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You can live a happy life with your basic needs met which is food, drink, clothes, and shelter but most humans want to live a fuller life and have other humans and things in it too.

There are about 10 basic categories or classifications of human activity and you can decide whether you would like to participate in some or most of them.

Family/Friends/Significant Other/Romance:

Nature usually rewards its best creations with reproductive success. Human civilization does not always reward its best creations with reproductive success so there are many healthy, smart, and attractive humans who don’t reproduce at all.

More and more in modern society are leading relatively selfish lives pursuing their passions in life and not passing on their genes to the next generation.

Family life is the foundation of any lasting society, many still chose to have one, and it is a major priority in many human lives.


Without good mental and physical health life can become quite miserable and even terminal. Eating as much organic food as possible and getting in some exercise is the best guarantee for a healthy life which is the foundation of living success.

Education/Personal Growth:

Useful education and continually trying to improve yourself is the second most important priority which will usually ensure a good paying job and steady improvement in lifestyle throughout a lifetime. Stop growing in knowledge and experiences and your life may stagnate and not lead to any significant achievements in a life filled with regrets later in old age.


With good health and useful ongoing education earning money should become easier making for a better standard of living and the possibility of giving some of the money to worthwhile philanthropic causes such as wildlife conservation and medical research.


Even if you love your work everyone needs a little balance in their lives and should leave some time for rest, relaxation, or a change of pace to recharge your energy level. For some entertainment may be passive reading, listening to music, watching a movie, or surfing the internet. For others active sporting activity and traveling may be a preferred way to unwind and enjoy other things in life besides work.


Not everyone needs formalized religion to give them purpose in life and a morality to live by. Religion is the traditional way that morality was taught to the masses and if you are not an enlightened moral modern human then you should perhaps consider exposing your offspring to religious education in their formative years because chances are that they will rebel against it later in life anyway.

If you chose a religion to follow then I would recommend the Jewish faith because of their emphasis on the importance of education, morality, and community support of its members which is important in modern day networking and in establishing useful social and business connections.


Every career should really be considered a profit or nonprofit business with paying customers whose needs and wants you are trying to satisfy. If you are not satisfying some needs or wants or doing it badly then you should go out of business and go bankrupt.

Providing better customer service with the passage of time is also a very important consideration and you should be constantly learning about new developments or trends in your career so that you don’t become outdated or obsolete with the passage of time in this ever changing modern world of technological advancements.

The Arts/Music/Theater:

Liberal arts is becoming increasingly job poor in the technological 21st century. With the democratization of the internet and much sharing going on musicians, actors, authors, cartoonists, comedians, photographers, and artists are having a very hard time getting paid for their creative efforts and making a living at it.

Education will have to be radically changed to emphasize training in technology and science with much less emphasis on liberal arts and the humanities.


Isolation from community and politics is increasing with more and more humans suffering from depression which results from social isolation. Welfare is reducing the need for humanitarian volunteer work in the community and big money is making the political process a very unrewarding excursion into futility with almost everything getting worse and not better.

The individual sense of powerlessness is on the rise as power becomes more and more centralized and laws are so numerous that almost everyone gets adversely affected by them.

Because of an archaic emphasis on liberal arts in education and rapid advances in technology the middle class is being devastated job wise and the good jobs require skills which most of the population does not have. In the future it is highly probable that most will be living on welfare in a job poor environment. Society will have to be radically restructured if it is to survive economically in the 21st century.


A nice private home with an organic garden is what some humans yearn for but more and more will be renting in urban settings in the future as the middle class shrinks in numbers and suburban life becomes an unaffordable luxury.

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