Historically and even now young children and teenagers work on farms and do hard labor. Today teenagers no longer work in most families and the result is that few know how to work or even want to work for a living. It is time to start employing teenagers in the workplace where they can not only get job experience but where they can learn about the work ethic.

Most schools no longer teach students useful work skills and it is high time to update child labor laws and make it possible for teenagers to work about 4 hours a day as cashiers, factory assembly line workers, urban farming, stock humans, deli workers, custodians, etc.

Yes, teenagers will compete with young adults in the work place but it will be a wake up call to those adults to get a good education or go back to school and get reeducated or spend the rest of their lives on welfare.

School hours can be shorted by at least 4 hours since education in most schools is very inefficient with many useless subjects are being taught. Specialty vans, bicycles, and scooters can be used to get students to and from work with the parent’s permission. The teenagers would start out at less than minimum wage unless they became so good that they deserved to get minimum wage for their efforts.

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