skills to turn themselves into lovable, respectable, competent humans.

A good loving relationship means being moral, being loyal, sharing, caring, affection, compromising, encouraging, trusting, and supporting. All are learned behavior skills which are learned by good example and experience which is why so many from dysfunctional families are bad at loving.

 Understand that if a woman is financially independent before you marry then she wants and needs your loyalty, loving, devotion, emotional support, and parenting skills more than your money because she can survive financially on her own.

A smart intelligent woman with a great career is overqualified to be married to most men, especially those who feel they must be superior to any woman that they marry.


Discuss more and try to keep angry fighting to a minimum.

Learn to apologize for angry flare ups.

Compromise more and argue less.

Forgive and try to forget insults, name calling, put downs, and ridicule.

Try not to lose a sense of humor.

Silence is often preferable to saying something nasty or demeaning.

Share responsibilities as equally as possible or assume relatively equal responsibilities.

Stay friendly.

Support each other’s individual goals.

Spend some time together away from offspring.

Unconditional love is a waste of time, energy, and even money if you don’t have conditional moral love as a strong foundation to build upon.

An excellent intimate relationship needs integrity, caring, empathy, dependability, friendliness, loyalty, competence, etc. and is things which love alone can’t provide and the complexity is the reason why so many simple love affairs based primarily on physical attractiveness fail.

Looking for love? Your chances of finding love will greatly increase if you transform yourself into a more caring, empathetic, friendly, competent human.

Don’t be a woman who needs a man but be a woman a man needs and don’t be a man who needs a woman but be a man a woman needs.


If one of you is angry then don’t be angry back but try to be the calming influence.

Never yell at each other unless the house is burning.

If someone has to win an argument, let it be your mate.

Don’t harshly criticize but do so lovingly in a calm voice.

Don’t bring up past mistakes unless one is repeating itself again.

Love someone who does the right things and not one that just says the right things but doesn’t behave accordingly.



She’s smart mixed with enough intelligence.

She is loyal.

She knows how to properly motivate you and make you feel good about yourself.

She helps you.

She is low maintenance with class.

She is caring and empathetic.

She’s optimistic.

She graciously tolerates your imperfect family and friends.

She balances life, work, and fun well.

She’s humble.

She has important interests outside of marriage and offspring.

Never leave for the future what you can do and start today.

Natural abilities are maximized and only develop well with useful knowledge and skills, much personal effort, and much inner determination to succeed.

The most precious possession which comes into a man’s life is a woman’s mind and commitment to live together till death.

A woman has a unique color, aroma, shape, and taste. The problem with more and more men these days is that they like many colors, aromas, shapes, and tastes because they are superficial and don’t take time to discover the value and beauty of a smart woman’s mind and caring personality.

Choose a problem solving smart women over an intelligent women who just regurgitates old worn out solutions to problems which demand new solutions.

A woman with mostly a beautiful body is frequently only good for a night, but a woman with a beautiful smart mind and a caring personality can frequently be good for a lifetime.

The power of a smart woman comes from a healthy fit body, a resolve to be good, the power of her empathy, the beauty and honesty of her mind. A simple look can brighten up trying times. Her touch can energize your mind. Her smile can intoxicate you. Her words can give richness that the wealthiest man would covet.

Marry a smart usefully educated woman. Your daughter will have a role model and your son will know what to look for in a woman when he’s a man.

Because I am your spouse-

I can give you a big hug anytime,

I will hold your hand when you need it held,

I will soothe you when you cry,

I will make you smile when you feel bad,

I will help you up when you stumble or make mistakes,

I will listen when nobody else will listen,

I will not judge you harshly when you deserve to be judged,

If you are mean to me once in a while then I will forgive you,

I will support you when you can’t see and/or hear the truth which I will enlighten you with.

She’s not just looking for money, status, and gifts. What she desires the most is honesty, loyalty, and being a priority in a marital relationship.

Someone who really loves you sees the occasional blunders you make, how moody you can get, how intensely angry you get, how hard you are to deal with, but still wants you.

Love is amoral. Some humans love morality, peace, family, integrity, industriousness, etc. while some love immorality, violence, independence, deception, laziness, etc. What the world does not need is more love but it needs humans to love the right things more than the wrong things.

You are more likely to be loved by someone who is less worthy than you rather than by one who is possibly your ideal and is much better than you.

Fake breasts, fake nose, fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake praise, liposuction, and much makeup and you want to be loved by a REAL man for a lifetime?

A hasty marriage without thinking about the consequences gets many to regret their impulsiveness.

Romantic love was invented to manipulate women and frustrate men who want sincere interactions and not empty burdensome romantic gestures.

Love is best expressed in many caring actions or behaviors and not just overly repeated loving words.

In a truly loving relationship where there is trust, loyalty, good communication, and overall happiness, good sex may have to be sacrificed since so quite a few males suffer from premature ejaculation and females with high orgasmic thresholds. If the sex is not so hot and the rest is, your mate should be a keeper.

Remember that nature dislikes human foreplay and is really interested in fast copulation or getting the sperm to the egg as fast as possible. Try to fight this general principle and you will often find your sex less than perfect and the source for much dissatisfaction and frustration.

Before you fall madly in love make sure that you can handle the extra financial burden which the relationship implies.

Find four hobbies to love:

One to make you money.

One to keep you in shape.

One to be creative.

One to relax with.

Love can be tragic if you fall madly in love with someone who does not turn out to be your best friend too.

Ideal loving is morally and intimately sharing another’s innermost thoughts, feelings, desires, behavior and encouraging, supporting, and caring about each other’s good desires and goals in life.

To have heart simply means that you have an emotional, loving, caring, empathetic mind.




True peace in the world will only come when all share a common morality which results in mutual trust and a relatively free exchange of information, goods, and services exists.

Adapting to immorality is reputation suicide in the long duration.

Human genius is sometimes admired, human wealth is sometimes envied, human power is sometimes feared, but only humans with moral character are trusted.

Cleverness is skillfully adapting means to achieve a goal(s) but is called lying and/or deception when the means are immoral to achieve a goal(s).

When you overcome the fear of death and injury you are often considered brave but the bravest are the ones who remain moral when tempted by successful immoral peer pressure.

Loyalty to an immoral cause and/or human is criminal.

The progress of civilization depends on science, the smart use of technology, and believing in a basic secular morality which includes a worship of biodiversity and wilderness or nature.

If TIME and ENERGY are very precious things in life then wasting them should be called immoral inefficiency.

Nature has principles such as biodiversity and efficient sustainable use of resources which humanity should incorporate in its morality as being good not bad.

There is murder, stealing, adultery, deception, and survival of the fittest in nature so science which studies it will never come up with a provable moral code which humans desperately need to be taught in childhood so that they can interact with each other relatively peacefully in a civilized way. Permit murder, stealing, adultery, deception, and lying to liberally exist in human interactions and the result is eventual degeneration into uncivilized chaotic anarchy followed by tyranny.

There must be morality. Otherwise the many poor would gang up and murder the few rich for their wealth.

Morality is bonding commonly held beliefs which keep most humans from killing one another, from stealing from one another, and from lying to one another.

Initially impulsively form some tentative opinions about others but make sure that you know them rather well before you start morally judging them.

Liars are the source of most immorality and criminality in the world.

Mistakes can be wrong, bad, or immoral. Most wrong mistakes can and should be corrected or should not be repeated, the bad mistakes may need an apology and restitution, and some serious immoral mistakes can haunt you for a lifetime and can’t be corrected or easily forgotten.

Many humans survive with bad habits but if the habits are immoral then they are a constant source of trouble, misery, and disappointment for most.


Don’t give a second chance to an immoral human who has victimized you the first time and don’t give a first chance to a known immoral human who is sure to victimize you too if given the chance.

We don’t trust humans for two basic reasons. Either we don’t know them enough or they are known to be immoral untrustworthy humans.

Humans say “Find good humans and leave the bad ones.” It should be “Find the good in humans and ignore the bad in them as long as it is not immorality since you don’t want to be victimized by immorality more than once.”

With much experience with humans you will learn to separate the bad from the good and know how to deal with the bad and only let the good ones into your life.

You are tragically gullible if you are cheated, deceived, or lied to more than two times and still don’t think that you are being conned or used unjustly.

You must judge humans and behave accordingly if you want to keep immoral and bad humans out of your life as much as possible.

A human without an education may steal from a freight car but one with an education may steal the whole railroad.

If a million humans believe in a lie, it is still a lie.

Be judgmental when confronted with immorality but delay judgment until you get to know someone very well since your impulsive initial judgment may be very wrong.

You sometimes need to be flexible to handle changing circumstances but you should never be flexible with your morality or integrity.

It is much easier and more cost effective to morally indoctrinate young offspring than it is to punish and rehabilitate immoral adults.

The struggle against immorality is eternal because each generation is born with inherent, natural, efficient, immoral, stealing tendencies which basically stem from a selfish desire to get something with very little effort or very little expenditure of energy.

Morals and manners make outstanding humans if they also have integrity.

FAITH is just an intense belief in the general truth of your beliefs and a belief that they have and will have valuable relevance in your life and that of others.

An almost ideal life is a just one lived among many moral humans and a less than ideal life is one lived among many immoral humans who do not value your moral principles and have no sense of true moral justice.

There are basically internal and external motivators but an internally motivated moral human with integrity is usually superior to one dependent primarily on external motivators.

Conflict is eternal since each born generation challenges the old generation and violence is often an uncivilized reaction to emotionally charged conflicts. A generally peaceful nation must be morally sound yet be prepared for internal and external conflicts which unfortunately can only be resolved by superior moral and physical force.

Time changes many things in human lives and the time is ripe for a secular moral awakening worldwide which has the potential to almost guarantee mostly peaceful interactions between humans and nations.

Many nations don’t trust one another and many humans don’t trust one another. The only thing which will create the needed trust is a worldwide secular just moral code which humans and nations can mutually believe in and live by.

 Every right, opportunity, and possession is a responsibility, an obligation, and a duty to behave appropriately within moral limits.




In an age of independent women and men there is still a need for quality mothering of dependent young offspring from nurturing and protective females because males seldom excel at caring as well for young offspring.

Parenting is morally conditional behavior. If it weren’t then offspring would be lying, stealing, cheating, and fighting at will and parents would be powerless to stop them no matter how much unconditional love they exhibited.

It is easier to build strong moral offspring than it is to repair weak immoral adults.

Emotional support is primary and vital to any loving working couple but financial support is of primary importance when the responsibility of offspring becomes a reality.

An adult should ideally be a good role model for offspring. If not then don’t marry until you have changed or matured into a good role model.

If you raise offspring who value their integrity then you have succeeded as a parent.

Offspring are great imitators so give them something great to imitate.

Your offspring will eventually follow your example and will only follow your advice if they respect you so be an example worthy of respect.

The formative years before formal schooling starts is the time to instill a love of involved learning and moral behavior in your offspring while they still respect you as authority figures.

Peer pressure in school will nurture rebellion in your offspring if they associate with the wrong types so follow up your parenting by monitoring their friends so they don’t spend much time imitating the bad ones.

If you want your offspring to be responsible then burden them with responsibilities in youth as soon as possible and try to present the responsibility as an adult or grown up thing to do.

Nothing succeeds in giving offspring a sense of security more than parents who respect one another and behave affectionately.

Most of skillful caring parenting is being able to nurture and protect your offspring but not overprotect them from the real world and make them dependent on parents for too long.

Disciplining your offspring to assume personal moral, household, and social responsibilities is the purpose of proper discipline.

Every offspring needs and deserves good parents but all parents do not need nor deserve offspring.

Smart and wise parents prepare their offspring to live on their own.

Never do for offspring what they can do themselves.

Bad parenting creates assholes and immoral behavior.

Offspring, family, and garden plant behavior are a reflected indication of what kind of caring they got.

Learn to love a job by learning to do it extremely well and it will no longer feel like burdensome work but don’t let it consume you to the point where you don’t leave any quality time for family and best friends.

A thriving family communicates well and has good role model parents with integrity who have ambition and are smart and hard working.

You can love, respect, and admire a member of the opposite sex platonically and not be sexually active with them or married to them.

America cannot continue to lead the family of nations around the world if we suffer the collapse of the family here at home. Mitt Romney

The family should be a valued institution where we learn morals, mutual caring, protection, sharing, sexual responsibility, and respect. The schools or institutions will never be as adequate nor as efficient in teaching these things.

It takes a moral family and interaction with the outside world to raise offspring so try to expose them to the better parts of the outside world with some exposure to the bad parts so the offspring will learn to react and discriminate appropriately between what is good and not so good and even bad.

Family morality or a dysfunctional lifestyle is passed on to offspring which is why being as good a role model parent as possible is so important. You should seriously consider foregoing offspring if you will be a dysfunctional role model parent or don’t really want the responsibility of raising offspring.

Marriage is promoted by governments because it is the most efficient way to raise or train the next generation of offspring, have safe sex, and present both male and female role models for the next generation.

Despite all the attempts at women’s liberation an educated caring female mother is still biologically the best primary potential role model for raising very young offspring.

