Fascinate: v. to be extremely interesteven and frequently causing irresistible and intense and attractive and temporary focusing

Every once in a while we are fascinated by something such as a beautiful exotic flower, exotic wildlife, or a unique human(s) and our attention is irresistibly drawn to it because it is so interesting.

Words like captivated, alluring, transfixed, spellbound, and curiosity all testify to the incredible transient power to attract a subject of fascination is. A usual temporary fascination can transform into many varied forms of attraction in the future and even love and affection may develop with a fascinating human who is not out of reach socially.

Being fascinated more than once is possible but usually not highly probable because the subject of the fascination usually loses some of its initial intense impact on us with a relatively large duration.

It is proper to say that this fascinated me when introducing someone to something you found fascinating historically. Rarely should you say that I am still fascinated by it because you would be a unique human indeed to have a seemingly never ending fascination for something.

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