Desensitize: v. to cause a human(s) to decreasingly react to an identified subset(s) by subtracting the intensity of a sense(s) through natural and/or unnatural processes

Perhaps the most important sense area of desensitization which exists is that of taste. Young offspring have very natural non desensitized taste buds and are great judges of what tastes good and what doesn’t and what is nutritious and what isn’t.

Continue to bombard young offspring with spicy, salty, bitter, very sour, overly unnaturally sweetened food and drink and their natural taste buds are thrown out of balance and they can no longer successfully discriminate between a good or bad food or drink. In effect their natural taste buds have become desensitized with bad food and drink and become habituated to the nonorganic, cheap, minimally nutritious, highly processed foods and drinks sold in many common retail establishments.

Excessive fear of visual sensory inputs or phobias can be cured or greatly reduced in intensity by exposure to them in safe environments and associating good feelings with the previously feared objects or lifeforms. Desensitizing phobias is one of overexposure to a phobia under safe conditions with other safe stimuli or positive emotions overlaying the bad phobic ones.

The brain soon begins to interpret the visual phobic inputs as not to be feared ones and the phobia begins to greatly decrease in intensity and may at one point even be erased from memory to the point where acceptance or accommodation with the phobic subject newly exists. It is very hard to translate a phobic fear into one of love for the phobic subject but it is not always impossible given enough time and sufficient behavior modification and/or therapy.

I love all snakes and other feared wild animals even though my mother greatly feared all varieties of snakes and spiders.

Desensitization to violence is possible with video overexposure to violent acts and the brain effectively develops a calloused reaction to violence thus minimizing the empathy which we should feel for the victims of violence.

 Artificial desensitization with drugs is also possible but they frequently are effective only as long as they are used and sometimes do not result in long duration desensitization. The disastrous side effects are usually not worth any short duration benefit which you may derive from their use.

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