One thing not so obvious in the age of international big money globalism is that national laws in the United States and other countries are not being enforced due to lobbying by globalist interests within the country which results in unfavorable circumstances for a sovereign country.

A perfect example is the immigration laws of the United States which are not being obeyed because the congress is deadlocked politically and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want to secure the boarders lawfully. It thus becomes the role of the executive branch to enforce the immigration laws of the land. The executive branch should have the right to transfer funds from one branch of government to another by executive order since it is obvious that congress does not want to enforce or fund the immigration laws and this leads to lawlessness, sanctuary cities, lax criminal enforcement, and other dysfunctional or bad side effects on the nation as a whole.

Now you may ask what department should finance the enforcement of immigration laws? The logical department would be the Defense Department or the military which is responsible for the border integrity of any nation.

The media is influenced by globalist ideology and money as are international banks and corporations. So one can assume that the media no longer has the best interests of a nation in mind when it publishes its biased opinion pieces of news which is often now fake news designed to make things worse for a nation in the long duration and not better.

I would venture to say that eventually the president of the United States will have to have the power to suppress the censorship of moral or ethical free speech in the media largely now in the hands of international internet companies. Big international money endangers the liberty of individuals to exercise their freedom of moral or ethical free speech on the internet so steps will have to be made to protect whistle blowers and opposing views which run counter to globalist ideology which is increasingly socialist and ultimately totalitarian communism or totalitarian tyranny or dictatorship.

The executive branch or the presidency has long been just a puppet figurehead with little power to act except in times of war. If the president can justify his or her actions on the basis of enforcement of the laws of the land to minimize internal criminality and external aggression which may also be economic then the president should have the right to do so. Tariffs are definitely an economic weapon which can be used by the executive branch only.

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