The male as primary provider and the female as bearer and primary nurturer of offspring is the international stereotype which is dying a slow death.



The common female would rather have beauty than brains because she knows that the common male can see much better than he can think.

Beauty is an often transient immediate preference for a subset(s) and lasting beauty is a subset(s) which is revered by all previous and future generations too.

We are born with a selfish aggressive character which is civilized and modified throughout a lifetime filled with different human interactions and varying circumstances which affect our character and sometimes alter it.

A human courteous to strangers can be considered to be a citizen of the world.

When curiosity ceases then your mind begins to stagnate.

Generosity should be lavished on those who have earned it and resisted for those who have not earned it in some way.

Sometimes generosity is merely disguised giving to enhance ones reputation with the hope of even greater profit at some point in the future.

Integrity is necessary for an excellent reputation throughout a lifetime.

A human with great intuition is often one with a wealth of experience with humans.

The world is filled with events which can be looked upon optimistically and/or pessimistically and the truth is that most events merit this optimism and/or pessimism even though there is never an absolute consensus.

A good attitude is often transiently easily changed by insults, ridicule, name calling, put downs, blaming, misrepresentations, and threats.

An attitude is nothing more than a mental condition which affects behavior for duration and good attitudes are often desirable for long duration.

It is easy to get angry at some humans but it is not that easy to be angry with the right human, to the right extent, at the right time, and in the right way.

It takes COURAGE to overcome FEARS but it takes a little wisdom to know which fears should be overcome and which fears are justified and should be respected and maybe should be overcome only in emergencies.

Some are born with the potential for greatness, for some it takes time to achieve greatness, and greatness is thrust on some who are forced to be great by circumstance.

There is greatness in every profession and the great often establish the standards by which other great humans are judged.

Tact is the ability to handle almost any situation, especially a bad one with minimal offense to anyone.

Modesty about your accomplishments is more tactful than bragging or boasting about them and verbally advertising or flaunting your superiority over others.

Ignorance, gullibility, alcohol, and the opposite sex are the prime reasons why we sometimes act foolishly.

Humans have the ability to know and do, to watch and do little, and to do nothing of importance and/or not know what is going on. Having the ability to know and do is vital for any leadership role.

To minimize human conflict a civilized human replaces revenge with conditional forgiveness, replaces aggression with competitive organizations, uses calm discussion and possible compromise, and replaces retaliation with legal redress of grievances.

Human inherent impulsive behavior and repeating habits prevent most humans from being rational beings and thinking something through in great logical detail before proceeding with actions.

Humans react to one or more of these 5 fundamentals- chance impulses, natural instincts, habits, desires, and very rarely to reason.

The two main purposes of marriage are to procreate and have safe sex without the fear of getting a sexually transmitted disease. If you don’t want the responsibility of parenting and don’t fear STD’s then don’t marry.

Success is merely achieving a goal but true success is having another goal to achieve after you have succeeded.

Most manners are about being polite, courteous, kind, pleasant, and respectful when interacting in public.

Prosperity for too long often encourages profligacy and irresponsibility and adversity often encourages thriftiness and mutual help.

The value of humans can often be approximated by knowing how much they know, how much they are worth, and who their parents are?

In an angry controversy we have stopped trying to find out the truth to solve a problem and have started to try to dominate each other with verbal aggression.

Anger is only useful if it motivates you to do something constructive about a seemingly intolerable circumstance.

Never forget what a human says to you in anger because you may have been very offensive, have done something very wrong, or happen to be present when something very unpleasant happened to that human.

It is easy to criticize, blame, condemn, and complain but it is not easy to change yourself so that the criticism, blame, condemnation, and complaining almost ends about you.

When I truly care for someone I get transiently angry at mistakes but realize that worthy mostly acceptable behavior will continue so the loving relationship survives and I still care.

One of the most ignorant historical social myths or deceptions is that the mind is the source for bad emotions such as anger, fear, and hate while the heart not mind is the source for good emotions such as caring, affection, and love.

Whenever you can interact with humans better than you, the probability that you will learn something which will improve your life greatly increases.

Fear is the most pervasive of all the emotions and is firmly rooted in our subconscious. Many have or do fear death, injury, imprisonment, failure, social censure, and loss of a loved subset. It takes much knowledge and courage to suppress these fears enough so that we can function well without being handicapped by them in our daily lives.

It is a sign of greediness and ignorance to want to do all the talking and not want to listen at all.

An updated relevant morality is most important but values such as sincerity, kindness, empathy, friendliness, and helping those in need are also very good values to have when interacting with humans.

The smart honest human is good at detecting dishonesty in others, treats them differently, and tries to minimize interactions with them.

Never fully trust one who has deceived you once.

An increase in rank is not only a greater privilege but an increase in responsibility.

Adult happiness must primarily originate from responsible behavior or it primarily begins to originate from the pursuit of pleasure which quickly leads to irresponsible behavior and unhappy consequences.

An increase in the diversity of knowledge acquired usually means a decrease in ego unless a human chooses to brag about how much knowledge they have.


Remembering a bad feeling which you are trying to forget.

Reminiscing about the good times when you are miserable and depressed.

Trying to hide what you really feel.

Loving someone who loves another.

A commitment to a relationship which you know won’t last.

Hiding your true feelings to love someone.

Loving a human too much and being hurt in the process.

Seeming right love at the wrong time.

Risking repeated failure to fall in love again.

Accepting that a relationship was never meant to be.

Regretting that you should have behaved differently or done something differently.

Loving the wrong human.

Failure or making a serious mistake.

Injury to a loved one.

Loss of a loved possession and/or loved one.

Being the victim of an unfulfilled promise.

Being rejected or ostracized.

Being ignored.

Being harshly criticized.

Being insulted.

Being put down.

Being ridiculed.

Being name called.

Being humiliated.


SINCERITY is a tactfully honest communication.

Don’t mention a person’s past mistakes when they are trying to change. It’s a demotivating assault on the great courage and determination that it takes to try and change ones bad habits.

Humans are more likely to modify or change their strong held opinions and beliefs if an opposing view comes from someone whom they trust and respect.

Your actual life may undergo many changes but your integrity should not change or should remain relatively constant if it is based on just moral principles.

Honesty is theoretically a virtue and the best policy but if it sounds like you are brutally pointing out someone’s inadequacies or defiantly challenging someone’s strong beliefs then your honesty can get you into much trouble or it can begin to ruin a possible good relationship with a flawed human.

If you have weaknesses which can be strengthened then start strengthening or do things where those weaknesses are not considered severe handicaps.


An ANGRY confrontation is a sign that you offended someone, that you did something bad, or that you have opposing opinions. If you offended someone then you can apologize, if you did something bad then you can apologize and promise to not do it again, and if you have opposing opinions then it may take some time before a compromise or agreement is possible or you can decide to live with opposing views if they are rather unimportant ones.

You are justified in becoming angry at human immorality but anger is wasted time and energy on humans whom you have no control over so live and let live if they are not doing anything immoral.

Most life problems have solutions but you may have to research the problem yourself and/or get good advice on how to solve it from one who is experienced in solving a particular problem.

For achievers much of life is making the right connections and that means favoring to some extent and placing greater value on the potentially useful connections which are not going to be purposeless burdens on your time and energy.

In your quest to dominate and conquer the world at least try to stay within moral limits or many of your victims will spread factual rumors about your ruthless immorality and it will hurt your social reputation in the long duration.


LEARN TO SAY NO to immoral humans, NO to humans with too much bad behavior, NO to burdensome requests, NO to humans wasting your time and energy with trivia, and NO to your own personal bad habits.

LEARN TO SAY YES to ambitious, interesting, moral humans leading responsible lives, YES to giving emotional support to humans going through tough times, YES to encouraging humans to excel, YES to personal good habits, YES to researching and learning new useful knowledge and skills, YES to making realistic goals or planning for a better future, and YES to confronting problems with an optimistic can do attitude.

Stop giving your time and energy to humans who give you none in return.











Never resent humans who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy. There’re humans who think that you’re better than them.

A big communication problem is that humans don’t listen to learn and understand. Humans often listen to impulsively reply.

A true best friend should have most of the characteristics of a loyal, trustworthy, empathetic, caring, motivating, and devoted spouse without the sexual intimacy.

Misery loves complaining to companions.


Since no human is perfect you will often find some human who gets some pleasure from being able to criticize you for your flaw or flaws.

Some humans knowingly behave badly but are then sometimes surprised and displeased by the bad consequences.

You can only improve if you have the courage to feel awkward, uncomfortable, and stressed when you try something new.

Knowing others is smart; Knowing yourself is inner wisdom. Mastering others is power; Mastering yourself is inner power.

Holding on to anger is mentally toxic, futilely expecting another to disappear or get destroyed.

Courage, determination, and relevant useful knowledge can help to overcome the fear of not doing things because they are new but potentially beneficial to us.

If you have an important point to make then repeat it more than once and INTENSELY the final time that you repeat it.

To avoid telling intentional lies you sometimes have to be evasive.

Honesty is good if you are honestly right but problematic when you are honestly wrong about something.

Honesty reveals your strengths and weaknesses and if you have enemies then they can exploit your weaknesses.

Inquire thoroughly before you impulsively and unjustly ASSUME the wrong things about a human that you have just recently met.


They don’t waste time and energy feeling sorry for themselves but move on.

They don’t lose emotional control during confrontations and don’t let an awareness of personal emotions handicap their progress towards goal achievement.

They welcome challenges and are ready to change accordingly.

They don’t waste time and energy on things which they can’t control and do a minimum of complaining.

They don’t worry about pleasing others because they are confidently moral, just, friendly, kind, and are not afraid to speak up.

They take calculated risks by weighing the drawbacks and benefits of important actions.

They don’t repeat mistakes and take full responsibility for their past actions.

They don’t resent or envy other human successes but celebrate them.

They see each failure as an opportunity to learn and improve and are not afraid of possible unknown future failure.

They don’t fear being alone to take time to reflect, plan, work, and recharge.

They don’t have an entitlement attitude but feel that they will succeed on personal merit in the long duration.

They rarely expect instant gratification but are willing to persevere until a goal(s) is fully achieved.

They maintain most of their core beliefs but are ready to modify their opinions where needed.

They don’t waste time and energy on mental and physical trivia.

They think about potential goal achievement and try to abandon unproductive thinking.

They don’t fear criticism but view it as potential information for possible future improvement.

They have integrity and don’t compromise it with immoral short cuts.

There are basically four types of humans and even friends who help you when you are doing well, ignore or abandon you when you are struggling with difficulties, put you in difficult times, and a good human or true friend will help you even in difficult times.

Unconditional generosity is no longer an investment with good future returns but is just another form of wasted profligate spending.

Listen intently to what smart humans have to say but don’t be afraid to interrupt, change the subject, or end a conversation if it is someone who is wasting your time rambling on randomly about rather trivial matters.

Learning, thinking, and doing nothing NEW is why you are probably stuck in a boring rut of bad habits which keep you from progressing in life.

It is a myth that you will FIND companionship, intimacy, friendship, romance, encouragement, caring, empathy, security, happiness, etc. in a marriage. You mutually have to put those things into a marriage or behave responsibly and lovingly on a regular basis to make it a satisfying successful enduring one.

If you have integrity, are trustworthy, are friendly, and competent then you don’t have to worry and ask yourself what humans think of you because you deserve respect even though you may not always get it from everyone.

If you must judge a human and are still uncertain after considerable questioning then judge with your impulsive instinct.

Explain or discuss your anger instead of expressing it and problems will become easier to solve without arguments and confrontational emotion interfering.

If you are not sure that something is right or wrong and must make a decision then ask a trusted friend or use your intuition.

When you must react intuition is acceptable if reasoning and logical thinking leads to no decision.

The more experiences with different humans or the more exposure to them that you have the better your intuition about them becomes.

Unless you are a dysfunctional social misfit TRUST your intuition: If it feels wrong then don’t do it. If you want to say no then say “sorry, no” to be more polite. If you disagree then use kind, sincere, honesty and explain why. If your feelings are hurt then tell the offending human if you don’t want to suffer in silence.  If you really like or love something or agree with something then say so. If you feel that a personal bad habit should be changed then take action and change it.

We not only want to survive physically but want our beliefs and opinions to survive with us and this is often the reason why we will often argue and even fight to prevent any change in those beliefs and opinions.

Old habits are difficult to change and old thinking habits which are mostly old beliefs and opinions are only slightly easier to change even when overwhelming evidence suggests a change is necessary.

True happiness comes from giving and eventually getting back something of value from the ones whom you have given to.

Pain, whether emotional and/or physical in life, is inevitable. You can live with it, try to ignore it, or do something to reduce it or make it go away.

Transient pain, mistakes, and failure are inevitable in life. It takes courage, optimism, and a desire to learn from that pain, mistakes, and failure to make you a better human after each temporary drawback.

Happiness for the common human is being thankful for and enjoying a mundane lifestyle. For the uncommon adventurous human happiness is taking calculated risks, learning from past mistakes and failures, and courageously and optimistically trying to improve oneself and surrounding circumstances.

