Did you ever notice how hard it is to share posts with other tech sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Minds, etc.?

If you try to share a post chances are good that you will not be able to do so thanks to the new big tech censorship. I therefore predict that fewer and fewer humans will utilize big tech for their creative output and big tech will mostly become a wasteland of mediocrity. Fake information and fake news is probably the major factor in neutering the internet and the cause for the sharing paranoia.

First I couldn’t share my blog posts with Facebook, then Twitter, most of Reddit, and Quora also no longer posts to Facebook and Twitter. About the only big tech firms which still accept posts is Pinterest and I expect this to be discontinued in the near future.

Google is also censoring websites and web content via its encrypted format and sometimes it just posts a statement saying the website is not secure. Pretty soon I predict the internet will only be used by registered humans who have been vetted for honesty without a criminal record and new websites similarly will have to go through a universal vetting procedure to minimize fraud and other forms of criminality including political incorrectness. It will be the age of moral free speech and not any and all free speech which has decimated trust in the internet and its publications.

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