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You can live a happy life with your basic needs met which is food, drink, clothes, and shelter but most humans want to live a fuller life and have other humans and things in it too.

There are about 10 basic categories or classifications of human activity and you can decide whether you would like to participate in some or most of them.

Family/Friends/Significant Other/Romance:

Nature usually rewards its best creations with reproductive success. Human civilization does not always reward its best creations with reproductive success so there are many healthy, smart, and attractive humans who don’t reproduce at all.

More and more in modern society are leading relatively selfish lives pursuing their passions in life and not passing on their genes to the next generation.

Family life is the foundation of any lasting society, many still chose to have one, and it is a major priority in many human lives.


Without good mental and physical health life can become quite miserable and even terminal. Eating as much organic food as possible and getting in some exercise is the best guarantee for a healthy life which is the foundation of living success.

Education/Personal Growth:

Useful education and continually trying to improve yourself is the second most important priority which will usually ensure a good paying job and steady improvement in lifestyle throughout a lifetime. Stop growing in knowledge and experiences and your life may stagnate and not lead to any significant achievements in a life filled with regrets later in old age.


With good health and useful ongoing education earning money should become easier making for a better standard of living and the possibility of giving some of the money to worthwhile philanthropic causes such as wildlife conservation and medical research.


Even if you love your work everyone needs a little balance in their lives and should leave some time for rest, relaxation, or a change of pace to recharge your energy level. For some entertainment may be passive reading, listening to music, watching a movie, or surfing the internet. For others active sporting activity and traveling may be a preferred way to unwind and enjoy other things in life besides work.


Not everyone needs formalized religion to give them purpose in life and a morality to live by. Religion is the traditional way that morality was taught to the masses and if you are not an enlightened moral modern human then you should perhaps consider exposing your offspring to religious education in their formative years because chances are that they will rebel against it later in life anyway.

If you chose a religion to follow then I would recommend the Jewish faith because of their emphasis on the importance of education, morality, and community support of its members which is important in modern day networking and in establishing useful social and business connections.


Every career should really be considered a profit or nonprofit business with paying customers whose needs and wants you are trying to satisfy. If you are not satisfying some needs or wants or doing it badly then you should go out of business and go bankrupt.

Providing better customer service with the passage of time is also a very important consideration and you should be constantly learning about new developments or trends in your career so that you don’t become outdated or obsolete with the passage of time in this ever changing modern world of technological advancements.

The Arts/Music/Theater:

Liberal arts is becoming increasingly job poor in the technological 21st century. With the democratization of the internet and much sharing going on musicians, actors, authors, cartoonists, comedians, photographers, and artists are having a very hard time getting paid for their creative efforts and making a living at it.

Education will have to be radically changed to emphasize training in technology and science with much less emphasis on liberal arts and the humanities.


Isolation from community and politics is increasing with more and more humans suffering from depression which results from social isolation. Welfare is reducing the need for humanitarian volunteer work in the community and big money is making the political process a very unrewarding excursion into futility with almost everything getting worse and not better.

The individual sense of powerlessness is on the rise as power becomes more and more centralized and laws are so numerous that almost everyone gets adversely affected by them.

Because of an archaic emphasis on liberal arts in education and rapid advances in technology the middle class is being devastated job wise and the good jobs require skills which most of the population does not have. In the future it is highly probable that most will be living on welfare in a job poor environment. Society will have to be radically restructured if it is to survive economically in the 21st century.


A nice private home with an organic garden is what some humans yearn for but more and more will be renting in urban settings in the future as the middle class shrinks in numbers and suburban life becomes an unaffordable luxury.

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One important goal in life is to have a few good friends and not waste too much time with acquaintances and casual friendships. Here are some tips on how you can increase the odds that you will get quality good friendships.

Truth: Some honest and interesting humans have one or two very close friends and most of us have casual good friends or none at all.

Being truthful, honest, and sincere creates trust in a relationship and without it a strong bond with a person or a strong relationship is not possible. If you find that a potential new friend is a BS artist, exaggerates much, or even lies to you then drop them immediately.