What does never give up really mean? It means researching and learning not to repeat past pain, mistakes, and failures, trying to improve the friends whom you surround yourself with, setting and pursuing realistic goals, and courageously and optimistically trying to improve yourself and your surrounding circumstances in the presence of many temporary setbacks and disappointments.

There is nothing wrong with being a follower but if you follow then try to be smart and follow those who are moral, trustworthy, friendly, and have a slightly charismatic personality or strongly believe in their just cause(s).

CAUTION: Bad and abusive words said in anger often cause great emotional pain to humans. Those words are toxic to family relationships and other humans will be severely offended, respect you much less, and they may start to avoid you. An ongoing relationship can sometimes be destroyed or severely degraded even if you apologize.

When humans say that you have changed then follow it up by asking them whether it is a change for the better or worse. You really don’t have to care that much but if they say the change is for worse then ask them to explain in greater detail. You may learn something new from the details.

Ever wonder what someone THINKS or FEELS? ASK and you will often find out. GUESS and you can be seriously mistaken because no one yet can read a mind.

If you are empathetic understand that you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped, you can’t help someone if your own life is a mess, you can’t help someone if it is too painful for you, saying no I can’t help or will not help is sometimes necessary, and you can’t help everyone in distress that you meet, especially financially.

Impulsive assumptions about humans are often wrong so don’t be afraid to ask and probe more deeply to eliminate inaccuracies and misunderstandings.

Opportunity will continue to elude you if you have nothing useful to contribute to someone or something.

Good intentions sometimes have bad consequences due to ignorance, incompetence, carelessness, mistakes, or irresponsibility.

After humans have been taught HOW to do certain things you can test their ability by telling them WHAT to do without specifying the details.

A great leader is an inspirational mentor to many future leaders.

Everyone experiences fear, doubts, and worries but a determined successful human is not stopped or handicapped by these transient emotions.

Many start out with similar goals in life but gradually give up on them because others with more ability, effort, wealth, and better circumstance get there first and faster.

Happiness for the common human is appreciating what they already have but for the uncommon human it is working towards and pursuing a better vision of the future.

Most mistakes are unintentional. The intentional mistakes are cleverly made to make someone look bad or to get someone else to take over responsibility for doing an unpleasant burdensome task(s).

When there is no fear of punishment the threat of punishment is an exercise in futility.

Unintentional mistakes are a lesson to apologize, to do something over, to change what you are doing, or to give up because you are powerless to correct them.

Don’t like something?  You can avoid or ignore it, can try to change it, can get someone else to try and change it, or can change your opinion or feelings about it.

If it is within your power to change something which you don’t like then take action and do so.

Afraid of something? You can avoid or ignore it, can do things to protect yourself against it, or can overcome your fear by changing your attitude if the fear is groundless.

Like or love something? You can spend some time, energy, and money on it or you can wait until you have enough time, energy, and money to spend on it.

We can exclude many crappy things from our lives: We can not buy crappy things or can throw crappy things out, we can avoid or ignore crappy humans, and if we can’t avoid or ignore crappy behavior then we may have to tolerate it to some extent.

There are useful friends who can help and entertain you, there are partial friends who can sometimes help and entertain you, and then there are useless friends who can’t help you or entertain you and may even be a pain in the butt.

If you are moral and have integrity then you don’t have to worry what other humans think of you. Most good humans will gravitate towards you and befriend you and most of us don’t really need the remaining, flawed, criticizing, opinionated humans in our life anyway. So why worry?

If you criticize immorality then you are being just not judgmental.

Bad, wrong, and immoral feelings and emotions or sensations have consequences many of which will cost you much time, energy, and money in the long duration.

To change your future you must change your habits to new and better ones which will increase the probability of a better future and a less regrettable past.

Humans are animals wanting to survive, gather things, and procreate. That is why so much time and energy goes into the struggle for food, money, and sex.

Good thoughts become good words to create good behavior which forms good habits which frequently form a good destiny. Good thoughts originate from good humans, a good useful education, and a desire to be good and do good.


Think more, feel less, Listen more, talk less, Do more, watch less, Appreciate more, complain less, Care and empathize more, less indifference,  More courage, less fear, More tolerance, impulsively judge less, More compliments, less criticism, More optimism, less pessimism, More useful knowledge, less trivia, More skills, less entertainment, More budgeting, less impulsive spending, More discussion, less arguing, More compromise, less confrontation, More loving, less jealousy, More honesty, less pretention, More organic food, less processed food, More exercise, less inactivity, More variety, less routine addictions, More needs, less wants, More truth, less comforting lies.

If something bad happens ask could I have controlled or prevented it from happening? If not, then don’t take it personally, don’t ask yourself why it happened, remember it is a temporary event, and don’t get emotionally involved with it and it will become an insignificant detail in your memory history and give you peace of mind. The one exception is if you are the innocent injured victim of an immoral action where taking revenge or taking legal action may be the just thing to do.

A belief is just a very strong opinion not easily changed.

Offspring rebel against parents because they have incomplete understanding, sense injustice in parental behavior, are motivated by peer pressure, or have selfish motives.

Feelings are transient and their distribution in your life can be changed. Focus on doing things which create or will create good feelings and don’t do or avoid things which create the bad feelings unless it is a sign that you need constructive change in your behavior and life to make the bad feelings less frequent.

When someone truly cares for you they don’t have to always tell you. You can judge caring by the way that they interact with or behave towards you.

Don’t ever regret meeting someone in your life: Bad humans will give you bad experiences from which you will recover. The worst humans will give you bitter lessons which should change you for the better. Good humans will give you happiness. The best humans will give you fond memories.

Some problems are very stressful and difficult to deal with but solving them frequently gives us great satisfaction and makes us better at solving similar problems next time.

Instead of degrading, disrespecting, and humiliating immoral humans ostracize them from your life or ignore them. This is preferable if you are not being victimized by them and don’t need to fight back in some way.

Invest your time, energy, and money in humans who are moral and invest in you.

Too many basically trusting humans are victimized by fake promises which sound too good to be true from humans they barely know.


What existed historically and what will exist in the future is not as important as what exists within us suchas integrity, caring, empathy, dependability, friendliness, loyalty, and competence.

Be happy with what you have and need while working for something that you just want and don’t really need.

Stress is only dangerous if you have too much of it for too long. The longer that you have much stress the more it will hurt and if it lasts too long it can paralyze you or ruin your health.

Having real close friends is better than having just more friends unless you are a politician, business human, or leader.

Many humans will line up to share the wealth but almost no one will show up to share the risks, responsibilities, and knowledge which produce the wealth in the first place.

Discuss don’t argue. Relationships are about finding out what is the right thing to do and not about arguing who is right or wrong.

8 Ways to care: listen without interrupting unless it is trivial, validate without punishing unless it is immorality, speak without accusing before the evidence is in, give prudently to those who have earned it, answer without arguing, share without pretense, enjoy without complaining, and promise without forgetting.


Missing someone?  Contact them

Want to meet up? Invite them

Want to be understood? Explain what you mean

Have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t like something? Say it if you think it will make a difference

Like something? Express it joyfully

Want something? Ask for it or pay for it

Most are motivated by desire, emotion, and knowledge. Being primarily motivated by a desire for useful knowledge is the sign of a more rational human.

Fear of the unknown traps us in our mundane existence which can only be escaped with more useful knowledge about unknown subject matters.

Sometimes in life, you are punished by a bad situation which repeats itself until you learn your lesson and change to avoid it.

Three things basically motivate humans. Fear or pleasure and an exciting combination of both.

Maturity comes with knowledge and experience not just age.

Close relationships seem more difficult today with texted conversations, arguments over the phone, and feelings which become status updates but much excess trivial emotion disappears.

The causes of adult immaturity are immorality and scarcity of useful knowledge and experience.

What motivates you controls your life. Most of it is habitual unconscious impulsive motivation and is highly resistant to change for the better, improving change that most of us need but seldom achieve because we aren’t aware of and can’t redirect our subconscious desires.

An unfulfilled promise makes you a liar about the future and trust in you will decrease dramatically if you don’t fulfill your important promises.

You remember the good and bad so try to be good. You will have good memories in old age and not bad ones which may torture you and fill you with regret for a wasted bad life.

Staying QUIET doesn’t always mean that I have nothing to say. Sometimes it means I don’t think that you can maturely and smartly react to what I really think and want to say.

I don’t care how attractive you think you are. If you behave immorally then you are quite ugly inside.

Stay single until you meet someone who complements and improves your life. If not then it’s not worth it.

Good relationships share some responsibilities equally but more important there should be a just distribution of complementing responsibilities in the relationship.

When you feel that you need someone in a relationship then make sure that you do things so that you too are needed by that someone.

First expecting and developing TRUST in a new potentially intimate relationship is more important than loving. Establishing trust by not lying and fulfilling promises for duration makes a new loving relationship relatively secure and is worth the wait.

Good reciprocating communications and loyalty begin a potentially intimate relationship and you determine that it can be a good relationship when hoped for trust and respect is proven by competent actions during the duration of the relationship.

Trust develops and grows stronger with the passage of time if you don’t lie and fulfill all your promises, especially the important promises in a relationship.

Integrity is vital in moral relationships. Deception and lying can sometimes be justified when apprehending some criminals who lie, deceive, and even kill for profit even though it is legally sometimes called entrapment or a sting operation.

Don’t chase humans. Get a useful education, work smart and hard, be honest and friendly with most that you meet and the right humans who belong in your life will find you and stay.

Reality is not an illusion. Pinch yourself and it hurts and live life badly and be the victim of much misery and unhappiness.

Improve your relationships by being patient, kind, not envious, not too proud, not rude, not too selfseeking, not easily angered, and keeping no record of wrongs unless they are immoral ones with which you don’t want to be victimized again.

7 Steps to rational happiness:

Do more meditational thinking and less emotional stressing, smile more and frown less, listen more and talk less, be more accepting and less judgmental, do more and watch others less, appreciate more and complain less, care more and fear less.

Apologizing by saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t always mean that you were wrong and the other human was right. It means sometimes that you are sorry for the fact that there had to be misunderstanding in the first place and that you are not going to let your “always right” ego get in the way of a valuable ongoing mutual relationship because sometimes both of you are a little wrong and a little right at the same time. Except for strict morality, life is not always right or wrong but often something in between the two extremes.

Learn how to have fun without alcohol, how to talk without cell phones, daydream without drugs, smile without selfies, and love with moral conditions.

Money can buy humans with these characteristics and possessions but MONEY CAN’T BUY these things which you can then call YOUR characteristics and possessions: There are at least 20 things which money can’t buy for you personally.

Devoted respect and admiration

Offspring who admire and respect you

Natural personal beauty

Good manners

Common sense


Good close friendships


An analytic mind

Purposeful creativity


Gambling luck

A strong work ethic

True love

Peace in the world




An outstanding social reputation

Youth when you’re old

Common and celebrity humans basically love the same thing. Common humans love being spoiled with time, attention, and kisses and celebrity humans love being spoiled with time, attention, and applause. Both love feeling wanted and important.

I choose to live by choice, not by chance, to be motivated, not manipulated, to be useful, not used, to make changes, not excuses, to excel, and sometimes compete, I choose selfesteem, not selfpity, I choose to listen to my impulses, not to the random opinion of others.

“Sorry” is a good apology when a mistake is made but not good enough when trust is broken by immorality and trust can’t be reestablished.

Humans can inspire you, entertain you, or drain you. Choose them wisely.

A relationship is a changing ongoing process and not a finished product which stays the same over time.

Try to find the good in humans because much is occasional forgivable bad behavior but don’t ignore or forget the immorality in them because you don’t want to be victimized twice by them.

One way to destroy an enemy is to make him into your friend.

Wherever they go some create happiness, others whenever they go away.

Prejudices are rarely overcome by argument and can’t be destroyed by reason or logic alone.

Great relationships are not made up of perfect humans. They are made up of compromises, adjustments, caring, and understanding.

There is no safe way to remain in a relationship with a human who has no conscience and is immoral. The only solution is to escape.

The 7 dangers to human virtue: wealth without work, pleasure without moral conscience, knowledge without character, business without morality, philosophy without empathy and compassion, science without humanity, and politics without principle.

Relationships seldom die a natural death. They are murdered by immorality, excessive ego, bad attitude, and ignorance.

20 THINGS TO DO MUCH LESS OFF: Doubting yourself, pessimism, fear of failure, bad relationships, gossiping, criticizing yourself and others, anger, overeating bad food, impulsive buying, laziness, putting yourself down, nagging, making excuses, exaggerating, profanities, procrastination, fear of new experiences and new knowledge, excessive addictions, pleasing humans, and putting others wants and needs before your own needs.

Too many are handicapped with impulsive bad habits. Taking more time out to think about what you are doing will lead to more selfawareness and you may decide to move out of some of your bad impulses.

