Worth: n. having adequate meritorious and/or useful characteristics to achieve a goal(s) and/or a monetary value assessment

The worth of an object can usually be relatively easily determined but when it comes to evaluating the worth of a human or wilderness then assigning a monetary value is not that simple.

Human worth is usually judged by meritorious proven behavior and number of useful characteristics needed to achieve a goal(s) when merit has not yet been proven.

Worthy or desirable characteristics of humans are trustworthiness, integrity, friendliness, empathy, etc. which can’t be directly quantified or given a monetary value even though most will agree that a trustworthy friendly individual has more worth than an untrustworthy unfriendly human.

Competence is easier to judge the worth of and frequently the more competent and trustworthy or worthy a human is then they are the ones with the best reputations and they frequently also make more money in any profession which they chose to pursue.

The worth of a human is judged by personality and one’s ability to achieve desired goals.


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