Cyber bullying / Social media witch hunting concept

The Mueller report showed no collusion with Russia after an extensive over two year probe so all the media bias about treason on the part of the president was proven to be false or a lie. If Trump was defending himself against a false claim of collusion then you could not consider him trying to terminate the probe as obstruction of justice since the accusation of collusion was an injustice to begin with.

You can only claim obstruction of justice if there was injustice to begin with and there was no treason or injustice. The corrupt media has been exposed justly for what it was. It was a lying band of miscreants devoted to trying to unjustly end Trumps presidency. The media behavior bordered on criminal collusion and was much more than just bullshit which is what the president called it.

More sinister is the irresponsible claim by a former CIA director, John Brennan, that Trump was committing treason. It is scary that there is evidence that the leadership of the FBI were politically motivated and also wanted to end the Trump presidency. The leadership of the Deep State was obviously in bed with the Democrats and not an impartial arm of the government.

The biased media no longer has any political credibility and can be considered to be just another arm of the Democratic party. Sadly objective fact filled information and news is getting harder and harder to find these days and it is no wonder that fewer and fewer humans are interested in corrupt politics and the corrupt media these days.

I would venture to say that trust in the government and media is at an all time low these days.

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