12 major reasons why you should consider ending a relationship:

When your moral values are different or basic beliefs are very different

When you spend more time reliving past memories than living in the present

When the relationship brings you more pain than happiness

When you stay in a relationship only because you are hoping for necessary change in him or her but don’t realistically believe there will be any change for the better

When you keep justifying bad behavior as a necessary part of the relationship

When he or she is abusing you physically and/or emotionally

When too many old problems keep resurfacing after solutions have been reached and mutually agreed to

When he or she is ignoring the relationship too frequently or putting in no effort towards it

When the relationship does not encourage mutual and independent improvement or growth

When you stay on expecting the relationship to get better without taking active actions to improve it

When you sense you are not being appreciated and respected

When you believe you are wasting too much time on the relationship

When you’re aware that you deserve a much better relationship than the one you are getting

Seek to be worth knowing rather than well known if it means losing being worth knowing.

Some humans want a big house, a fast car, and much money while others are content with a small apartment with plants, minimum kitchen appliances, and some money left over to travel worldwide to nature’s natural wonders once in a while for some truly awesome experiences.

Sometimes it’s easy to forgive the mistakes of others. But it is hard to rebuild the trust which has been destroyed by immorality.

Be impressed to some extent by money, followers, degrees, and titles but be more impressed by integrity, morality, humility, friendliness, and competence because without those 5 characteristics the first 4 will not be admired or respected.

Humans who want to be in your life will try to respect you. They will try to not bring you stress, arguments, drama, fights, lies, absence of communication, physical abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse.

No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat humans ultimately tells the most. Integrity is of greatest priority.

7 Important rules of life:

Correct past mistakes so they don’t screw up the present

What others think of you is not as important as maintaining your integrity

Time heals most things so give it some time to heal

Minimize comparing yourself to others because you don’t know all the details to make a good judgment in most cases

Think about answers to your questions but don’t expect them to appear instantly because many answers require further research

While some may affect your happiness to some extent you are ultimately in charge of your overall happiness or absence of it

Smile when you can because you don’t own all the problems in the world

Minimize comparing yourself to others because you don’t know all the details to make a good judgment in most cases

While some may affect your happiness to some extent you are ultimately in charge of your overall happiness or absence of it

Smile when you can because you don’t own all the problems in the world

What a human says to you about other humans is probably very similar to what they will say about you to others.

Getting what you want bring temporary happiness. Appreciating what you have brings long duration happiness.

You’ll know when a relationship is good for you. It will enhance your life, not complicate your life.

Some things in life are almost free or will cost you very little time, energy, and money such as hugs, smiles, laughter, kisses, and good memories but family, friends, and loving relationships are not free and can cost much time, energy, and money if you interact badly with them. (Explanation: unless you are getting energy directly from the sun which is free you are paying for it. When you hug someone you are using the food energy from the food which costs money. Yes, the amount of money it costs you is miniscule but it is costing you some money!!!!!!)

Humans choose different lifestyles seeking fulfillment and happiness, just because they haven’t chosen your lifestyle doesn’t mean that they are lost without purpose.

You have to understand, many humans are not ready for independent responsible living. And many of them are so inactive, hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

If you make the right changes in your personality humans will like you more and you should definitely make more right changes if you are an asshole.

Humans don’t always need advice but they just like to have a human whom they can share their daily experiences with, especially when they are bad experiences or very good ones.

It’s OK to have a disaster once in a while, just don’t live with the thoughts of it for too long. Cry it out, refocus on what needs to be done to avoid it a second time, and move forward away from it in the direction you were headed.

Sometimes you have difficulties, especially with other humans because you are doing something right and not wrong.

One loyal friend is sometimes worth more than ten’s of uncaring relatives.

Don’t depend on any adult too much in this world, one day they are here and the next they may be gone permanently and leave you without the support which you depended on. Prepare yourself for the worst that can happen and you won’t have to live in fear of abandonment.

A perfect human doesn’t fail or makes any mistakes and doesn’t exist!

Don’t waste your kindness on strangers, be kind to the ones closest or more important to you.

Staying QUIET doesn’t always mean that I have nothing to say, sometimes it means I don’t think you can maturely and smartly react to my thoughts.

No matter how plain a woman may be, if she behaves morally with truth and honesty as part of her life, she can truly be called a beautiful human.

A beautiful life doesn’t just happen, it is built daily with determined effort, empathy, caring, smart work, and an insatiable desire for selfimprovement.

A human without empathy doesn’t understand other human conditions and circumstances and frankly doesn’t understand human nature.

You may cry if you have no shoes but you will stop crying when you see a human without legs.

Your beliefs don’t always make you a better human, but good behavior always makes you a better human.

The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of behaviors which you don’t want when interacting with others.

I realize that cutting humans from my life doesn’t mean I hate them, it simply means that I don’t want to waste my time, energy, and money on someone I don’t like that much and who can’t really help me in my life in any meaningful way.

You don’t have to always overcome negativity, you can simply chose to ignore it.

When the wrong humans leave your life then your chances of right things happening increases. The increase will be even more noticeable if you add more right humans to associate with.

Stop wasting your time, energy, and money with humans who don’t like you.

Sometimes humans don’t notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them.

If only our eyes saw personalities instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.

Don’t chase humans. Get a useful education, work hard, be honest and friendly with most that you meet and the right humans who belong in your life will find you and stay.

Live by your beliefs and opinions but be prepared to change them to truer ones which you meet up with in life with ongoing new research and new experiences.

Some experiences in life are painful, some are painless, and with an open mind we can usually learn something useful from them if we sense they are important enough to us.

Your talking and actions should correspond accurately, prefer showing actions and not saying that much about them, and finally fulfill as many of your promises as possible and don’t promise if you don’t intend to fulfill it.

You remember the good and bad so try to live life with mostly the good and you will have good memories in old age and not bad ones which will torture you and fill you with regret for a wasted life.

Quotes about feelings and emotions, especially affirmations, may motivate you mentally to feel a certain way but don’t give directions or tell you where to go with your life.

Do something, pause and reflect on that something, and try to do something different when you seem to be doing repetitively boring stuff over and over again.

We are frequently impressed by great humans who have done great things only never realize that most of us will lead mediocre lives without any greatness. We have to ignore our disappointment at not being great if we want to be as happy as we can with what little we have accomplished.

Be content with old habits and you will never find better habits to replace the old ones with and progress and improvement will come to a screeching halt.

Humans disappoint, healthy tasty organic food is eternal.

Tell someone you care and appreciate them because after death it will be too late to say these nice helpful words.

Your destiny is yours alone. Others may help you get there but no one can do the share that is up to you to do.

Feelings are visitors, let them come and go but try to increase the good feelings in your life by ignoring the slightly annoying bad ones.

Happiness is a very relative and subjective. You can be happy performing in front of a screaming crowd of onlookers twice a week or you can be happy quietly but purposefully blogging new material or ideas every day.

When someone truly cares for you they don’t have to say it; you can tell by the way that they treat you.

Don’t ever regret meeting someone in your life.. good humans will give you happiness.. bad humans will give you bad experiences while the worst humans will give you bitter lessons.. and the best will give you fond memories.

I don’t care how attractive you think you look if you have an ugly brain, then you’re ugly inside.

Relationships can end in a few seconds or minutes but it takes years of conscientious and careful effort to maintain a long duration one successfully.

The very bad things which happen in your life are scars but they are merely reminders that you survived to live on despite them.

I am not a perfect personality but at least I’m trying to be more perfect as time moves on.

If you are failing in life and had talented parents then begin by blaming yourself and seriously begin changing your behavior and work your way out of failure while there is still time.

Ability and connections are the keys to success so make sure that you work on your ability first so that when you make the proper connections you will have something to offer.

A moment of patience instead of a moment of anger may save you a hundred moments of regret.

To end boredom or a rut start pursuing new useful knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Do what you love to do is bad advice for the drug addict, gambler, ego maniac, sex fiend, miser, control freak, glutton, narcissist, criminal, liar, masochist, adulterer, etc.

Almost anyone can be happy. If you want to be VERY happy then find work which you enjoy.

I can forgive but never forget because I don’t want to get badly hurt the same way twice.

Rude, cruel, despotic, or incompetent humans will test your anger management skills.

Try not to ignore someone who cares about you because someday you will realize that you have passed up a potential close friend for another mere acquaintance.

Too often we underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest sincere compliment, or the smallest expression of caring, all of which have the potential to make someone feel good about themselves and if done often enough can sometimes begin to turn someone’s life around.

I’m very selective with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity, and effort exclusively to those who reflect honest sincerity.

Sometimes you have to apologize for being too emotional, especially when you feel personally offended and react with aggressive anger instead of a calmer hopefully resolving constructive reaction. Being too sensitive and emotional is a sign of insufficient behavioral control or weakness and NOT a sign of strength.

In the end we only REGRET the choices we didn’t TAKE because we impulsively went with another choice without evaluating and thinking about alternative choices first.

Sometimes you just have to interact with a human less. If they care they’ll notice. If they don’t, you’ll know that they don’t value you enough.

If you know me then you know that I hate liars, I’m loyal, I’m sincerely honest, I’m uncommon, I don’t like being ignored about important things, I respond quickly to communications, and I expect promises to be fulfilled.

If I make progress then you can follow me. If I stop, you should push me forward. If I fail, inspire me to try again.


You are exceptionally careful and timid to avoid upsetting your partner.

Your feelings and opinions are seldom supported and approved of.

Your partner is mistrustful for no reason.

You are fearful and feel unable to discuss problems in the relationship.

You feel trapped and/or confused much of the time.

You don’t feel proud and tend to shy away from discussing your relationship status with others.

Don’t take advice from someone who has never dealt with your problem and resolved it.

Be careful who you add to your circle of friends because one bad human can become an incessant unpleasant disrupting influence.

A hungry stomach, an empty wallet, and rejection by a loved one teach You the best lessons of life.

You can be nice, kind, caring, and loving and some humans will still reject you if they see no profit and/or tangible benefit from you.

If your actions inspire humans to imagine more, learn more, do more, and become more then you are a leader.

One human can change your life with great difficulty but many trying to make the same change will help you to make it more easily and quickly.

Humans with weak intensions are quick to make unlikely promises but humans with integrity fulfill their promises.

Be cautious when taking on new responsibilities outside of work because it will require more of your precious time, energy, and often money.

Earn respect rather than mere attention because it lasts longer.

Good family relationships don’t just happen but need to be nurtured with trust, caring, honesty, loyalty, respect, support, compromise, acceptance, protection, security, sacrifice, and gratitude which are all characteristics of good loving relationships.

Silence is the best reaction to offensive language, emotional outbursts, and stupid mistakes unless you can offer constructive criticism which can potentially help the human.

Minimize anger and bad feelings by excluding and trying to avoid humans who lie to you, disrespect you, and who FREQUENTLY use you, put you down, insult, name call, and ridicule you.

Speak in such a way that others like to listen to you and listen in such a way that others like to speak to you.

Life can be rather simple:

If you miss someone then call.

If you want to meet up then invite.

If you want to be understood then explain.

If you have questions then ask.

If you don’t like something then say it nicely.

If you like something then declare it.

If you want something then earn it or ask for it.

If you are stressed then try to change your attitude.

If you love someone then say it.

Extreme trust, love, and hope if not reciprocated and/or fulfilled can cause extreme pain so learn to be more moderate in your emotional and material investment.

Introverts have found exciting things to do on their own and/or have received too much social disapproval and/or they have a low tolerance for social drama which so often happens in human interactions.

Whoever can be trusted with little things can often be trusted with big things even though very big money has a tendency to corrupt integrity and ruin trust.

Your worst enemy may be your own bad personality so you may be your own worst enemy from within.

One sign of adult maturity is when you admire and praise human success and do not view it with childish envy and jealousy.

If you continue to interact with a bad human only choosing to look at what is good in them then you doom yourself to being victimized by their bad behavior.

If someone has integrity then they can be trusted, respected, and loved.

When drunk or angry humans tend to be more truthful.

The best friends are often moral humans with mutually shared interests, so learn to be more selective and spend most of your time and energy with humans who share your interests.

Moral conformity is necessary for good human relationships and occupational conformity is necessary for keeping a job but non conformity in other areas of life can lead to a fulfilling exciting life much more interesting than a mediocre conforming existence.

Immaturity is walking into a room of humans and wondering if they like you. Maturity is walking into a room of humans and wondering which ones you will like the most.

Work so smart and hard that they won’t ignore you and may even begin to admire you.

As you become ever more successful try to bring your loyal, talented, friends with integrity with you.

You may be competent but the wrong attitude may make you seem incompetent to others.

Confidence increases with a series of competent actions.

Confidence is delusional if there is no competence.

A combination of competence and integrity creates enduring respect and trust in a human.

Competence is the ability to do something within a normative standard.

Try to fake competence and no one will trust and respect you in the long duration.

Competence is a combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and attitude which gives you the ability to do something within a normative standard.

Having the right attitude sometimes leads to more competence but is no guarantee of it.

If a friend does not have integrity then he or she should never be considered your best friend.

Misfortune and need tests the loyalty of a friendship.

Be gracious to most humans but choose the moral ones for potential best friends.

The strength of a nation originates from the moral integrity and financial responsibility of the family unit.

