Valuation: n. approximating a degree of desirability and/or usefulness of a subset(s) as measured by its equivalence in (money and/or ingus) and/or (prestige and/or worth)


In most cases a valuation is determining a price for information and/or goods and/or services or ingus.


The valuation of someone’s prestige and worth is a more intangible approximation or assessment but someone’s professional salary or pay is frequently used as a valuation of a human’s worth in the marketplace.


An even more intangible evaluation exists when we are trying to evaluate the worth of a good family relationship, a good personality, good morals, and one’s general usefulness to society in general or usefullness to a group of individuals to whom they may belong.


Not every human characteristic has a valuation or a money equivalent established for it but we generally know that honest, sincere, dependable, competent, friendly, and moral humans have a valuation which is greater than for dishonest, insincere, undependable, incompetent, immoral, unfriendly, and even criminal humans.


The cost of criminal behavior to society can be largely measured statistically and relatively reliably but the cost to society of a dishonest, insincere, undependable, incompetent, and unfriendly employed human is not statistically measurable except perhaps in the dearth of friends or absence of close friends which they have.


The mental anguish, anxiety, bad feelings, and misery caused by dysfunctional personalities only has a subjective ball park valuation but all of us make a decision to ostracize such humans from our lives and either try to ignore them or chose to have as little interaction with them as possible, especially if they are a boss whose salary we are dependent on.



A valuation of something is really a judgment of how much worth something is to us or a group subjectively and personally.  If the valuation is rather great then we may try to further associate with that human and if our valuation is not great then we either chose to ignore them or ostracize them from our lives as much as possible.


It is the duty and responsibility of parents, relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, and mentors to be as honest, sincere, dependable, competent, moral, and friendly as possible so that they are good role models for the next generation of offspring. Unfortunately celebrity models and admired humans in their professions have great flaws are very bad role models for young offspring and aspiring adults who want to be in a leadership position some day.


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