The media no longer has a mass captive audience willing to spend a half an hour or an hour of their time on the same publication or media device because they are used to instant gratification and have short attention spans. Unless you have been taught to love reading, reading is a rather tedious task and verbosity has been and still is a fault of both writers and video commentators. In a word- boring.

Desperate to try and maintain readership the press has become a tabloid press with emotional  sensationalism, much biased opinion, and quite a bit of fake or untrue information heavily laced with a globalist ideology and what apparently passes for political correctness. Humans frankly no longer trust what they read, hear, or see so there is a credibility crisis in the elite press or media.

Many prefer to spend time on social media with friends, playing games, and often use search engines or keywords to find information which they are interested in at the moment. So brainwashing via mass media is no longer possible and humans are retreating into their own worlds on the internet.

Conclusion: Mass media is just as good as dead and the internet has killed it.

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