Drama frequently obscures the real issues which should be addressed.

Being happy is important but should not always be priority number one.

Selfawareness can be crippling if you find out that you have too many weaknesses which you feel can’t be strengthened.

If you choose to pursue a career which requires a very good memory and/or inborn talent which you don’t have then you will often fail, be very unhappy, or suffer from premature burnout from having to work too hard to compensate for your inadequacy.

If you have many desires then your life should be an interesting one.

Punctuality is a virtue because it is an efficient use of time.

Listen to a body in pain because it is trying to tell you something serious.

Manual labor in moderation is often better and more useful than mere exercise.

Talking is sometimes used to hide one’s inability to act or to hide an absence of a desire to do something.

You often don’t miss something until it is removed from your life or you no longer have access to it.

The more humans that know a secret the less probability there is that it will remain a secret.

A complaint will be noticed but there is often no guarantee that something will be done about it, especially if it is a human flaw.

Before you know someone treat them with cautious friendly respect. When you get to know them then treat them the way that they deserve to be treated.

Life has transient high and low durations. Enjoy the highs and optimistically think and work your way out of the low durations.

Good manners in public take very little of your energy but leave a very good impression on most of your fellow humans.

Humans often forget normal behavior but remember if you made them feel good with compliments, rewards, and praise or made them feel bad with insults, name calling, put downs, humiliation, and ridicule.

Whether rich or poor your integrity is a constant measure of how good a human you are under all kinds of circumstances.


Don’t have a need to always be right.

Don’t have a need to always control others.

Don’t have a need to always blame.

Don’t complain about everything.

Don’t criticize everything.

Don’t always try to impress others.

Don’t always fear and resist change.

Don’t always make excuses.

Don’t always do what others expect of you.

Don’t always impulsively jump to conclusions.

Don’t always procrastinate.

Don’t always argue.

Don’t always depend on luck.

Don’t assume that you know everything.

Don’t be pessimistic about everything.

Don’t stereotype humans.

Don’t remain in your limiting beliefs.

Don’t try to live in your past.

Don’t surround yourself with negative humans.

Don’t say yes to every request.

I have integrity. I am trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, and empathetic. If you can’t meet my standards then I don’t want you as a close friend.

You can’t have a good relationship with humans who are deceptive and pretentious.


Hold your heroes to a high standard.

Take a long break from your cell phone, internet, and TV more than once a year.

It’s never too late to apologize.

Short and sweet thank you speeches are best.

If you have the right of way, start taking it with caution.

When you marry someone, remember the entire family comes with it.

Give credit to others when earned and take blame for your mistakes and bad behavior.

Stand up to bullies if you are not physically threatened since often you may only have to do it once.

Admit it when you’re wrong.

If you offer to help then follow through on the promise.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes, especially if you correct them.

Almost always thank the host.

If you don’t understand then don’t be afraid to ask before it’s too late.

Know the size of your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend so you can buy clothing gifts.

Listen much more than you talk.

Keep your word or promises.

The opposite sex likes humans who shower.

You are what you do so be consistent when you say something.

Be kind to most humans because they are struggling with their own personal problems.

Ask for advice from experts or older responsible humans who have faced your problems and solved them in the past.

If you have siblings, get to know their significant others because your opinion is important and should be considered.

You won’t always be the strongest, fastest, or toughest so live with humility.

There is a fine line between looking sultry and slutty. Find it.

Smile at strangers when you communicate with them first.

Have short and long duration goals.

Maintain your integrity by being honest, sincere, trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, and empathetic.


Seldom cancel dinner plans by text message.

With food and drink don’t knock it until you try it.

When entrusted with a secret, don’t spread it further.

Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.

Don’t lie to your doctor or lawyer, and if you feel you must lie then only do it for serious emergencies.

Infrequently eat lunch at your work desk.

When you’re with new friends then don’t just talk about old friends.

Rarely make a scene.

Never gloat at another’s misfortune.

When opening presents, no one likes a good guesser.

Avoid staring unless your offspring are doing something wrong.

After making a point, stop talking.

Don’t lose your cool, especially at work and in public.

Don’t litter.

A smile is often a sign of approval and/or happiness which is contagious but should not be faked just to make someone feel good.

What you think and know you are is much more important than what others think you are.

Daily routine or old habits must change if you want something different in your life.

Always try to do your best even when you don’t overtly get credit for it.

Be with someone who will adequately care materialistically but more importantly care for your emotional needs and motivate you to pursue your worthwhile goals and/or activities.

For the common human, care LESS about HOW MUCH you own and care more about how you are living life with those closest to you.

Don’t let human exaggerated compliments turn your confidence into arrogance and don’t let much human criticism ruin your good attitude but make appropriate changes, if any, to minimize future criticism.

Tonight before you go to sleep, don’t focus on the humans who stood in your way, but instead focus on the humans who encouraged you in your progress towards something better.

Close friends become our chosen extended family.


Have integrity and be trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, and empathetic so you can be respected and possibly admired by others.

Be subject to change, but don’t abandon your morality and important values in the process.

Try to take responsibility for most of your actions.

Realize that great achievements involve great risk and exceptional effort.

When you lose or fail, consider it to be a lesson on what not to do.

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want will open the possibility of even greater opportunities in the future.

Learn the laws and principles of behavior so you know where they apply and don’t apply in life.

Don’t let a little dispute injure or destroy a great friendship.

Mistakes which are your fault should be addressed as soon as possible and corrected or resolved.

Try to spend some time alone on a regular basis to think, meditate, and introspect about plans and events in your life.

Remember that silence is sometimes the best response or answer to a circumstance.

A loving atmosphere in your home is a desirable foundation for your life.

In disagreements with family and close friends, try to deal with the current situation, and don’t bring up past bad events too often.

Share your knowledge because if it gets passed on from generation to generation then it is a form of possible immortality.

Judge your success by what you had to sacrifice and/or ignore to get it.

Try to learn something new on a regular basis with research and selfeducation.

Love, respect, conserve, and expand the wilderness on this precious endangered earth.

Remember that good change, progress, and achievement is only possible if you continue to decrease and eliminate old bad habits and replace them with new better habits.



Adultery and infidelity.

Incessant talking.

Too much arguing.

Abusive relationships.

Struggling with unhappiness at work.

A very long commute to work.

An unhealthy lifestyle with bad food, drink, sleep, not enough exercise, and severe addictions.

Draining relationships which are not worth the investment in time, energy, and money.

A disorganized living space at home or work.

Pessimism and a severely critical attitude.

Burdensome materialism or possession of too much stuff.

Overspending or constantly exceeding a budget by going into greater and greater debt.

Compromising your integrity.

Living without some fun, diversions, or entertainment.

Absence of communication with spouse, offspring, close friends, and coworkers.

Stagnating inaction and ignorance from you or others.

Progress in life is merely changing to better habits from good ones and severely reducing or eliminating the bad habits and replacing them with good or better habits.

Confidence arises from making many goals and achieving them but you will never become confident if you don’t start out trying smart and hard to achieve the goals which you set for yourself.

Don’t give up what you want most in the future for the things you want but don’t need in the present.

Overcoming doubt, fear, and defeat takes determined optimistic and courageous effort guided by personal knowledge and an awareness of the experience of others under similar circumstances.

Networking circles in order of importance and frequency of interaction places you in the center, next is family and close friends, online social communities and networks, humans you meet or have coffee with, conferences and thought leaders, mentors, and customers and wealth creators.

Repetitive annoying criticism should be ignored and not responded to but criticism from trusted and respected humans should be seriously considered and changes made to avoid similar criticism in the future.

Some find meaning by being rich, being popular, being highly educated, and trying to be perfectionists but meaning can also be found by just being real, being humble, and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others.

Instead of praying or just hoping for the disappearance of sadness, worries, and illness, change your thinking and behavior appropriately and sadness, worries, and illness will begin to fade and leave more room for gladness in your life.

Some humans are full of frustration, anger, and disappointment and they try to vent it on you. Don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Believe me you’ll be happier than conversing and having to empathize with their misery.

If psychology does not preach integrity and does not try to show you how to become more trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, and empathetic then the endeavor is largely a waste of time and misleads too many into relativistic situation ethics.

Strength of character is seldom found in a human who has had an easy past with very few challenges to overcome. A history of overcoming many adversities is what creates strength of character if it is grounded in integrity.

Try to surround yourself with humans who motivate you in such a way that they bring out the best in you.

If you are unhappy with your conspicuous consumption always remember that there is someone somewhere who is happy with less than you have and is leading a more sustainable thrifty healthy lifestyle.

Relatively few acquaintances and casual friends really care and any expressed interest is really just curiosity.

Sometimes you just outgrow humans and must move on to find more compatible ones for your improved current status.

Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument or better yet turn it into a discussion where WHAT is right is more important than WHO is right.

Don’t apologize for having high standards. You will stand out from the mediocre crowd and attract likeminded quality humans to associate with for mutual benefit.

A tenacious morality or integrity and financial reserves for emergencies will prepare you to overcome most adversities which you confront in life.

There is a purpose for everyone you meet. Some humans come into your life to test you, some to teach you, some to use you, some to annoy you, some to waste your time and energy, and some to bring out the very best in you.

A sense of insecurity may arise by repeatedly being harshly criticized, being among a crowd of strangers, a new job, unemployment, repeatedly making the same mistake on a task, repeatedly failing at making new friends, a series of failed relationships, unattractive looks, public speaking, and new surroundings. Insecurity can be greatly decreased or overcome in many cases with a change in looks, change in behaviors, change in the environment or a combination of two or more of the three.

Humans are biologically wired to become attached to what is familiar. This is why we hold on to old things and habits which are bad for us and makes a change for the better less likely without courageous, determined, committed effort.

Don’t let the criticism and bad behavior from relatively insignificant humans become a roadblock to your life’s thinking and progress. Ignore them if you can as much as is possible.

When a mistake is made frequently our first defensive impulse is to make an excuse or blame someone else or something instead of apologizing and making changes so it won’t happen again.

5 cautions when being empathetic:

Take care of yourself first. You can’t help others if your personal life is in disarray or shambles and financially troubled.

Having moral boundaries may distress some. Do it anyway.

If a situation becomes painful then prepare to leave almost immediately.

Sometimes you can’t help the one you want to help.

You can’t save everyone from their troubles, problems, or misery so be selective and try to help your better friends first.

You have the power to handle or process outside events with your mind but you may not have any physical control over the outside events.

20 tips for becoming a dynamic, extroverted, interesting human:

Try to be charming by being attractive, polite, friendly, and likeable.

Take calculated risks.

Be interested in humans, their characteristics, and interests.

Be observant.

Be fun to be with.

Be optimistic.

Be loyal and dedicated to close friends or coworkers.

Be easily bored.

Be curious.

Be passionate about one or more things with contagious enthusiasm.

Be somewhat spontaneous.

Be energetic.

Be understanding.

Be compassionate or deeply caring and concerned for others.

Be creative.

Be outgoing or friendly.

Express controlled emotion.

Be adventurous.

Have a good sense of humor.

Be charismatic or have a good memory, especially for names and try to be honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, friendly, empathetic, a good conversationalist, and a good public speaker.

Your one drawback may be that you are easily frustrated if a project requires much follow up or attention to detail which introverts excel at.

If your first impression is good but if follow up meetings contradict that good first impression then abandon hopes for a good relationship because the human is probably very pretentious and not very trustworthy or worthy of respect.

It is better to try something new and change your habits and possibly suffer the consequences than it is to stay with your old habits the rest of your life.

It is time to stop helping humans who are out for themselves and refuse to help others under any circumstances.

You shouldn’t befriend inconsiderate and ungrateful humans who won’t return any of your generosity, kindnesses, or helpful efforts.

Never jump to conclusions about a human’s personality based on the opinion of an acquaintance or stranger. Only seriously consider the opinions of trusted and respected friends and professionals who’s personality appraisals have been accurate in the past.

What you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce will eventually reveal your personality to others.

A noncriminal BEHAVIOR DISORDER  is usually a bad behavior done to extremes or done too frequently but a good behavior done to extremes or done too frequently is also often considered abnormal or deviating from the norm too much.

Being normal often means being mediocre, having boring or trivial habits, not being very opinionated,  being brainwashed by the media, having little ambition, taking few calculated risks, not challenging authority, and being a follower and seldom a leader. Who really wants to be normal after reading and knowing this?

Impulsive behavior is really action without thinking motivated by your subconscious decision making process. Thinking a little or much before action is an abnormal behavior for most humans and is the reason why there is so little of it. Think before you act is good advice seldom taken or done by common humans.

Actions based on subconscious thinking and experiences is often much more valuable than actions based on conscious thinking without prior experiences.

Thinking based on many bad prior experiences creates much fear and uncertainty and will seldom lead to good results or successful goal achievement.

Having integrity and a fully developed value system is the foundation for confident successful human interactions.

You can run or move away from a fearful thing, you can suppress or ignore fear, you can face fear yet move forward, or you can be so overwhelmed by fear that your daily life becomes dysfunctional.

You may forgive a human for treating you horribly but the price of forgiveness may be not having them in your life anymore.

