Arrogance: n. an excessive and frequently offensive (sensing of and behaving with) superiority and/or behaving disrespectfully


There is a fine line between confidence which will get you hired and arrogance which shows excessive superiority over and/or disrespect of humans, especially those working under you, which are characteristics which can get you fired from a position of authority.

The most undesirable characteristics of arrogant humans are that they use put downs and name call, try to blame someone else for their mistakes or shortcomings, disrespectfully interrupt conversations, drop influential names out of context in everyday conversations,  brag much about themselves, and can do 5 more annoying things which you can read about in the following link:

If a leader has all 10 arrogant characteristics then chances are that he or she is no longer a leader or in a position of authority but some arrogant leaders get away with their arrogance because they only exhibit maybe three to five arrogant characteristics which are sometimes not bad enough to get fired for if they exhibit competent leadership in other ways to compensate for their arrogant drawbacks.

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