Truth: Be realistic, don’t expect to find new very close friendships because it is like searching for a needle in a haystack these days. You will have to settle for a good friend and not a new devoted one.

First determine what your likes and dislikes and your loves and hates are. When you have determined what you like very much or love to talk about such as a job, career, hobbies, family, traveling, fashion, cooking, music, sports, etc. make a list of them in order of importance in your life. Pursue your major or most important passions and try to find others who also have them and who can share them with you.

When you meet a new acquaintance who has at least one of your favorite passions in common don’t be afraid or embarrassed to probe a little more and ask them about their other favorite and not so favorite things to do. The more that the human’s tastes and likes and loves match up with your own the greater is the probability that you can establish stronger bonds of friendship in the future.

 If you find the human has very little in common with you then don’t try to continue the relationship in a serious way. One parting question which you can ask such a human with which you seem to have very little in common is to ask whether they know of anyone who has a strong interest in one of your passions. If yes then you can ask a favor of them to reveal who that person is so that you can potentially contact them and use their name as an introductory reference.

When first starting out a relationship don’t push too hard for time and information from them which might scare them away from revealing the information which you would really like to know. Start off with a casual relationship with mostly nondemanding interactions and some sharing which you can increase in frequency as time goes on.

Don’t gossip or tell them about all the minute details of your life because you are wasting their time and they are not really interested in hearing you out.

Keep all your communications with any friend or potential friend short and sweet and to the point. Don’t ramble randomly about unimportant events in your life. No one wants to waste time listening to you go on and on without a useful goal in mind.

Once you find something important in common with each other then more intensely share information on the topic as time passes which can even include personal visits to home and common places of interest.

You may be rejected at some point in the relationship because the human simply has more important priorities in life then to communicate with you. Don’t give up right away at the first rejection but try again.  If you fail at communicating three times in a row maybe you should reassess whether you are considered important enough in the human’s life for the relationship to continue growing stronger.

Make your friendships a priority in your life by setting aside time, energy, and maybe even some money to nurture friendships.

Don’t limit potential friends to your age group only but reach out to some older or younger than you too. Strong interests in activities are seldom limited to one age group and you can share common interests with any aged human.

A virtual friend can turn into a physically interacting friend especially if they are located close to you and some foreign friends may come in handy if you intend to travel to their country at some point in the future.

Most of your new friendships will start on the internet and you should join internet clubs, specialty social networks, and even blogs to optimize your potential friendship base.

Once you have made contact with a potential new friend and find no passionate interests in common drop them like a hot potato because you will only be wasting your precious time, energy, and money which you can spend trying to find and interact with new potential good friends.

Truth: Modern society has mostly lost the behavioral rules necessary to form lasting good friendships so don’t be too disappointed with most of the new selfish generation which doesn’t know how to find and maintain good friendships.

CONCLUSION: Share your passions with friends who also have your passions.

If you don’t have a passion or passions then find and develop a passion or passions by developing in depth knowledge about them. Only then try to share the passion or passions with other potential friends. It will increase the probability of a good friendship more than anything else!!!!!!

My passion is finding the truth in everything and spreading it with evergreen blogging and evergreen book publishing. Join me if that is also your passion!!!!!!

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The most important mistake is dating when you have no job or dating someone without a job.

If one or both of you are seriously studying for a job or career then that can be an exception to the general rule.

No job frequently means no money and it will turn out to be a bad date which is basically a mooching circumstance. 

No job also frequently means someone’s life is so dysfunctional that they will just become a serious financial burden on you immediately or probably further down the line in the relationship.

If you are just looking for a good time without a potential lifetime commitment, then of course no job is not a problem if you have money to burn.


Most relationships and marriages end because of financial hardships so get your finances in order before you start out on new dating relationships or marriage.

You will avoid much heartache, disappointment, failure, and relationship disasters.

You can easily fall in love with a penniless, attractive, dreamer but just realize that you may have to financially support those dreams into the foreseeable future.