Don’t be someone’s downtime, spare time, part time, or sometime. If they can’t be there for you most of the time then they’re not worth much of your time.

Reserve your battles for important things because sometimes peaceful acquiescence is more important than always being right on rather trivial or unimportant things.

Intelligence mixed with kindness is the smart acceptable approach.

Humans criticize who they think you are so be forgiving if they have misjudged you unintentionally for being what you are not.

Being appropriately strong and resolute on important things and soft and forgiving on rather unimportant things is a desirable attitude few humans have in abundance.

We sometimes make impulsive inaccurate assumptions about other humans which is the source for much misunderstanding and bad feelings.

We are all so desperate to be understood that we often fail to be understanding when someone doesn’t seem to understand.

Be cautious and somewhat reluctant when judging a situation which you have never experienced. There is often a high probability that you may be misjudging if it is not a moral issue.

Someone with integrity, competence, and courage will often do well under pressure or stress.

Aggressive weeds are beautiful if they are not poisonous, thorny, or stick to you so don’t severely judge aggressive humans unless they are cruel, mean, and rude.

Cruel, mean, abusive, and rude humans just remind you how fortunate you are that you have friends who are not that offensive.

You may not be pretty, beautiful, or handsome but you can try being as radiant as the sun with you inner beauty and impact the world in useful, meaningful, desirable ways.

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely are aware of the perilous changes which it had to overcome to achieve that beauty.

It is a delusion that beauty is all goodness because there are not so obvious handicaps to all beautiful humans and things. High maintenance and cost is one of the most frequent handicaps.

I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally. W. C. Fields

If you are lonely remember that the internet world is one of the best ways of escaping loneliness.

Strength and beauty of character or how much integrity you have is much more important than physical strength and external beauty.

It is easier to escape from bad habits if you first escape or abandon friends with those same bad habits.

When it comes to books and friends, it is best to have only a few useful, good ones but you should not abandon your lifelong ongoing search for more of the good, useful ones.

If you have an adventurous attitude then more than one friend will be necessary to fulfill all your adventurous needs. You will seldom find in one friend someone to satisfy all your diverse needs and interests.

Better to be smart and useful than to be pretty or handsome and useless.

To be minimally happy you basically need someone and/or something to love, something to do, something to hope for, healthy food and drink, and clothes to shield you from a sometimes hostile environment.

There is cruelty in nature so be on guard for cruel humans and isolate or suppress them before they gather too many followers all motivated to oppress others unlike themselves.

Patience is only a virtue if you are achieving other goals while patiently waiting to achieve the most desirable one and patience is not a virtue if you are just sitting around and waiting not doing much of anything.

One of the best forms of kindness is to be honestly sincere in your interactions with most humans.

Almost no one wants absolute peace which is death but many yearn for relatively peaceful interactions with other humans and with other nations.

Cruelty has a transient purpose in nature but no animal is cruel all the time. Man can and has been cruel but it is a big mistake to institutionalize cruelty since it is contagious and becomes the source for much cultural human misery, pain, and suffering.

Life should not be a mystery. It is the courage to do healthy worthwhile things with integrity and not be sidetracked by immorality and addictive bad habits.

Strength, courage, and confidence should increase over a lifetime if you continue to learn useful knowledge and skills and apply them to life while maintaining your integrity.

A happy life is more probable if you develop and maintain integrity, continue to grow by improving yourself, find and interact with ambitious friends, and find significant others to share your most intimate thoughts, feelings, desires, and behavior. Reproduction is optional in an overpopulated world but the source of great potential satisfaction for many if done right, especially if you can afford a family and can spend enough quality time interacting with them.

To maintain a balanced viewpoint on a seemingly boring or hectic adult life it is wise to spend some time with humans over the age of 70 and under the age of 6 if you have no offspring yourself.

Good advice is to never stop growing in useful knowledge, skills, and role models which will improve you and be of benefit to those whom you interact with.

8 toxic humans you should interact with very little or not at all:

Those who spread pessimism and negativity

Those who criticize you constantly

Those who waste most of your time

Those who are jealous of you or others

Those who play the victim to gain attention or sympathy

Those who don’t care about you or other good humans

Those who are too selfcentered

Those who keep disappointing you

Fear of REJECTION by the opposite sex, by an authority figure, or by other humans handicaps many humans and they lead relatively secure isolated lives or are too concerned what other humans think of them and desperately want to fit in.

Fear of death, failure, and change keeps many away from risky behavior and trying new things or new habits which could potentially improve their lives.

UNINTENTIONAL failure, mistakes, stupidity, immorality, and bad or wrong behavior in general can and often should be FOREGIVEN if it is not habitual. If these behaviors are done INTENTIONALLY then a promise to never do it again and/or making restitution is not an unreasonable request or bad thing to do before you are actually forgiven conditionally for your transgression.

There are our friends whom we keep who have met our hopefully high moral standards and standards for good behavior and the TRANSIENT friends who are still being tested to see if they meet our standards for friendship and only become real friends that we like or love when they prove that they probably share our important behavioral values.

Best or closest friends behave much like our loved spouses without the sex if they are of the same gender. If the best friendship is for the same gender then common shared values and interests are usually the bonds which maintain the closeness of the relationship.

Many friendships are formed throughout a lifetime and they generally come and go especially if we climb the social ladder and our status in society changes with time. Usually the best friends are those with similar social or professional status in society and friendship is often very dependent on our current status since we lose many friends when our status radically decreases.

There is happiness during the pursuit of a goal(s) and there is also happiness in having achieved it. The happiest human is one who gets pleasure in the pursuit as well as the achievement.

Relationships thrive when they are based on integrity, trustworthiness, dependability, competence, friendliness, and empathy. All other relationships lacking any of these characteristics can be considered to be imperfect or dysfunctional to some degree. If you have none of these characteristics then you probably also have no friends and can be considered to be immoral or mentally ill and incapable of living independently within the society unless you are scavenging within the law.




Deviate from human behavior norms and you will be called a fool by many. Deviate from the norm in technology or science and you will sometimes be called a genius.

The limits of the possible are increasingly being expanded by science and technology but so are the actual and potential dangers of irresponsible use of science and technology expanding.

Real and subconscious dreams are nightmares, inspirational wonders, and everything in between. It is nature’s way of processing past thoughts and experiences into some semblance of order so that one can start out fresh and rested in the morning upon waking.

Science has historically succeeded mainly because it is proven applied mathematics but it will never prove the need for morality in a society to make most interactions relatively peaceful between humans. Statistics can calculate moral norms but there is no cause effect provable relationship which justifies the need for just moral principles in the first place.

Our scientific power has outrun our moral power. We have guided missiles and too many misguided humans.



A society needs many good humans but it also needs admirable humans who want to be better than good.

When a society is riddled with unjust laws and deceptions, tolerates lies containing a minimum of truth, and tolerates immorality then the days of liberty are numbered and tyranny is inevitable which will try to forcefully reestablish a modicum of order from existing chaos.


To optimize a relatively peaceful, cohesive, and just society, society must not only justly punish criminals but must also justly reward those who do moral good and/or do exceptionally meritous things in it.

Legalizing mind altering drugs is theoretically possible if the humans using them could be isolated from family and society while using them. Unfortunately they also show up in social gatherings, the workplace, and on the highways in a mind altered state which is highly undesirable and even dangerous in some circumstances.

The greatest minds can equally pursue the greatest vices or the greatest virtues so a society which rewards too much vice and not enough virtue will soon selfdestruct.

Accept immorality unconditionally and you neither do yourself nor society any good.

 A society whose primary purpose is to make humans happy or feel good guarantees that legal and illegal drug sellers, sex sellers, gambling establishments, and addictive food sellers will be profiting the most and creating more and more of a chaotic, unhealthy, irresponsible human existence.

A society no longer peacefully held together by a common morality can only be held together by tyranny and rules of behavior imposed with the threat of force and force itself.

If you reproduced in life then nature considers you a success even though you may be considered to be a social failure and/or pariah.

Most humans struggle in life. Most struggle because of inadequate preparation for independent living and others struggle while competing with humans for dominant positions in society or a profession.

One of the hardest things to do in life, is letting go of dear social myths which you believe are true. These myths are in fact social traps designed to imprison you in a nonrevolutionary mundane accepting existence.

Lottery players are a testament to the power that a deceptive promise of easy money has on the gullible minds of losers in society who delusionally feel that the joy of getting lucky once in a while is the only hope and way out of their generally unhappy, boring, and often miserable lives.

Exceptional brains and teamwork make human culture possible.

Humanity is merely the extension of family morals, values, and wealth to other members of society.

Nature is very efficient and can be transiently cruel but it is just in the long duration. Human culture is very inefficient, short sighted, and can learn much from nature about the way to live life more justly and efficiently in the long duration.

Pure power is the use of energy or money to move things which include humans. Absolute power over money should never be in the hands of a few men and women because its use or application is corrupt or merely the vision of a few imperfect humans which yield many imperfect results for the world society at large.

Society should be governed by moral principles applied to an increasingly sustainable living lifestyle and money power alone is inadequate to guarantee this desirable state of human affairs in the world.

What do most women and men want? It is what society programs or brainwashes the majority of them into wanting.




True common sense is rare because it is obscured by the myths, deceptions, and prejudices which live in the common human mind.

Too much sitting and riding without walking is somewhat unhealthy in old age but it is most unhealthy to eat TOO MUCH overly processed non organic food at any age.

A great quantity of quality in your life in the end is more important and satisfying than being satisfied with leading a lifetime in perpetual mediocrity.

A successful genius uncovers hidden truths and inspires influential humans to make the truths public common sense.

Judge each day by what you are now getting and by what you are doing to get more and/or better in the future.

Beforehand you really can’t tell with certainty if you will love a job until you start working.  So choose to pursue a job which pays well and you may eventually learn to love it if it seems not to be lovable but merely difficult work at first.

To truly know yourself you must not only be aware of your conscious thoughts but also of your unconscious prejudices, biases, and habits.

Conscious thinking is basically talking to yourself.

Mental and/or physical pain is a warning that we did something wrong and/or dangerous or suffered a loss and it usually needs corrective action to avoid repetition.

If you have more than organic food, pure water, and clothing then you have more than the basic necessities for healthy survival and should be thankful.

Some drink because they are addicted, some drink to escape lousy circumstances, and some drink to make common humans interesting.

Words and ideas have changed the world historically. For the world to change for the better words must have better definitions, and better ideas should include a worldwide updated common morality, conservation and even expansion of wilderness, and constitutions better adapted to worldwide social change and worldwide economic realities.

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except change, death, and taxes if you legally earn a living.

Without continual growth and progress, words such as improvement, achievement, and success will have little meaning in your life.

No one is truly free or should be. We are all slaves to our beliefs which sometimes change with time and new experiences and enslave us anew.

Are you desperate and normal living is not possible then consider these radical alternatives. If you are in too much financial debt then declare bankruptcy and start over living within your budget with bad credit. Seem stuck in a terrible relationship then end it and live on your own. Can’t stand your job, can’t get on welfare, and don’t want to work at all then commit a crime and go to jail where you won’t have to work another day in your life and have your basic needs taken care of.

When you feel like complaining that things aren’t going to improve in your life then consider how well off you are compared to millions of humans facing starvation on a daily basis, many dying before reaching old age, and many severely handicapped struggling to survive with their disabilities. Compared to them you are very fortunate and have much to be thankful for.

Humans pursuing goals succeed more often because they know where they are going or would like to go.

Time is a free gift which can cost you if you waste it. You don’t own it but can use it. You don’t earn it but can spend it. If you spend it wisely it can be the source for much happiness. Once you’ve used it you can never get it back.



Answering WHO will be involved? WHAT is to be done? Where will it be done? WHEN will it be done? WHY will it be done? How will it be done? and HOW MUCH time, energy, and money will be needed? will solve most of your human problems.

Rules are absolute by nature and in real life with experience you discover that many have one or more exceptions to the rule, especially in emergencies.

If you want to discover the secrets to the universe then think in terms of time, energy, frequency, and probability.

Reading for pleasure is highly overrated. The primary purpose of reading should be to acquire new useful knowledge and skills which have the potential to improve your life and that of others.

Work smart and hard until your IDOLS become your RIVALS.

I should have some serenity if I accept the things which I can’t change; if I have the courage to change the things which I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

All generalizations are deceptive and many have one or more exceptions.

Many things worth having don’t come easy.

Design a daily routine which changes or will change your life for the better and is not a boring routine which just daily repeats itself without actual internal and/or external changes.

The price of anything in life is the time, energy, and money that you exchange for it.

There are three major reasons why humans don’t change for the better. They have inadequate knowledge and/or have no courage and determination and/or are just plain lazy.

It is not always the strongest of a species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the smartest most adaptable to change or the fittest under change.

One necessity for success is the ability to emerge from many failures with courageous enthusiasm.

If you are striving for ADEQUACY then your standards are not very high.

The deception which survives is simply the deception which is pleasantest to believe.

Never forget that a half truth is a deceptive lie.

