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Addiction: n. compulsively desiring a subset(s)

We are all addicted to good and bad habits and grey ones which are good or bad depending on the circumstances.

Human nature is basically doing things impulsively or habitually in a predictable routine way because we don’t have to always stop ourselves and ask- is what I am doing right or wrong?

Doing something bad once in a while will usually not doom you to a life of debauchery or ruin an otherwise good reputation and you may even get some satisfaction out of doing so.  A little speeding on the highway, occasional arguing, occasional criticizing, some jealousy, a little pornography, a little gambling, and getting drunk once in a while will usually not adversely affect your life unless it becomes a compulsion or it is repeated much too frequently.

Compulsive eating, drinking, drug taking, gambling, pornography, lust, masturbation, arguing,  complaining, criticizing, jealousy, envy, abuse, talking, depression, laziness, procrastination, etc. can lead to severe problems in life and it is basically your responsibility to realize that what you are doing is getting out of control and causing you much unhappiness.

Chemical addictions can be devastating but many of your dysfunctional emotional addictions or personality flaws can also cause many problems and ultimate unhappiness.

If you can afford the time and money then rehab may be a solution to your drug addiction and it always helps to have supportive friends and family. If you have bad friends and bad family then unfortunately a near death experience may be the fear which shocks you into finally doing something about your terrible addiction on your own.

After rehab the worst thing that you can possibly do is to go back to the same environment and addicted friends who will trigger your need for the drug all over again and cause you to relapse. Change your living quarters and drop your addicted friends and try to find better ones if at all possible if you truly want a fresh new start in life.

Most bad addictions are not life threatening and the key to reducing their bad influence on your life is to gradually replace them with good addictions or good habits which you enjoy doing. Search my blog under bad habits and good habits because the first key to solving an addiction is to realize that you have a bad habit and the next step is to start replacing it with one or more good habits which you enjoy doing.

Addictions to immorality are the worst. If you are addicted to lying, stealing, and adultery then your social reputation will be in the toilet and you may begin to feel that the world is against you at every turn and unhappiness will cling to you like a parasite.

Your delusional ego may be telling you that there is no need for improvement in your life. Do some reading and research and find out whether this is truly the case.

Going through life blinded by your selfish ego is not a sure way to successful living so try to make the best of your moments on this precious earth. Enjoy life to the fullest with true selfawareness gotten from wise humans who have lived life and have gone through the same shit that you are going through successfully.



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Addiction: n. compulsively desiring a subset(s)

You can be addicted to drinking soda, coffee, etc., food, shopping, exercising, sex, legal and illegal drugs and alcohol, smoking, pornography, gambling, lying, reading, hand washing, and hundreds of other compulsive bad habits which can devastate your life or make it very dysfunctional. Some of these addictions are so pleasurable that only the fear of death or financial ruin will eventually cause you to stop them.

If you are addicted to a chemical substance with severe withdrawal symptoms and desperately want to quit then you may have to consult a professional doctor who can minimize the withdrawal symptoms and place you in a rehab center if you can afford it. Addictive chemical habits can’t change overnight and relapses are very common even with professional help.

The best advice to your offspring is don’t get addicted in the first place and avoid all the guilt, cravings, and eventual crises which frequently follow a series of temporary addictive highs.

The best way to cure addictions is to replace them with good habits that you enjoy doing but be aware that acquiring a good pleasurable habit may take more than two months of self-motivated practice or performance to make it a permanent part of your life.

Destroying an addiction on your own is almost impossible to do in many cases and the best advice is to get a professional, family, close good friends, a support group or all four to motivate you to quit your addiction. If you have supportive caring humans to help you break an addiction then the probability that you will succeed greatly increases.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 700 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.