In ancient history marriages were based on money or wealth only and love did not play a major role.

Today it is wise to base a relationship on both money and love which optimizes the possibility of a successful enduring relationship.


Lying on the first date even about the seemingly unimportant things in your life like your weight or height will ruin the development of a potentially trusting relationship.

Tell the complete truth in any profile if it is an internet date introduction.

Without trust in the relationship close bonding is impossible and you will never have a happy lasting marriage if it gets that far.

You can postpone the telling of some serious flaws in your health, disastrous prior relationships, and terrible family life but be prepared to even reveal those secrets soon in the relationship.

The truth will surface sooner or later and it is best that it surface sooner so deception does not become part of the relationship and severe disappointment does not break up the relationship down the line which it inevitably will.


Just talking about yourself on the first date and revealing your selfish ego will cause a date to walk away and not want to date again.

Instead of talking too much about yourself and possessions try to ask more questions about your date’s family, friends, future goals, likes and dislikes, loves and hates.

Try to find some common ground to talk about and share similar beliefs and opinions.

The more you have in common the greater will be the probability that you will have a mutually satisfying relationship.


Being open minded about a date that has some different beliefs, opinions, and behaviors is smart because stereotyping a human based on one belief, opinion, or behavior, unless it is immoral behavior, will not give you the opportunity to learn about the entire personality in depth.

Everyone has a few or more characteristics and opinions which you may disagree with so don’t be too judgmental early on in the relationship.

You may discover many more beliefs, opinions, and behaviors which you strongly agree with and find admirable.

Don’t pretend that you are perfect and hide all your embarrassing moments and secrets.

Sharing an embarrassment such as an alcoholic or drug addicted relative and revealing that you had a bad prior relationship which you ended and moved on from is desirable because we all have embarrassing humans and events in our lives.

Being honest about your embarrassments will help your date to empathize with you and reveal to you some of his or her embarrassments also.

Sharing some embarrassing secrets will help you to bond sooner since both of you will realize that perfection is not expected for a realistic relationship.

Sharing the good times and also some of the bad times in your lives will help create an honest trusting relationship without pretension which never works in the long duration.


Don’t show anger about your ex or boss and make the impression that you are being victimized by people and events in your life and that none of it is your fault.

If you are angry at humans and events in life the chances are great that you will be angry many times in the relationship and try to pin the blame for bad events on someone.

Being angry at others is a big turnoff.


Express jealousy for how well an ex-spouse or acquaintance is doing and showing how envious you are of them is a complete turnoff to a date and just shows how immature you are in thinking that life is not being fair to you.

Other’s successes should inspire you to strive harder for your own success and not become a life filled with jealous feelings and a put down of other humans.


Don’t be greedy but be patient with your time or money on a first date if you are a male.

Spending quality time with your date will show that you are interested in your date and not too preoccupied with job and obligations.

Don’t be rude and text and answer emails while on a date making your date feel like she is playing second fiddle in your life and will probably never be a first priority in your life.


If you do not have confidence in yourself and feel that you are being victimized by circumstances beyond your control then you are not a good candidate for a date.

If you insist on dating then let your date do most of the talking and ask many questions about him or her because your lack of confidence will surface sooner or later and if it surfaces on the first date it will definitely be a turnoff and will get no sympathy or understanding.

CONCLUSION: having a job or seriously learning and studying hard, being honest, being kind and considerate, being generous and patient with your time and some money, being open minded, and being empathic will all help you to become an attractive first date.

Finally, if you do not have a job, are not studying hard for a job or career, are in therapy for depression, and have no confidence in yourself or the future then you should not be dating at all.

Start dating again when you regain confidence and create a pattern of successful goal achievement in your life.


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Animal sounds are not just noise but meaningful communications which we all intuitively know if we have sociable cats and/or dogs which seem to be communicating with us some of the time.

We can learn from animals which communicate purposefully and do not pursue trivial and random communications which can really be considered noise without valuable content.

If you want to be more efficient in your communications with humans try to be short and brief and to the point and don’t just randomly talk about what just impulsively pops into your head.