Think there is nothing new under the sun? Then consider selfdriving vehicles, drones delivering packages, robots and software doing boring repetitive work, and audio visual learning over the internet. Maybe the new reality and future is a bit scary but true nevertheless.

In society the truth is often hidden under myths, deceptions, and lies which are repeated so often that they are accepted unquestioningly as the truth.

You don’t really know what thinking mistakes you are making until you put your thoughts into action and determine the good, bad, indifferent, or uncertain consequences.

Except for scientists, none of us reason and think logically with mathematical precision because most words are vaguely defined and we use inaccurate generalities, analogies, similes, metaphors, and synonyms to try to erroneously make cause effect assumptions which are often wrong or inaccurate and filled with probabilistic or statistical uncertainties. Most of us in defensive mode just selectively chose events which seem to support our old beliefs and opinions about reality.


We have more communication but less good relationships.

We have more books but less wisdom.

We have more information but less ability to make sense of it.

We have more teachers and counselors but less mental health.

We have more degrees and knowledge but less practical common sense.

We have more experts and laws but more problems.

We have more doctors and medicine but less health.

We have more quantity but less quality.

We have more material things but less biodiversity.

We have large short term profits for a few but a bad economy.

In a human world filled with myths and deceptions unintentional lies are much more numerous than intentional lies and objective truth is often obscured and seldom prevails.

So many honestly believing in social myths and deceptions is a primary reason why objective honesty and truth is so seldom experienced in society.

Truth is often mentally painful, feared, and avoided because it is often an attack on strongly held beliefs which are actually social myths and deceptions designed to comfort average human consciences brainwashed into socially acceptable habitual thinking.

It is really NOT a question of whether women or men are smarter. The real questions which should be asked are- WHO are the smart women and WHO are the smart men because both genders have many very ignorant members.

Creation theory wrongly assumes one creator. Either humans created a God with human characteristics or God was created by something greater or more powerful than God. The creation question has no real beginning or end because you can always ask who or what created the creator!!!

Learn from the past, research and work passionately in the present to reach an inspirational vision or goal(s) in the future.

First you must work smart and hard to master something before you can confidently apply it successfully in the real world.

When talent is lazy, smart hard work can sometimes replace it.

It takes useful knowledge and courage to overcome fear which can stop us or delay us in our attempts to achieve a goal(s).

For most humans freedom is primarily commuting to and from work in a building and living at home which means that most really live most of their lives imprisoned in relatively small cages.

There are basically two classes of humans: The workers or those with money and the unemployed and destitute.

Affirmations may make you feel good momentarily but they don’t give you directions for improvement or tell you what changes to make in your life to make it better. Introspection and research can uncover ways to improve yourself and make your goals achievable.

Much art is bad mutant creations with short lives and only the relatively rare classical masterpieces survive to live a very long life with continuous promotion necessary.

The problem with Religion is that it is just an omnipotent or all knowing and all powerful philosophy which preaches impossible infallibility or perfection and truthfully it is neither omnipotent nor infallible.

Superior and inferior just means very good and not so good and humanity is filled with very good and mostly not so good genetic inheritances, behaviors, personalities, and financial statuses. Human equality is a social myth which needs deception and propaganda to continue its existence as an acceptable concept since every human is truly different in their own unique way with common desires but not equal abilities.

Never trust a human who has cheated or defrauded you once out of something very important. Never trust a human who has cheated you more than twice with somewhat important things. The first time is a warning, the second time a bitter lesson, and anything more than that makes you an excessively gullible stupid victim being taken advantage of.

If the plan doesn’t work then change the plan but only change the goal if it begins to seem unattainable in your lifetime or the next generation doesn’t continue to pursue the goal.

Those who are able to see beyond the deceptions and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed, by the masses.

That there must be a beginning and end to everything is a social myth. You and the universe are constant, continuous, lasting energy which never ends but merely TRANSFORMS in infinite time.

Anything we do costs some time, energy, and money. The smart human knows HOW MUCH it costs and is smart enough to decrease the time and/or energy and/or money when there is too much wasted time, energy, and money.

Most humans want to change something but then don’t know how to proceed to change their old thinking and behavior to make the change possible.

Except for strict morality, real life is not always right or always wrong but partially right and partially wrong or sometimes right and sometimes wrong.

The goal for great humans is not to live forever but to create something which will last a long duration.

Where you are going is much more important than how fast you are going somewhere but going fast in the right direction is exceptionally good.

Ignorance can be educated, crazy can be medicated, but there is no cure for fanatical dogmatism.

Follow your heart and you will find out it basically stands still and repeats itself. Follow your brain and you will find that it can potentially lead you to anywhere where you would like to go just by thinking and obeying the goals it makes for you.

Some humans die at 30 but aren’t buried until 80.

Great minds have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

The personal price of anything is the amount of time and energy which your life devotes to it.

Drugs are a waste of time and energy. They destroy your memory, health, and selfrespect and everything which goes along with your selfesteem.

Many fools make things bigger, more complex, inefficient, and more violent. It takes smarts and courage to make things smaller, simpler, efficient, and peaceful.

Force and the threat of force is untamed human nature: Compromise and cooperation is civilized educated human nature.

Having to get by on very little builds a thrifty, smart character which is respected if and when you get much wealth. Having too much too early destroys the probability of a thrifty, good, smart character and increases the probability that you will have to get by on very little later in life.

Good advice comes from learning from a bad experience which can be your own or that of others.

Take some time out to think and analyze yourself. You may find out that it is time for some changes in your life, especially selfimprovement.

To progress society needs some extreme risk takers but the smart ones who survive are usually the ones who are quick to adapt or make changes when things seem to go bad or wrong.

The real problem is that many intelligent humans are full of doubt and the smart ones and many ignorant ones are full of justified and unjustified confidence.

Logic will get you from A to B and further. Imagination will often take you to mythological places where you should not be and where you can get easily lost.


Time seems slow when you have to wait!

Time seems too fast when you are late!

Time seems short when you are happy!

Time seems long when you feel bored!

Time seems endless when you are in pain!

Time seems to disappear when you are sad!

Every time, time is determined by your senses, your psychological conditions, and your immediate circumstances and not by clocks. Try to mentally have a nice time Always.

Thinking is difficult and is an acquired skill not taught in school. That is why most humans impulsively judge and rarely think.

Don’t confuse your mind and heart. It’s all in your mind not heart!

Most problems have solutions. The solution is frequently getting the right answer(s) to the right question(s)

“ABILITY determines what you can do, MOTIVATION determines what you want and/or need to do, EXPERIENCE and ATTITUDE determines how well you do it.”

Two things can reveal your personality-The way you manage things when you have very little, and the way you behave when you have abundant wealth.

Don’t let opposites fool you, indecision is really a decision to do nothing at all.

There are three basic reasons humans change: They have learned much. They have suffered enough. They got tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

What motivates you controls your life.

The answers which you seek will sometimes come when the mind is busy but usually they come when the mind has had time to think about the answers.

We are all humans until language classifies us into races, religions, political affiliations, and economic status which divides us all up into contesting groups opposed to one another because of the herd instinct which makes humans cling desperately to their herd identity which language reinforces with word symbols.

Make the same mistake twice and you haven’t learned how to correct it or you choose to make it twice on purpose.

A human must be big enough to admit mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.

Without a disciplined, questioning, logical, researching mind all that you will be doing is repeating the normative bullshit in this life just like our normal ancestors did.

The world is filled with specialists doing specialized things rather well but there are rare generalists and specialists who understand how everything works and try to improve upon it with communication or writing going where no human has gone before.

I prefer the New Age Human to the cliched Renaissance man to describe myself.

It’s almost never too late to start a new interesting day in your diary no matter how bad the contents in it are so far.

Most art is bad mutant creations and only the rare masterpieces survive to live a very long life.

Don’t delude yourself. If you think your heart is an idiot it is really your brain that is acting stupid emotionally.

The problem with being empathetic is that you feel sorry for the immoral incorrigible humans also and would like to reform the unreformable.

Sometimes the wrong choices lead to unforeseen opportunities.

You have to struggle through many bad days to earn the best days of your life.

The things you take for granted some humans desperately need.

You have a right to choose alternatives but you have to live with the consequences of your choices.

Above all else guard your INTEGRITY, because most good things are determined by it.

It’s usually not too late to start something new. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t remain in an unsatisfying circumstance. Do better.

Try to make and collect more good moments not so many material things.

Live morally with integrity so that if someone speaks badly of you no one will believe it.

Whenever you start doubting how far you can advance, remember the tough times that you have faced and survived, all the challenges which you have successfully met, and all the fears which you have overcome.

I’ve learned so much from my mistakes. I’m not afraid of making a few more by trying again and doing more and better.

Life can be relatively simple. If you are generally happy then keep going.  If you are generally unhappy then change something in yourself and/or your environment with the goal of improving something.


Maintain an inspiration log.

Get out more and travel.

Sketch more.



Keep up with new trends.

Learn a new skill.

Read useful books.

Make summary notes of new knowledge.

Do something different from your habitual routine once in a while.

Interact with creative humans.

Spy on the competition if possible.

Visit relevant exhibitions.

Collaborate with others.

Travel abroad.

Try new hobbies.

Challenge yourself with new short duration goals.

Make lists.

Take alone time to think and/or meditate.

Welcome and encourage feedback from peers.

Listen to new music.

Watch new movies.

Take small and sometimes calculated large risks.

Blog or keep a diary of what interests you at the moment.

Declutter your work space.

Do some things with passionate love.

Try to finish started projects.

Visit museums and galleries.

Keep a diary of worthwhile short and long duration goals.

Have sex.

Get enough sleep.

Watch or read motivational speeches.

Go to the theatre.


Try new foods.

Rarely compare yourself to others.

Question things.

Turn off distractions.

Overcome fear of change.

Maintain curiosity by questioning what you don’t know or understand.

Good luck is something good, unexpected, and highly improbable happening in your life and is the reason why expecting good luck to always happen is foolish and naive.

Bad luck is something bad, unexpected, and highly improbable happening in your life so it is wrong to attribute frequently making mistakes as being unlucky rather than having habitually ignorant behavior.

Fear of the future is really a fear of repeating past mistakes in the future again or failing in the future.

Sometimes you achieve a goal and sometimes you learn to be patient until you readjust and have another chance at achieving a desired goal.

If you are not good enough for something then try to become good enough and if you can’t become good enough then change to things where you are good enough or can be good enough.

With rather rare exceptions you will continue to live on after major setbacks which momentarily feel like the end of your life as you know it.

A bad family, a bad education, and poverty are severe handicaps in life which can sometimes be overcome with moral inspiring role models outside the family, useful selfeducation, and smart and hard work.

Most humans are inefficiently busily pursuing what they WANT in life and seldom stop to ask themselves is it really something that they truly NEED in their lives.

Most of us can be happy with food, drink, clothing, shelter, transportation, a job, and companionship. If you are ambitious then these basic needs are never enough to satisfy you.

The most important things in life are thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and behavior not material things unless we are talking about food and drink.

You can do many things if you put in the effort but you can never do everything.

The human whom you will be spending the most time with is yourself, so try to make yourself as interesting as possible and escape mediocrity.

One way to change your life is to change your priorities and the other is to change the goals in your priorities.

It is not a question of either working smart or hard but is a question of qualifying to do smart work hard and not only qualifying to do hard repetitive work.

Smart hard work doesn’t guarantee success but it does increase it’s probability.

You may have to start at the bottom working hard and work your way up to a smart hard job through learning and experience.

Sometimes it’s better to be late than never show up or never do something.

Often physical inactivity with thinking is preferable to mindless functioning.

Never hire or marry out of mere pity.

Creativity is a mixture of emotion, analysis, and synthesis coming from the subconscious and the conscious.

Never be too busy to take some time out for simple pleasures such as drinking and eating healthy drink and food, friendly conversations, thinking or meditating, good music, and viewing or interacting with nature.

Every new day is an opportunity to be better than the day before and if it is a bad day then it is an opportunity to handle bad days better.


A bed but not sleep,

food but not appetite,

sex but not love,

cosmetics but not natural beauty,

a house but not a home,

medicine but not health,

amusement but not happiness,

luxury but not good taste,

status but not competence,

attention but not friendship,

information but not wisdom,

influence but not respect and/or integrity,

power but not justice,

property but not extinct wilderness plants and animals.

There are many setbacks and failures in life but if you maintain your integrity then you will overcome most of them eventually.

TRUTH kills mutant human creations sooner or later.

Truth seldom has mass appeal because it demands the destruction of dear myths, illusions, and deceptions.

We don’t need more time but need to be more disciplined and ambitious with the time which we have.

It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to do more important things and spend more time focusing on them.

He who desires and demands little from life gets it.

Sometimes we spend too much time thinking about missed opportunities and we see too late the opportunities which are before us.

A human who says it can’t be done should not interfere with a human trying to do it if it is not immoral or terminally dangerous.

Every choice in life is a decision to do something and/or not do something a certain percentage of the time and/or under certain circumstances.

The way that you think, behave, eat, drink, sleep, and exercise will affect and influence the next 50 years of your life so introspect and change to better thinking, behaving, eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise for a better life.

