Uselessness: n. doing a subset(s) and the probability of achieving a goal(s) is zero

If something is useless then you either have to throw it out or recycle the parts for reuse since it is usually not repairable. In effect you can’t do anything or accomplish anything with a useless item or device and achieve any desired goal(s) which you may have in mind.

Similarly a useless human is one who is so handicapped that he or she can’t do anything on their own and needs assistance with almost everything except perhaps for eating, drinking, urinating, and defecating. We generally don’t kill useless humans but permit them to survive as long as possible in the western nations without euthenasia or murdering them.

Humans can also feel useless if asked to do a skill or task which they don’t have the ability to do but usually such humans are not useless for everything unless they are destitute and unemployable and need government assistance to survive.

Trying to achieve a goal(s) and not knowing how to do so is a useless attempt(s) unless you can learn from failure, try again in a different way and sometimes finally succeed after a seeming endless chain of failures trying to properly adapt each time. Fortunately most of us do not have the luxury of so much time to devote to random behavior and wasting the time in trying to achieve a goal(s). We realize we are useless and don’t even try or attempt to try at achieving the goal(s).


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