System Analyst1

System: n. using organized and/or planned actions and/or subsets to achieve a goal(s) efficiently

A system can be a set of rules to follow to achieve a goal(s) or it can be rules and an organization which implements the rules and achieves the goals.

A systematic approach is frequently preferable over a chaotic or random one and frequently shows a grasp of the circumstances.

At one extreme is the scientific system used to discover the laws of nature and at the other extreme is a rather loose political party or system designed to win elections and rule humans.

Nature is a very complex system and humans have devised their own crude systems to try and live successfully within it.

There is the democratic system and a tyrannical system of government and both achieve the goals of ruling humans.

Business is economic systems all designed to distribute information, goods, and services throughout society. There are monopolies and small businesses with different operating procedures and use slightly different rules to achieve their goals.

Humans can be exploited by some systems and can be liberated to some extent by other systems. The systems which are permitted by law to flourish to a large degree determine how much liberty and/or freedom a society has.

Most humans prefer a relatively predictable life to a chaotic one and systems ensure that some degree of predictability exists in society and its organizations.

Systems analysts study systems and try to make them more efficient frequently with computer software. Language is a system of communication and as a systems analyst I am trying to make it more efficient and more readily subject to computer programming.

Nature abhors inefficiency and waste and the more efficient and sustainable human systems become, the greater the probability that they will survive in the long duration.

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