Impatience: n. eager anxiety for a subset(s) to end existence and/or begin existence

We may be impatient for something good to happen or we may be impatient for something bad to end. We may also be impatient for something bad to end so that something good can begin.

We may be eagerly anxious or impatient for a human date to arrive and just as impatient for a bad conversation to end. We have all dealt with impatience many times and some time must pass before the event(s) actually happens and this creates temporary eager anxiety.

Sometimes we get impatient over a problem which doesn’t seem to want to go away and this sometimes motivates us to solve the problem so that it will finally end. Some are more impatient than others and are just not comfortable with the thought of having to wait for very long.

Impatient bosses may annoy you with constant demands to do the job more quickly and impatient spouses may annoy you with many requests which they want to be done right away. Hyper individuals are frequently the most impatient humans and if you have a very laid back personality this can cause you much distress if they are in a position to place demands on you.

Young offspring are frequently very impatient and don’t want to wait very long for anything. Parents are frequently motivated to respond or act just so that annoying repetitive impatient requests from offspring end.

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