Historically the establishment media had some clout when it published current events, political opinions, and tried to convince a mass audience to think a certain way. Today in an atmosphere of constant fake news, fake opinions, emotionally charged sound bytes, deceptions, and remorseless lying many Americans have had enough and are tuning out of the political BS and finding better things to do elsewhere with their time.

An obsession with poll taking and pontificating based on them is a perfect example of the ineffectiveness of the establishment media to sway public opinion in a major way. Opinion polls are basically the same as they were three years ago and the media has changed few opinions while their reputations have continued a downward spiral with fewer and fewer humans trusting the media for unbiased reportage.

Many have turned to cellphone apps, social media, search engines, and YouTube like videos and podcasts as sources for information and entertainment. Newspapers and traditional cable channels are rapidly losing viewership since reading lengthy articles and viewing lengthy programs is going out of style in an age of instant gratification demanded by almost everyone.

Yes, the tabloid press with its emotionally charged BS is in a chaotic state from which it will probably never escape since its reputation is in the toilet with just fringe group fanatics still genuinely interested in the crap. Will there ever be a national consensus on important national issues again? Probably not, but the new internet technology companies will probably try very hard to push their globalist political ideology and try to give it mass appeal.

I personally don’t mind the political chaos because out of it will emerge rule by the technological elite with a corresponding relatively rational ideology which may or may not trample individual social rights in favor of collectivist social dogma. Yes, a more tyrannical government may emerge but without a secular moral or ethical reawakening stressing individual rights and responsible behavior, the prospects for more legal intervention in our lives or more oppression is a more likely outcome.

In the near future, executive power may be wielded more often because frankly the establishment Republicans and Democrats are interested in maintaining the status quo which basically means doing nothing unless it seems to be a national emergency. Yes, the rich are in control of the government and included are the international rich. The future executive branch will probably have to act independent of a deadlocked congress to promote action in times of national crises. Unfortunately more tyranny will result and especially so and more quickly if the Democrats with their socialist globalist agenda emerge or come to power.

Conclusion: The establishment media sucks but better though perhaps more tyrannical times are ahead of us thanks to the technological elite.

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