Very rich humans tend to be hoarders of money and even though they invest most of it it is not usually heavily invested in tangible assets which help to create jobs for poor humans or the middle class. The problem with the economy is that when hoarding continues, inflation continues, and great personal debt takes also takes more money out of the economy there is not enough money in circulation since the average working human has less to spend than before.

The result is deflation where prices fall and jobs are lost and there is even less money being spent. Deflation originates in inflation of the money supply which makes prices higher and humans less able to afford products produced. In effect they have less money to spend each year and this causes deflationary pressures. This causes a fall in prices from oversupply of products and less profit.

To avoid this kind of deflationary pressure the government artificially pumps counterfeit money into the economy trying to stem this natural economic deflationary consequence thus going into ever greater debt. Because the economy is not given time to correct itself with deflation an unnatural economic bubble is created of false value and not only is there inflation or decrease in the value of currency on the world market which causes higher prices in foreign goods but financial insolvency or bankruptcy threatens at some point in the future.

Trying to avoid a great depression by pumping money into circulation this just makes the possibility of an even greater depression in the near future. In the meantime the concentration of money power in the hands of fewer and fewer humans continues and it becomes even more pronounced during any major depression.

The system is rigged in favor of big money and big banks which keeps getting bigger all the time and there is in the end less money for the middle class whose jobs are also being decimated by technology or computer software. The only ones who benefit in the end are government workers, the highly skilled, the very rich, and those on welfare with guaranteed annual income called entitlements.

Pretty soon there will be a wealthy elite at the top, a highly skilled small working elite middle class, and the rest will be on welfare. I anticipate all this radical change and have devised a just system to replace the old corrupt one. Of course you will have to read all my evergreen truth blogs and books to get all the vital details.

Inflation encourages short term investment and wild speculation in the stock market and does not really encourage good long term investment and speculation. Liquidity crises and counterfeit money pumping is symptomatic of the theoretical “growth” mentality which is not healthy for an economy in the long duration. Short term profits are encouraged and ultimately a sick economy and looming bankruptcy is the result.

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