Subconsiousness: n. unconscious impulsive brain activity while awake which influences our behavior to a large degree, especially good and/or bad habits


Despite popular myth that the conscious mind determines most of what we do in life the truth is that the subconscious rules supreme and makes impulsive choices based on prior experiences in our daily lives which are really our good and bad habits repeating themselves over and over again.

Very little conscious decision making is part of the lives of most humans and most of us behave on the subconscious level unless there is a crisis or severe emotional experience which changes our subconscious behavior for good or bad.

To use a bad analogy, our conscious behavior is the iceberg which we theoretically see or can control and the huge subconscious is the iceberg below the water level which we theoretically can’t see or can’t control which is the major part of our behavior and decision making process.

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