Start healthy eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercising right away or disease will be your fate at some point in the future.

Failure is an event, not a stereotyped human.

View life more as a series of conscious choices and uncertain random luck will be much less influential on it.

The pessimist complains about circumstances; the optimist hopes for good changes in circumstances; the realist adjusts and adapts to circumstances.

Some humans just pray and hope for good things to happen. The realists do things themselves and/or with the help of others to make those good things happen and don’t wait and depend on unreliable, uncertain, and frustrating luck to come along.

Don’t foolishly hope for eternal happiness in your life. Instead try to achieve a series of many happy events or moments in your life separated by many moments of smart determined productive work and/or behavior and some relaxation.

The ability to simplify means to continually eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary can increasingly dominate your lifestyle.

Mistakes increase your experience and experiences decrease the probability of future mistakes if you learn from the experiences.

The best idea is not to live forever. It is to create something which will last hundreds, thousands of years or longer.

I’m not a leg or a boob man. If a woman doesn’t have a smart brain then I don’t give a shit what she looks like!!!

A courageous, determined, confident attitude is as important as having the required ability to succeed.

Plan for and expect good results but be prepared to overcome some bad failures along the way as you adapt to unforeseen circumstances which may seem like roadblocks to your progress towards your goals.

If you want to change from one habit to another or from one circumstance to another then you must be ready to handle the uncomfortable feeling of the transition phase which sometimes exists.

Motivation or inspiration will get you started and ambition, smart hard work, and applied skillful abilities are the good habits which will keep you going.

Calculated risk takers are not afraid to confront the possibility of an uncertain outcome which may lead to another attempt at a goal with a  different plan.

Persist to focus on a worthwhile goal(s) despite being sidetracked by unplanned failure and unforeseen circumstances which will delay goal(s) achievement by hours, days, weeks, months, or even years.

Be ambitious, work smart and hard, and stay focused on your worthwhile goals.

What you do with what you know ultimately determines what you become.

If you get an opportunity, take it. If it changes your life, let it.

Givers must be judicious in their giving because takers seldom have limits in their taking and will often take more than they have earned or deserve if you let them.

It is not the length of life that is most important but the QUALITY of the life which you lead that is something you should focus on.

You should take pride in every step done to reach a goal(s) and feel most proud when you achieve it.

Success is the result of adding or improving good habits and decreasing or excluding bad habits.

Growth can sometimes be a painful struggle, change can sometimes be a painful struggle, but nothing is as painful as being stuck where you don’t belong or don’t want to be. Improving your painful status with growth and change is the only way out of your misery.

Failure is an opportunity to begin more smartly the next time.

“Too busy” is a lie very often. Humans will make time for you and the things which are important enough in their lives.

Set goals to achieve which make you want to jump out of bed each morning.

The distance between your goals and the present is called action.

True winners are humans who continue to improve themselves and their circumstances throughout a lifetime and don’t unrealistically hope to be first in everything that they do.

About 90% of what is stressing you today will be irrelevant a year from now. Don’t lose sleep over relatively trivial things. Get over them quickly. Move on with your daily life and focus more on your important stresses.

Being at peace is knowing how to differentiate what is important and what is bullshit and then being able to view as irrelevant your temporary confrontation with bullshit unless it is coming in a threatening way from someone whom you respect, then don’t ignore it.

The true winners in society are the humans who find new worthwhile goals to try and achieve after having planned and actively achieved prior worthwhile goals.

True success is not only reaching a worthwhile goal but having more worthwhile goals to achieve throughout a lifetime.

How little you really know about the world or your specialized interest will become apparent when you begin to record that knowledge in word format. Millions of bloggers start out with a passion writing about what they would like others to know only to find out pretty soon that they have run out of things to write about and realize that for new output you need an abundance of new input.

Being different can be liberating and a source for much creativity if you desire and succeed in freeing yourself of social myths, deceptions, and illusions.

If you want to be interesting, be interested in many important things.

Some changes will occasionally make things worse so remember to keep changing until things become better.

Sometimes not getting what you want may be good for you, especially if it is something which you don’t really need.

Many problems in life are caused by impulsively doing things without thinking and by thinking too long and not doing anything.

If everyone is thinking alike then someone has done the thinking for you and brainwashed you into conforming to the norm.

Before you think about something important such as an old unresolved problem which needs a solution it is advisable to do a little research on it first and input new relevant knowledge or information.

Historically we have wrongly tried to separate the world into the thinkers or the doers. What the world really needs more of is thinking doers.

Positive thinking is really little more than thinking about a problem or circumstance and then gathering up enough motivation to translate the thinking into action.

Trivia and relatively unimportant things amuse and preoccupy small minds.

We are all the product of our experiences and our subconscious and conscious thoughts about the experiences but bounded by genetic and physical limits.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese proverb

Have a goal(s), the means to achieve it (wisdom, money, materials, methods, relevant humans), and an ability to adjust the means to achieve the goal(s).

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Bill Cosby

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. Theodore Roosevelt

Either write something worth reading or do something worth reading. Benjamin Franklin

“Classic”. A book critics praise which is not read by most humans because it is too verbose and often in an outdated setting.

Truth surfaces often but almost as often it is obscured by new myths and deceptions which the common human is more comfortable with.

Ask a question and there is a high probability that you will eventually find an answer. Continue asking for something and your chances of getting it will improve with time once you earn it.

Seek or pursue something and your chances of finding it or getting it are greater since you have a goal in mind to look for or achieve.

When your reality corresponds to your prior dreams then it is a sign that your dreams were realistic goals and not childlike unattainable fantasies.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it. W. C. Fields

To be truly original you must first have succeeded at being a good imitator with ongoing curiosity which eventually leads to original ideas and behavior.

Partial or full vacuum tube transportation theoretically seems to be a solution to faster transportation until you factor in the energy and money needed to create the partial or full vacuum and the unacceptable cost of construction which safeguards it from earthquakes, land shifts, corrosion, and daily wear and tear.

Whoever still thinks that the pen is mightier than the sword has totally ignored the almost total destructive potential of nuclear weapons.

The complex, emotional, deceptive, archaic structure of language itself is why communication is done so poorly by most.

Courage or continuing to pursue a goal(s) when the odds may be against you is the reason you can’t pursue any virtue consistently without it.

If you tell a lie often enough it will be accepted as the truth but in order for the lie to last from generation to generation you have to have complete censorship of the written and spoken word internationally.

Photographic memory is not the goal of evolution but a discriminating memory is. It is a memory which is capable of filtering out the garbage, trivia, or noise and has the ability to focus on the essential details in any interaction with humans and nature.

We live in an age where for most the unnecessary things have become our primary necessities.

Affirmation without relevant learning and discipline is the beginning of delusion.

A human often has two reasons for doing something- a good reason and the real reason.

It is wrong to view retirement as a time to do nothing or stagnate. Rather it should be a time to stop doing things which you can’t do anymore and do the things which you still can do and would like to do with limited resources.

Ambition is merely setting goals and motivating yourself to achieve them. Your ambition may change to less lofty goals as you progress through life but ambition is a desirable virtue if pursued with integrity.

As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities. Voltaire

Most of the world hates change, yet it is the only thing which makes progress and hope for a better future possible.

Almost everything that you think you know about humans is eventually tested by experience.

Experience teaches you that humans are not rational beings by nature but instead are subject to emotional biases and cultural brainwashing which rears its ugly emotional head if you try to challenge it with reason.

Today’s reality:

Big house but small family

More education but less common sense and morality

More knowledge availability but less wisdom

Advanced medicine but bad health

High income but less peace of mind and financial responsibility

Lots of human beings but less humanity

Progress by definition is a long series of intermediate goal achievements all hopefully eventually leading to a long duration goal(s).

What is bullshit? It can be nonsense, gibberish, exaggerations, confused or trivial talking, deceptive or misleading communications, myths, fictions, and unintentional or intentional lies. You can try to ignore most bullshit or laugh at it because there is so much of it unless it is an intentional lie or deception which can affect you adversely, then make note of it and avoid the lying bullshit artists and their mutant creations as much as possible.

Most of us live with our personal truths which are largely historical myths and current deceptions which we believe to be the truth. Rare is the individual who pursues more objective truths and tries to debunk the popular myths and deceptions.




Gratitude is being thankful for what you get from someone and sometimes giving something in return. Nature should also be shown gratitude by an attempt to live a more sustainable life.

Every liberty has a corresponding responsibility and the freedom to live implies responsible sustainable living on this precious endangered planet.

We should all try to be citizens of the world because all parts of the world affect the environment for good and/or bad which ultimately determines the health of this precious planet and its natural biodiverse resources.

The true purpose of life should be to live and not destroy the environment for other generations in the process.

All religious morality needs urgent updating because it is immoral to destroy biodiversity and immoral to live inefficient non sustainable lives. Both new immoralities are rapidly devastating our precious endangered planet and future generations will be severely punished for our present immoral transgressions.

Conserving and expanding wilderness is an investment in money which profits all future generations. It is an investment in a healthier planet and a potential healthy food source of time tested healthy plants and animals when unsustainable irresponsible technology has destroyed a healthy biodiverse domestic food source.

Materialism is a major source of pollution and biodiversity extinction but human visions and hallucinations taken too seriously are also a source of troubling devastation.

With an emphasis on short duration profit the trend towards mass production of cheap food has led to unhealthy food and severe environmental degradation which can only be reversed by not taxing organic healthy food which is vital to the health and survival of humanity in the long duration.

We don’t have a healthy society if we destroy the environment.

Unlimited economic growth is incompatible with finite environmental resources on this precious endangered planet.

Wilderness is the safety net for future healthy food when irresponsible use of technology and short duration profit motive make domesticated food unhealthy for human consumption.

We abuse wilderness land because many think of it as an exploitable resource. When we begin to see wilderness as land to coexist with we will have more necessary love and respect for it and hopefully will want to conserve and even expand it.

Destroy something man made and it is called vandalism but destroy nature or wilderness and it is erroneously called Progress and not vandalism.

We are potentially the smartest species on this precious earth. So how come we’re destroying our only home?

One of the best ways to therapeutically relax is to experience nature and/or view spectacular nature photography or videos.

I can’t believe in a God that wants to be praised all the time but I can believe in nature which can be transiently generous or cruel and still be just in the long duration.

A moral concern for humanity is not enough if it doesn’t include the conservation and even expansion of biodiversity on the face of this precious endangered planet.



Wisdom begins with useful knowledge and exists when there is true understanding of that useful knowledge and an ability to explain it to others.

The secret to life is to find the right balance. It means doing some things which are basically boring, repetitious, and hateful as well as the things which you really like and love to do.

Let’s not be too judgmental. It is often better to have second hand goods than none at all and often at a cheaper price for the same convenience.

You are young at any age if you are making plans for tomorrow and beyond.

Some at twenty want to reform the world. At seventy they still want to reform the world but know that they can’t.*True wisdom seldom comes with old age because the social myths and deceptions which obscure truth and are taught in youth are mostly intact when old age is reached and many die without knowing the real truth.

What are the best times for retirement? When you can no longer switch from one kind of work to another, when you are so severely handicapped that you can only eat, drink, and sleep, when you can no longer see, hear, taste, touch, feel, and smell, or when you die is the best time to retire and do nothing.

Elusive but necessary is to find the right balance between the pursuit of future goals and fulfilling present responsibilities.

A truly happy retirement is not a peaceful one but an ACTIVE one mentally within existing physical and financial limits.

The key to a happy life is finding the right personal balance or knowing how much time, energy, and money you want to spend on yourself, family, friends, community, job, and entertainment.

LIFE is a gift, I accept it. Life is growth, I’m learning new useful knowledge and skills. Life is change, I’m trying to change for the better. Life has adventure, I dare to risk it. Life has problems, I’m solving them. Life can be a game, I sometimes play it. Life has struggle, I face it and don’t give up. Life has opportunities, I take them. Life has beauty, I praise it. Life is somewhat a mystery, I’m learning more to make it less mysterious. Life is my mission and destiny, I’m fulfilling it.

Most of us are deluged with mundane information devoid of wisdom.

The greatest wisdom comes from an understanding of science and human nature.

The only true wisdom is that you should know more useful knowledge than what you already do.

Life is a one time offer. Use it wisely.

The only true wisdom is knowing much about science and human nature.

Don’t give up what you need most, for what you want now!

Very many things are a waste of time, energy, and money and wisdom is knowing which ones they are and not spending too much time or any time on them.

Wisdom comes by making personal observations and making valid conclusions about life but it also comes by believing the accurate recorded observations and valid conclusions of trustworthy sources.

Becoming old and wise is not an admirable goal unless you have shared that wisdom with others along the way.

There is great wisdom in understanding that no matter how much you know about humanity and the universe there will always be limits to your logical understanding of it. Division by zero, infinity, and multiplication by infinity  are irrational unexplainable mysteries until humans evolve further in their ability to comprehend themselves and the universe.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 3700 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!




If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 3700 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!




If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 3700 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!




If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 3700 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!