Ask whether what you are about to say will inform the other human with something which they can use in their life such as good advice backed up with personal experiences or teaching them new important facts which they can use in their lives.

Try to avoid gossip and going on and on about what existed in your life in the past and minute details about your daily life.

Don’t bore people and frighten away potential new friends by trying to hang out with them conversationally.

Above all be selective in the humans you talk to the most in a smart way and usually don’t say anything at all or cut the conversation short if what you are about to say won’t help that other person in living their daily lives.

Silence is frequently golden in the wild and you should learn to be more silent in your life.

Especially think about what you are about to say in silence for a few seconds before you actually say something which should be usually important.

If you love to talk record your conversations on a mini audio recorder and then play them back when you have some time and start analyzing the conversations by asking.

Was what I said trivial and uninformative?

If the answer is yes then don’t say the same thing in the future.

Did it help the other human in some way?

If you don’t think you helped then don’t say it in future conversations.

Could I have said what I said in fewer words and still get the message across?

Analyze and eliminate those words and phrases or topics which don’t get any valuable message across in future conversations and become a more efficient more interesting talker.

Many of us just have a bad blabbing habit which all of us should be working to decrease in our lives because it is effectively just trivial noise no one wants to hear or should hear.





Nonthreatenchad: adj. not seriously threatening by not largely and intensely challenging a human’s beliefs and/or intense opinions

Maybe you are shy and a little introverted and generally feel uncomfortable in social interactions. Here are a few suggestions on how to be more confident and become better at interacting with other humans.

Walking purposefully and shaking hands with a firm grip is more important in business relationships to imply a strong and trustworthy personality but with casual acquaintances a medium strength handshake is adequate and many times you don’t need to shake hands but merely acknowledge the other person with a genuine smile that implies that you are really interested in them and happy to meet them. Move closer to them and don’t wait for them to come to you and you can add to your short greeting of only “hi” followed by a nonthreatening question with a slight nod of the head. “hi it’s a pleasure to meet you” is another personal greeting which you may use.

Physically touching another person decreases the natural barriers or space between humans and humans are comforted by minimal touching and not threatened. Passing from the back a simple gentle tap on the shoulder is a friendly gesture and touching the forearm gently with the nonshaking hand while shaking with the other helps to decrease the psychological distance which is felt at most first meetings.

In general humans who are liked let you do most of the talking by being interested in you and being polite and asking nonthreatening questions with how and why and who and sometimes what and where and when. It implies that you respect a human’s opinions and are willing to use time listening to them. The liked humans usually make relatively short communications and factual relevant ones if they do talk. The less you talk randomly and the more concisely you speak the more respected you will become. Humans like to have their opinions respected and will more probably respect you back if you show genuine interest in them.

Minimize the hard charging and goal oriented and always selfishly wanting something attitude. Try to help a person who has a question or a problem or needs a small favor and in general try to please the other person with helpful conversation and then start gradually introducing your wants or needs especially if it is not a business interaction or relationship.

Making a parting good impression is as important as the first impression. Say “it was a pleasure meeting you” or “hope to see you soon bye” or “ I liked talking with you” and add a genuine smile. “nice to see you” is archaic and sounds and is insincere.

The above suggestions sound simple enough but the shy communicator may fear to go beyond the normative standard “Hello and how are you and good to meet you and good seeing you” but it won’t make people like you unless you show some genuine interest in them. It means taking little risks and being more vulnerable and a little more genuine and a little more complimentary and more respectful and basically having the courage to investigate in an ethical manner peoples likes and perhaps some minor dislikes and their opinions on relevant topics.

I asked my wife plenty of appropriate nonthreatenchad questions which basically means that I didn’t challenge or argue with her strong beliefs and opinions before we got married and tried to show a general interest in her which she obliged me by doing most of the talking. I knew more about her life and smart educated type A controlling giving personality than she knew about mine when we got married. I may have sounded a little boring to her by not revealing too much about myself but I also did not make the mistake of talking too much and perhaps revealing too many of my faults early in the relationship. My friendly probing technique worked and we have been happily married for 22 years so far. I continue to let her do most of the talking around the house and socially and only inject an appropriate short relevant logical comment when I can add some factual or relevant information to her talking topics. I showed and continue to show a genuine interest in her and we have an honest respectful relationship which is a pleasure to be in. The bonding in cloose friendships is very similar if you want a lasting long duration relationship.




