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Charismatic (the ideal leader is charismatic and that means that they have as many of the 7 following characteristics in abundance as possible)

COMPETENT (the ideal leader is competent or has a history of success in leadership positions, is experienced, skillful, and knowledgeable enough to know with feedback what to do and radiates confidence and determination and has an exceptional memory for names and events.)

INTEGRITY (the ideal leader is honest and moral which creates a trusting bond, respect, and sometimes admiration and loyalty from the led.)

STRATEGIC (the ideal leader has vision and can keep a focus on long duration goals and communicate this to others and has the courage, ambition, boldness, commitment, and stamina to keep pursuing the long duration goals.)

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (the ideal leader can interact and communicate well, has an intuitive sense, is aware of or has empathy and frequently senses how another feels and what they basically have to do, has composure and rarely loses emotional control, is optimistic, encouraging, and inspirational or is a good motivator.)

ACCOUNTABILITY (the ideal leader is responsible and expects responsible behavior from employees who are expected to follow contractual, legal, and moral behavioral rules. The leader knows how to delegate some authority, especially  to those with leadership potential, and how to keep humans accountable for their work with appropriate rewards and punishments which frequently are verbal praise, helpful criticism, promises, an occasional threat, and not necessarily always physical consequences in the short duration but physical consequences are important in the long duration.)

CONTROLLING (the ideal leader is decisive and judgmental or is not afraid to take control and make decisions when they have to be made, is flexible or resilient and can adjust goals to unexpected circumstances, can be creative or is open to new tactics to achieve goals, is selfefficatious or confident that goals can be achieved, and has a sense of humor when shit happens.)

HUMILITY (Finally a great leader is not a braggart and has the humility to understand that success at reaching important goals is the result of team effort and not just personal effort. Understands that much of the success is due to the efforts of all the team members of an organization and gives earned praise to successful team effort. A great leader also has the humility to know that the customer of his information, service, and products needs to be satisfied with quality output  and good customer service or the business or organization will not survive in the long duration even with a monopoly.)


A competent leader must have competent employees and if  the employee does not meet the necessary criteria for excellence then the leader must have the courage to replace, fire, and hire the employee at will.

Finally a wealthy pinnacle leader who has stopped promoting and effectively leading must pass the baton to younger and more capable competent leaders or in effect delegate most of the authority which they have accumulated over the years.

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