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We frequently say that something is bad if it is immoral, wrong, illegal, and physically and/or mentally and/or psychologically undesirable. When we are confronted with something bad we choose to ignore it, avoid it, change it, or even try to destroy it.

With bad humans the same rules apply.  You ignore or avoid the bad human and hope that they will go away and leave you alone, you try to change them by criticizing them, persuading them, and offering subjective good advice. or if you hate that human you may decide to kill them, destroy them financially, or destroy their reputation.

If we think a concept or idea, an opinion, or belief is bad then we can also ignore it or try to change it with criticism and persuasion but we rarely succeed in destroying it because other humans may have the same concept or idea, opinion, or belief.

To live peacefully with a minimum of confrontation and conflict we frequently have to tolerate or accept the fact that different humans have different concepts or ideas, opinions, and beliefs and that many of them are not subject to change without much effort by you and others. Sometimes change is impossible because the fanatical human may defend the belief until death.

If there is something bad in your life such as a bad habit then you too may choose to ignore it, change it, or destroy it or replace it with something better.

 Bad: adj. being (immoral and/or wrong) and/or (illegal and/or (physically and/or mentally) undesirable) and not being a subset of objective and/or subjective standards.  Something bad should usually be avoided or ignored or changed or destroyed.

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