1. Have an affair and ruin a trusting relationship which is very important to a lasting relationship.
  2. Denying sex to a spouse and pushing him to find it elsewhere.
  3. Have a baby to try and solve all bad relationship problems thus adding on new problems to an already lengthy list of marital conflicts.
  4. Just devote yourself to the kids and ignore your spouse as much as possible thus becoming strangers.
  5. Hiding purchases from your spouse, especially massive credit card debt which will cause massive money arguments.
  6. Developing a gambling, alcohol, drug, or pornography addiction which will always be the source of repeated fights and arguments.
  7. Criticizing and nagging repeatedly and feeling that you are always right on every issue.
  8. Getting in-laws to support your side of an argument and ganging up on your spouse.
  9. Blaming spouse for all marital problems and insisting you are always right.
  10.  Criticizing spouse in front of friends and acquaintances.
  11.  Excessive criticizing of and trying to end relationships with friends, sports, and hobbies.
  12.  Expecting your spouse to read your mind and thus failing to reveal what you are really thinking and feeling.
  13.  Never say you are sorry or never apologize for making a mistake.
  14.  Never compliment on the good things your spouse does.






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