Slob: n. a lazy and slovenly human

Slovenly: adj. a habitually careless and messy human

Lazy: adj. using a minimum amount of energy on many actions causing delay and/or slowly doing a delegated action(s) which usually requires more speed

Messy: adj. dirty and disorganized

Your personal messy appearance and messy desk top appearance may label you a slob in the office but a slob also implies that you are probably also lazy and careless in your office work habits and relationships with other humans in the office.

If you are a lazy and careless personality then you have much to improve in your life and it won’t be easy but at least a first attempt may be to improve your personal appearance and not be dirty and disorganized with your personal hygiene and clothing.

The next attempt may be to organize your desk top so that it doesn’t remind humans of a junk pile. If you are really a complete slob you are destined to probably remain one for a lifetime and there is not much which can be done.


Don’t use upper case letters when communicating on the computer because it is a form of shouting and people will just not take you very seriously if you shout in every communication and when you have a true emergency circumstance where you may need upper case letters you won’t be able to use the shouting effect.

Hitting “reply all” is also not good to do because your boss may be on the list and also get the communication which may be considered inappropriate or you may communicate something bad about a coworker and you will suffer for it.

You may feel so important that you use “high priority” for almost every email. Don’t do this because when you have a real emergency and need to use it no one will be acknowledging that it is an unusually important email.


Condescending: adj. communicating and revealing a feeling of superiority and implied criticism of others

Don’t brag about your work achievements or create the impression that you know everything and your coworkers are just dead wood in the office or useless.

You may feel your new concepts and work is superior but the feeling among your coworkers will be bad and your reputation as a good team worker will be lost.


Remaining in professional business mode is how you should try to work and communicating excessive personal information which may seem important to you but does not help the business is unacceptable.

Don’t go into great detail about health problems and marital disagreements and offspring’s latest achievements and private phone calls during work and details about a hot political topic or sporting event and information about your favorite pastime.

If you are a smart employee you will maintain as much privacy about your personal life as is possible.

Everyone has problems and interests away from work and no one really wants to hear about it because they have their own problems and interests which they care about more.


If you are messy that can be fixed somewhat easily but if you are lazy too you will not be liked.

Lazy means that you do your work slowly and are frequently late with your work and that you probably try to get your coworkers do as much of your work as possible and still try to get credit for it.

If you don’t get fired for being lazy and manage to squeak by your reputation will be bad and the smartest thing to do is not waste the time and energy and money of the company and coworkers and stop cheating or stealing from them and move on to a different job where laziness or inefficiency is not considered a moral crime.


Taking complete credit for a worker’s work and stealing a concept which is not your own is a form of stealing information and it is immoral and you will be hated for this by the coworker whom you stole the credit or concept from.

You automatically communicate “no” to any new concept your coworkers have and share with you


If you are almost always judgmental and critical of new concepts presented in brainstorming sessions your concepts may start to be ignored because no one wants to be involved in a communication with you knowing that you will be too critical of alternative concepts which you coworkers may have and want to present.

Don’t get ostracized for going to this “no” extreme.


 Be on time to a meeting because if you are late and humans are wasting time waiting for you then you are stealing their time and the money of the business and coworkers and being inefficient.

If you are hated for not being punctual on the job it is justified because it is an immoral action.


Behaving badly in the office can cause great annoyance and you can be hated for it.

If you are noisy in your cubicle you are stealing the right to silence which your coworkers have so they can efficiently proceed with their work.

Being rude suchas loud orders and arguing loudly and forgetting to communicate please and thank you when appropriate are behavior flaws which create friction between you and your coworkers and for which you will not be liked  and maybe even hated.