A general analogy applies to old established big businesses and that is that the brain, nerve center, or leadership has become too disconnected from the body parts or business organization, customers, and potential new customers. Two way communication or honest feedback from all the parts and in all parts of the organization is not going on efficiently.

In the fast changing technological era doing things the old fashioned way with a leadership isolated in luxury and surrounded by yes men and women is no longer a guarantee of business vitality and success on into the foreseeable rapidly changing future.

Every hierarchical step in an organization can be considered to be a potential block of vital information filtering through since most want to give you the good news and prefer not to mention the bad things going on. Getting some unbiased information not filtered through leadership eyes is important so some contacts within a department must also be made by the top leadership to encourage honest assessments from the department leader. Every department leader should fear being caught in a lie to a top superior with a truthful revelation from a subordinate of a department leader to that top superior.

The revolutionary approach to leadership is to become more humble or in effect become interested also in the lower level leaders and employees and how they are getting on with the basic customer base of support.

Showing that you are an engaged interested and concerned leader can start with simple steps such as having a cubicle instead of an isolated luxurious office so that employees view you as more accessible and you too can walk the halls so to speak and engage random employees in honest and frank conversations about how things are going and whether anything needs improvement based on their personal assessments.

Business gatherings should be frugal not luxurious affairs with some having suppliers and major customers participate. Social gatherings should include the leadership along with the employees and suppliers and major customers can also be included if practical. A friendly family affair should be emphasized in gatherings rather than a collection of isolated replaceable parts.

Unexpected visits by the leader shows an empathetic concern for what is going on and gives employees a sense that they are not being ignored but that their work or efforts are important and worthy of short discussion. A better sense of corporate identity or esprit de corps develops when the leadership shows an active interest in the basic work and sometimes personal problems of employees.

Not only is an honest exchange of pluses and minuses important in leader to leader conversations but the same should apply to leader employee exchanges too. In effect, leaders should do more careful listening and asking of pertinent questions rather than dominate each conversation primarily advertising their ideology or prowess. No one should fear expressing opposing viewpoints when there is justifiable cause for expressing them before the problem or problems become unmanageable. Too much corporate secrecy results in dysfunctional communication to the detriment of the corporation or business in the long duration.

Innovation can thrive in an atmosphere of open communications and not with selfassured overconfident stubborn leadership which places emphasis on status, materialistic rewards, and promotes a stratified bureaucracy which may require the signature of 5 rather than just one or two humans signing off to get things done.

Decentralization is another key to success. Once you have hired leader number 2 who can replace you if you leave office or once you have hired competent leaders to work under you with their own potential replacements in different departments then a certain amount of autonomy should be given them to run the department as they see fit. Department leaders are closer in touch with the problems and challenges of the department then the top leadership.

Trusting your subordinates to do a good job is vital and that means that you should try to hire leaders with integrity to begin with so that they will not try and hide their failures and complaints and keep you in the dark to the detriment of the organization as a whole.

Misinformation, gossip, prejudices, defamation, and slander interferes with honest sincere dialogue and every effort should be made to exclude toxic untrustworthy individuals from the organization.

The need to innovate products, services, and make efficient reorganization of the workforce possible means that the leadership must keep in touch with competing organizations with cordial and even friendly relationship exchanges. Having a pretty good idea of what your competition is and is doing to innovate can mean the difference between future success or failure for your own organization.

With mobile devices beginning to play such a dominant role in business, optimum efficiency in the future will only possible if major firms begin to cooperate and share their expertise to make mobile device usage pleasant and not a nightmare of connectivity dead ends or problems.

There are many ways to realistically improve communications efficiency and here is a link which in detail shows how to do it:

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