Meditation is an ideal time to relax and do some introspection by thinking and trying to find answers to some important questions to guide the thinking in a constructive way.

Asking yourself introspective questions about yourself and trying to answer them goes a long way towards selfawareness and the possibility for future improvement if you determine to do something about it and act on your revelations about yourself.

Here is a list of some important questions to ponder while meditating:

Do I accept my appearance as it is or is there something which I am so unhappy about that it needs possible cosmetic surgery?

Am I happy with my mind, smartness, emotions, mood, humor, and personality or should I try for improvement with new useful knowledge, research, new useful skills, and necessary behavior changes?

Am I eating enough healthy organic food and drink, sleeping enough, and exercising enough to minimize personal illness?

What are some of my bad behaviors which need to be changed?

Am I critical or ashamed of some obsessive, compulsive, jealous, and mean thoughts or behavior and want to change this?

Am I critical and want to change my depression, anger, impatience, intolerance, irritability, and pessimism?

Is there some behavior which I hate enough to change and do I feel confident that I can stop hating or decrease the hatred on my own?

Do I feel competent about work and confident with human interactions or is there room for possible improvement with enough selfdetermination?

Am I so selfcentered that my ego expresses itself in arrogant hurtful ways?

Do I want to be respected and possibly admired by maintaining my integrity and trying to be more trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, and empathetic with others?

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