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Playfulness: n. doing an activity(s) which is primarily entertainment and seldom achieves a serious and/or an efficient utilitarian goal(s) other than exercise and/or doing a sport(s)

Many animals and young offspring play and it primarily is a form of exercise and helps physical and mental coordination. With play you can frequently learn how skillful or coordinated you are relative to other offspring and in nature it is frequently a testing ground for dominance in pack animals where the strong and coordinated usually dominate.

Motor skills are improved and refined during play and for humans it is frequently a form of entertainment or recreation. Some humans make money playing sports so to them it becomes a very serious business or professional enterprise and can be called work and not play although they may derive much satisfaction from it.

Adults enjoy playtime even though it frequently takes the form of watching other humans play, especially offspring or athletes.

Education is usually a serious activity but it has been shown that if you can inject playfulness as part of the education process then you will better succeed at motivating students to learn. Adding humor, making a game out of the subject material, or just rewarding achievement with playtime is an efficient way to educate and motivate students.

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